LIFESTYLE: Gambling at The Casino, The Bingo & The 2p Machines

 You know how I love my bingo but apart from You know how I love my bingo but apart from you I also like to get involved with some other styles of gambling every now. For me, its never about the money and I would never gamble much, its all about doing something fun with my friends. 

The casino is one that I actually prefer to watch because its so much to risk for me but it makes for such a fun night out, especially since Aspers opened 24/7 at Westfield with the Sky Bar inside, I get all the yummy cocktails (white chocolate and raspberry mmm) and then I stand around and watch the boys play. 

Of couse, I love playing bingo at our local hall with all the oldies. We are usually the youngest there but who cares if we enjoy it?! Its gets pretty intense and my heart always races when we play although I am yet to win but that doesn't matter because we always go on a thrusday nights which means its free, so no loss but lots of fun either way. 

My number one favourite type of gambling ever is the 2p machines. My friends and family know that I have serious skills when it comes to these things. I once left with 17 keyrings although my personal best was going in with 20p and coming out with 4 keyrings once in Brighton. Everyone was amazed haha. 

Although I am not a huge gambler(or a regular one really), I enjoy getting involved (although not as much as my crazy casino friends, some of them even play in the online casinos as well.) So of course I found this infographic on luck pretty interetesting. 

Maybe I'll put £5 on Black next time I'm at the casino haha 

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