BEAUTY: Kiss Nails

Hey Guys

I've got a different brand of nail wraps to show you today, This time they are from a brand called Kiss and that is a brand that I have heard of before.

Having a mum as a nail technician was always going to be a good thing for me! She has so many times warned me not to bother with nail wraps (not that I listened on this occasion haha I'm a blogger, of course I was curious about them!) as you put them on and they never stick down properly and more often than not in the past I have agreed. I put them on, the tips wouldn't stick down properly and there would be folds and air pockets everywhere. not a good look

When I tried these for the first time today I was totally surprised. I was expecting the same problems as usual but they are so sticky that it didn't happen, I was quite shocked. I found that it was a little hard to get them on but once they were in place a little push into the corners with the orange stick and they were firmly stuck to my nail with no air pockets anywhere.

I am really impressed with this brand and if I fancy wraps again I will only use these.
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