LIFESTYLE: 5 Ways To Keep The Family Entertained On Christmas Day

Christmas is just one day away now and its getting very exciting, but after the rush of opening presents first thing in the morning, then spending the whole afternoon eating, sometimes there is a bit of an early evening lul. Here are my top 5 tips for things you can do to keep entertained when you cant be bothered to do anything.

Apparently, my brothers now love playing cards and its great really becuase its something the whole family can do together around a table while chatting and nibbling on leftovers. Kalooki is the game of choice in my family which stems back from my grandparents days at the casino haha. My parents also love it and now, so do my brother and I so it's the perfet way to spend time together!

As I said, my grandparents love a bit of gambling when they get a chance - They always tell me stories of their extravagant nights at the casino dressed up in sequins and more recently, their trips to the local bingo hall. But of course, neither are totally practical on Christmas Day so instead, we get the Ipad out. They are still amazed by all the things it can do and we love showing them! My gran now loves a bit of online no deposit bingo after lunch on Christmas Day.

Another thing they love is to make me show them all of the photos I've taken since the last time I saw them so that's another fun thing to do together while the Ipad is out! My gran loves to see what I wear when I go out and all the fun things that I get up to with Andrew and my blogging antics!

Board Games
I actually love playing board games with the family. We used to play the deal or no deal one and Balderdash which was loads of fun! My dad cant find any of them because we moved a few years ago so all week my mum had been pestering him about them! I hope he finds them ready for tomorrow!

Family traditions right here, we wait all day for Eastenders, then my granddad spends the whole episode moaning about how crap it is and then goes and watches a WWII documentary in the other room haha. Sound familiar to anyone?
Eating Some More
Is it just us who get excited for more food after Christmas dinner? We eat the main, then dessert. Then have a cup of tea before moving into the living room and getting the party snacks into the oven! My mum has been going on all week about all the tasty treats shes bought
 What Do You Do On Christmas Day?


  1. we play cards- Rummy, and we always save a couple of extra presents for the kids that Father Christmas leaves on the doorstep having forgotten to deliver them with the rest in the morning. We always have a christmas walk with the dog too.

  2. We had 14 people together in Christmas Day and everyone opens their presents one at a time, so really that took practically all day! We played with new toys and ate our dinner and lots of chocolate then crashed, exhausted back into bed!!!

  3. This is great :) On xmas day we tend to just veg out in front of the TV - I'm on your grandad's side though, Eastenders really is rubbish! x


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