LIFESTYLE: Purchasing Diamonds

For centuries, diamonds have fascinated individuals all over the world. They are not only lovely and unique, but also lay claim to the title of the world's most precious gemstone. Diamond engagement rings have been the first choice of many couples for over a century. However, when selecting such a ring the following aspects should be considered:

For instance, most gemologists are in agreement that selecting the highest grade cut affordable is important. This is because the quality of the diamond's cut determines the stone's brilliance. Well cut stones ensure optimum sparkle as they reflect more light, while poor cuts result in a dull, lifeless appearance. Even stones that feature high quality color and clarity will not offer brilliant sparkle if poorly cut.
Color and Clarity

The diamond's clarity is influenced by both internal and external traits. External characteristics include surface chips or other obvious blemishes, while inclusions are flaws that occur internally, such as cloudy areas that become evident when the stone is viewed under a microscope.

When jewelers refer to the color of a diamond, it is actually the presence or absence of color they are evaluating. This characteristic is a result of the stone's composition, and will not change over time. Colorless diamonds allow significant levels of light to pass through and for this reason, the whiter the stone, the higher its value.

The term “carat” is another word for the stone's weight. The number of carats purchased depends on the consumer's budget. A shopper can also choose from various settings, and the one selected is usually a matter of personal preference. Diamond rings are beautiful and timeless and as such, will never go out of style. Fortunately, with a little time and effort it is not difficult for anyone to locate the perfect ring to suit his or her lifestyle or budget. Diamond Rocks provides a broad selection of engagement rings of all types and also offers you the opportunity to design your own. Shop now and you will discover that the perfect ring has been waiting for you all along.

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