Mothers Day Gift Guide

With mothers day just around the corner I though I'd put together a little post of gift ideas. This wont be as long as one of my usual gift guides because my mum is reaallly picky when it comes to gifts. Surprises never work out so we always ask her before we buy anything.

Experience Gifts
Into the Blue have done some research which shows that people prefer experience gifts as appose to traditional gifts. I can definitely see that and it's nice to know that its not just my mum who is crazy! I know she would love something like an afternoon tea experience over a normal gift. We went for my 21st and we all really enjoyed it! Experience days can be expensive but if you look in the right places (namely websites like MyVoucherCodes and Groupon) there are usually some good deals!

Flamingo Candles
I'm sure most women love candles. Not my mum. so these are more the kind of thing for Andrews mum, they always have something nice burning in the living room and these flamingo candles are lovely gifts, all ready to go in their cute little glass jars. The yellow one reminds me of Thailand because it smells like mangos so I might just sneak that one up to Andrews room and leave it there. The white one is super sweet Rose & Marshmallow with a more neutral white base, which means it wont look out of place in a living room - so perfect to give to his mum.
Lush Mothers Day Range
If there's a holiday, then there's usually a lush collection for it! This time of year is when Lush bring out there cuter products in my opinion, just look at this bubblegrub, even its name is cute! He contains sandalwood and she butter which makes super soft bubbles with a strong smell as usual, although its not a normal lush scent, its not bad although it's not really my kind of smell.

As well as Yummy  Mummy shower gel which I spoke about here I also got a Rose bombshell bath bomb which is so pretty and a perfect looking gift to give to your mum, although bath bombs are my favourite lush product so maybe I'll just keep this one for myself aswell haha. It's filled with pink rose petals and it smells like roses which is probably down to the turkish rose oils it contains, how excotic!
The Body Shop
The Body Shop have a cute new limited edition Vitamin E range with pretty pink and blue union jack packaging! I have a Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet Limited Edition which is a super light hydrating moisturiser. It actually does look like a sorbet, so I can see where it got its name. I also got a Vitamin E Eyes Cube Limited Edition which is enriched with wheatgerm oil. It's cooling and refreshing for tired eye areas. and lastly, a Vitamin E Moisture Cream Limited Edition which is one of their bestselling daily moisturisers sure to keep your face and neck skin looking smooth and feeling super soft!

All of them are the perfect size to keep in your handbag and the prices range from £8-£12 which for me, is a great price for a mothers day gift!

  Gift Hampers
Is it a female thing or is it just me that loves a gift hamper? Especially a food one - apart from it being filled with treats you also get a cute little hamper as well. For my mum it would have to be a chocolate hamper, she eats the most chocolate out of everyone I know, more than me and I have been known to eat 28 easter eggs! I came across a whole page of them on the Debemhans website in their range of mothers day gifts. Have You Bought Your Mothers Day Gifts Yet?


  1. Omg a chocolate gift hamper would be perfect...present of course ;) and I have never thought about giving lush but its a good idea, I like the body shop mothers day vitamin e range too xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

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