Wednesday, 4 March 2015

LIFESTYLE: Learning To Knit

Whenever I go shopping with my grandparents, we always end up in the pound shop buying all sorts of things for everyone. Bags and bags of chocolates, sweets, pens, notebooks and all sorts. While I was deciding which sparkly notebook to pick for each of my little cousins, I came across a box - a learn to knit kit. Of course I put it in the basket for myself haha it was only £1. Anyway, I got home and it was kind of useless, but it did start something in me. I just about know how to do a simple knit stitch and I decided I wanted to know more so I had to get myself some proper equipment and learn. I have been obsessed ever since.

The team at Black Sheep Wools sent me a couple sets of needles, size 10 and 12 mm, four balls of  yarn and a how to knit for beginners book! The yarn is so thick and snuggly. 
Its quite tricky but I am slowly getting the hang of it. Typical me, I didn't start with something simple but flicked straight to the back and got started on a jumper. I'm not sure if it will finish up as a jumper but we'll see haha.

Knitting patterns are quite confusing at first glance but if you just read the instructions a few times it's doable, I'm getting there. Also luckily for me, my mum used to knit jumpers when she was 18. She doesn't remember much at all but at least we can try to work out the instructions together!

I have learnt how to cast on which is basically starting the process. I also already knew how to do a simple knit stitch and with the help of my mum I now know how to purl. Very exciting.

Here's what I have so far - Impressed? haha

FASHION: Glow Light Up Shoes

Oh look at me, I've found myself another outfit that doesn't involve black jeans and this time I've gone a step further that light blue denim - they're white!

I used to love wearing white jeans when I was younger, actually in my scene kid days, I used to wear every colour jeans you could imagine - white, grey, hot pink, green, orange, red so I don't really know how I got into this black jean obsession really.
They have a slit at the knees like my new black ones and I got them from F&F at Tesco - definitely one of my favourite places for clothes that I actually need. I'm still not 100% confident with lighter jeans but I quite like this look. I got my jumper a while ago from UCLA at Get The Label, they stock loads of cool brands with huge discounts, sometimes up to 75% off! I think it actually came from the mens section but I love a big branded jumper and it was perfect.

Now for a mention of my amaaazing new shoes. I wasn't too sure when I ordered them, if they were going to be like tacky kids shoes but when they arrived I loved them! The lights are much more impressive that kids shoes, especially in the dark so I had to include a photo for you at the bottom. Apart from the lights, I actually really like them just as casual shoes! Silver was the perfect finishing touch for this light outfit and the blue matches well. They have three different settings so you can just have them on or flashing or whatever.

Light Up Shoes - Stylist Pick*
Jeans - F&F
Jumper (hoodie Version) - UCLA At Get The Lable*
Backpack - Primark

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

LIFESTYLE: All-In Kitchen

Alot of people don't like to mention gambling on their blog, I don’t really get it. I understand that it can be a bad habit but a night at the bingo or having a play at the casino every now and again isn’t such a big deal - for me, it’s usually just a fun night out with friends.

Lately, my brother has started this new thing of spending his Saturday nights in with his friends, ordering a takeaway and playing poker. Definitely sounds like fun although if it had it my way, it would be a meal out, a couple of cocktails and a trip to the casino which is why I was super jealous when I heard about PokerStars and Jones & Sons All-In Kitchen (which I had sadly missed)! It's a little pop up, set up to celebrate the new season of the UK and Ireland Poker Tour. As I said, they already had their London date but apparently are looking to come back again soon so hopefully I will be able to go along!

After reading a bit more, I found out that it was the world's first pay-by-poker restaurant. You play a few games, then what you pay is based on how many chips you have at the end of the games - all complements of PokerStars. Plus, each course is poker themed. I love themed food, especially when it matches the environment. The menu features a 'Royal Flush of King Crab Thermidor', 'Queen Scallops accompanied by Salt Baked Swede and Bacon Marmalade, '4 Of A Kind of Lamb Chops and even a '2 Pair of Pear Tarte Tatin, Pear Caramel and Ice Cream'.

Read more at Poker Stars
*In Collaboration With Poker Stars

Sunday, 1 March 2015

BEAUTY: 007 & Hugo Boss Perfume For Women

Today, I wanted to show you a couple new perfumes that I got from The Fragrance Shop last week.

This first one is 007 for women and it comes in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml. I really like a black perfume bottle and I love its slick diamond cut look and the rose gold band, nozzle and box. This is definitely a bottle I would want to put on display in my room.

