LIFESTYLE: Vonage Calling Plan

Vonage recently got in touch to see if I would like to trial one of their calling plans! Most of the time we all use our mobiles and since we moved house last year I don't even know what our new home number is, that's how much I've used the home phone but with alot of family things happening at the moment its meant we have had to call forwards and backwards to relatives in Canada almost every day so its been great timing for us. The plan which would usually cost £15 per month included Unlimited UK and Ireland landline calls and unlimited calls to US, China, Hong Kong, Singapore & Canada, perfect!

Vonage works by making and receiving calls though the internet rather than a phone network. If your at home it will just go through your broadband or if your mobile (as long as its an up to dateish smart phone) you just download the app and it works though the wifi or mobile data which in turn will save you loads on international calls. The best thing is that it connects to actual phones so there's none of that silly shouting through your laptop microphone stuff. The box comes with as easy instructions leaflet (not that we needed that with my computer crazy brother around to plug it all in, it was pretty simple though) so once we were all set up you just dial the number like usual and we were connected up! We didn't have any problems with connection which is always good news especially as it was something we were a little worried about.

Vonage is a great idea and definitely saved us a lot of money when it was important to talk to our family! They have loads of different plans so I'm sure there will be one for every situation!

Do You Call Abroad Often?
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