January DeluxeBite

You will have all heard of glossybox and grazeboxes all taking over at the moment, the idea of being sent a care package full of all differnt suprise products and samples is sweeping the world and Deluxe Bite are joining in! These boxes are a great way of discovering new and exciting products that you would never have otherwise, and at £20 a month you get 5 of the best new products - delicious, artisan and gourmet foods. Another great reason to box a deluxebie box is that they have teamed up with the Trussell Trust and donate a meal to foodbanks in the UK for each box we send to members. 

 Chorizo - This was the one I was most excited about, although I know it was taste lovley in a pasta, it was so wonderfully fagranced (and ready to eat) that I just sat down and ate it as it was! It's a little spicier than chorizo I've previously had and maybe a little spicy for me, but then again I think nandos lemon and herb is a bit too spicy. 

Fruit Crisps -  These were very tangy and chewy but still had that lovley crunch of a crisp. The Kiwi still tasted like a kiwi and suprisingly still very recognisable. The same can't be said for the pinapple though, I didn't like that one as much!

Coffee - I dont like the taste of coffee but i love the smell and this one didnt dissapoint. I willbe passing it on to my dad who is a big coffee lover.

Relish and Chutney - Very excited to try these out later on. They are both such a lovley inviting colour!


  1. We don't have this type of box/service here but it sounds rather nice...always good to taste new exciting products.

  2. That looks like a really great goodie box! :)

  3. Yummy products! I have tried flavrbox before, which is very similar. :)

  4. this is pretty interesting! everything looks so delicious! :)


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