LIFESTYLE: Charity at Christmas

Earlier this month, got in touch with this lovely competition they are running called Holiday Heroes. Nine people have been nominated by their friends and family for their amazing role in their local community with the end of the voting resulting in one of them winning a holiday to Majorca. Also, by voting, you'll get £50 discount off your next holiday! Those people have all done lovely things so it made me think, what sort of things can we do over Christmas to help make a difference!
Buying Christmas cards from Charity shop is a really nice thing to do. Your going to buy cards anyway so why not put your money to some good use?
Get involved with a shoebox appeal, make up a box of gifts for a disadvantaged kid and put a smile on their face! Fill it with treats and take it to your local drop off point.
Buy a homeless person lunch. This isnt going to make much difference to your day, although it will totally make theirs. You could also check out Crisis at Christmas and donate to provide three hot meals including a christmas dinner for a homeless person.
No one should be alone over the festive season so try to make some time to spend with the elderly members of your community, be it friends, family or neighbours - even if its just for a mince pie anmd a cup of tea. There are lots of other things you can also do to help out like popping to the shops if they need anything or delivering them a christmas card by hand and stopping for a chat.
Donate whatever you can to a homeless shelter - blankets, gloves, socks, hats and coats. It could make a huge difference and keep someone warm through winter.
Remember, these things are lovely to do at Christmas time but still very important to do all year round!


  1. I love posts like these as I find christmas to become so consuming and out of control. I am taking food and clothes to the homeless shelter today, got some bags for charity and also bits for salvation army. I always feel guilty that I can't do more though, must be very sad for some people over christmas xxx

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