LIFESTYLE: Food Tour With Eating London

A few weeks age, I did an Eating London Food Tour, amazing, I didn't know things like food tours existed but it was a really great experience and the perfect day for it. London is beautiful in the sunshine! I even got my sunglasses out for the occasion!

 The tour consists of eight yummy food stops and lots of east London history headed by Emily - our tour guide, she was amazing, so enthusiastic and knowledgeable - I learnt so much about east London that I didn't know - I can totally see how it got into the Top 20 things to do in London. I think any one who enjoyed food would love this, tourist or not!
So, our first stop was St. John Bread & Wine - We were here to try London's best voted bacon sandwich, how excited and the perfect way to start the our at about 10.45! We were taken into a very odd looking room - apparently it used to be a bank but is now its the bakery and restaurant. We started off with a quarter square of bacon sandwich each to get the tour started!

Just a little down the road we arrived at The English Restaurant. Emily told us that the wooden interior was taken from a 17th century church as the end of the road after it was waterlogged!
It was still the morning but as Emily said "We're on tour so its perfectly acceptable to have pudding fro breakfast" it was time for a bread and butter pudding. My dad loves these things but I always keep away, they just don't appeal to me but this was different, it was served up in individual pots with custard and looked delicious unlike any I've seen before, and it was, I'm converted!!
 Next we went back into Spitalfields for a cheese break at Androuet - the guys in there explained to us all about the cheeses and then we ate some, Duh!
Now somewhere that I was interested to try - Poppies Fish and Chips. You couldn't have an English food tour and not stop at a fist and chip shop and we were lucky that it just so happened to be voted the best in the UK! It has that 50s diner vibe and I must admit, it was very good! The batter was crispy and the peas were a pretty green!
Taking a small break from food, we walked to brick lane to visit a pub called the Pride of Spitalfiels which also had an award - East London Pub of the Year for 2013 and its very own resident cat called Lenny. It was very odd walking into a pub and seeing a cat sat on the sofa haha. We tried an ale and a cider, neither of which I liked - the cider wasn't too bad but I'm a strawberry and lime girl at heart.
 Brick lane is famous for its curry houses and although I am a little baby when it comes to spicy foods, I was really looking forward to getting the chance to try some dishes without wasting a whole portion! We all sat down at Aladin and tried Chicken Madras (too hot for me), Lamb Pathia (second spiciest and surprisingly my favourite - it was super sweet, that's probably why) and Vegetable Bhuna (not bad, not bad!) with naan obviously and a huge glass of water!
Now for my favourite stop! The Bagel Bake. This is like a family thing for me, my parents love it, my grandparents love it, and what with us being Jewish and all, well, you know haha the first time I came here was in the middle of the night with my family on the way home for a big meal, my dad stopped and bought us all bagels haha I will always remember that so I was super excited to go back, I even brought one back for the parents! ohh I could so eat another one right now!
And sadly, we were now at our last top - Pizza East - This was right above where I went for musical bingo a few weeks ago, remember? We finished the tour with a cup of tea and the most amazing chocolate, salted caramel tart. It was a tiny slice but more than enough, it was so rich but the perfect way to finish up, if it wasn't sweet I would have had to eat chocolate after haha

The tout costs £59 per adult which I guess is quite alot but you definitely leave full up and it really is a great thing to do when your in town. I would 100% recommend for any food lovers like me :)


  1. This looks so so fun! What a great day out! x

  2. Pride of Spitalfields is the cutest pub ever!

  3. Never heard of such a thing but it sounds really fun. Thanks for the tip.

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