LIFESTYLE: Does Money Make You Happy?

I was contacted by The Perfect World Project and asked Do I think money makes you happy?

The Perfect World Project is a new TV series which will involve 10 contestants competing in challenges, with the finalist getting the chance to experience their ‘perfect world’ for three months via a card, loaded with a six-figure sum. The real question is will living a life of luxury be a chore, or will they find true happiness? 

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I was having this exact conversation with Andrew while we were away last month. We were floating around in my rubber ring in the sea and then all of a sudden we found ourselves having this deep conversation. A family friend recently passed away. He had a very wealthy family and although that helped him live a little longer, in the end there was nothing they could do for him, it was so sad.

We both agreed yes money can make you happy, as long as you have your health and your family - those things are much more important.

Of course, having endless money would make life more fun and exciting. Being able to jump on a private plane whenever you fancy and jetting off all over the world - I dream of visiting the Maldives, Japan and going back to America and Thailand but I haven’t got any time. Of course if I was rich, I wouldn’t need to work and therefore there would be no limit on how many days holiday I could take.

Also the security that comes with having money - knowing you have a nice big house to live in and being able to have it in central london if you want, (the dream) no worrying about paying the bills or putting food on the table

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 Does Money Make You Happy? 


  1. Hi Georgina! Just checking out your blog after the #fblchat and i love it! This post especially is so lovely and so true! "We both agreed yes money can make you happy, as long as you have your health and your family" - words can't express how much i agree with this statement! So glad i've found your blog and look forward to reading your next post!


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