The smell is described as oriental with top notes of Bergamot, Black Pepper, Rose Milk. Middle notes of Blackberry, Gardenia, Jasmine and base notes of Black Vanilla, Cedarwood, White Musk. What do I think? It's quite in your face as you spray it to start with but quickly fades to a pleasant subtle smell that you catch every now and again. To me, it's a mix of sweet and floral, alot more sweeter than I was expecting but I really like it.
And the second one is Hugo Woman By Hugo Boss which also come in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml on The Fragrance Shop website. I could smell this one as soon as I took the wrapping off and I fell in love with it straight away, it smells like summer. It's very light and floral and very feminine.

The bottle is very different from the one above but it's not terrible, I quite like its circular shape - very simple and classic looking with its red outline but it's the smell that I really love here.

Big thanks to The Fragrance Shop for sending me these new perfumes!

Friday, 27 February 2015

LIFESTYLE: Lunch At Jamies Italian, Chelmsford

 Last week Andrew and I took a little adventure to Chelmsford. It's not really that far from me but neither of us had ever been before so when I got an invitation to come and try out the Jamie's Italian in the town center I thought it might be fun!

We followed the sat-nav and got there alot easier that expected. We spotted the restaurant, turned down the next road and found a giant car park which we were both pretty pleased about. On the walk to the restaurant, the ticket flew off in the wind and I watched (and laughed) as Andrew chased after it haha I've never seen him run so fast.
After all that excitement we were pleased to sit down and relax. Jamie's is based inside The Trattoria and has a very warehousey feel to it. I loved the high ceilings, ripped wallpaper walls and the fact that the whole restaurant was filled with smells wafting out of the open pizza oven in the middle of the room. I have only been to Jamie's once before (at Westfield) and this has a very different layout!
 Our waitress was really lovely which is always a good thing, she was smiley and helpful throughout our meal. Also, she brought over a jug of tap water which for me is a winner. I hate having to ask over and over for another glass of water. We also ordered juices - Andrew got pineapple and I got a virgin strawberry mojito - just as tasty as a real one - yum.
The menu itself was quite small with only 6 pastas and 4 or 5 pizzas although there were still lots of good choices, neither of us had a hard time finding something we liked. It was nice to have a good choice of pastas - we never eat pasta when we go out so we both opted for one. They came in bowls which was also a change for us. They were both big portions - I couldn't finish mine! I was pleased to see they were very generous with the sauce and toppings. Nothing worse than that awkward moment when the staff give you a little teaspoon of parmesan when what you really want is the whole bowl poured on top. (photos taken before the parmesan)
The food came out in good time and all tasted good too. We ordered three starters between us. Andrew went for the prawns which smelt amazing and I went for something I'd never heard of - Porcini mushroom arancini which I think was breaded balls of risotto, either way it tasted good although I really didn't like the sauce it came with. Andrew being Andrew insisted we needed a side order of garlic bread too. Be warned, it is reaallllyyy garlicy
 Then after our mains, I couldn't leave without dessert! The prices though the meal were fine and were similar to the prices of say a Pizza Express. We had 6 courses and 3 drinks between us which came to just under £50. Dessert was tasty but very pricey, most of them were okay actually, it was just the ice cream and sorbet options that I thought were alot, I was just a little shocked that 3 scoops of ice cream could cost almost £5. They included a topping which helped but still seemed alot to me - although the salted caramel ice cream I decided on was delicious. Andrew just has a coffee which we thought they had forgotten about but it came out eventually.
 We both enjoyed our meals and left super stuffed so that's a good thing, no one likes leaving a restaurant still feeling hungry. 

Have You Been To A Jamies Italian?

*Jamies Italian kindly covered the meal in return for my review. All opinions are 100% honest.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

FASHION: Motel Rocks Tiara Babydoll Dress in Sun Moon Stars And WAMO Giveaway

Wamo is a new app that I have been really enjoying using lately. You create lists of all sorts of things from clothes, beauty items, technology ect. Each item you put in a list, you can then tag saying that love, hate, want or need them. They also run daily competitions with big brands to win the items you love - all you usually have to do it add an item from their store into one of your lists - simple as. 

I added this Motel Rocks dress to my need list last week so when the guys at WAMO got in touch with me and offered to have me pick something from one of my lists, this was my first call. This is one of Motels' best ever dresses in my opinion and I'd say alot of people agree because its stayed in they range online and in Topshop for ages. I bought the sunflower version in the summer and I loved wearing it so much that I have wanted a more wintery version for months. The material is light and floaty and it has a cute tie up detail at the back.

Dress - C/O WAMO - Motel Rocks At Topshop
Boots - ASOS
As well as getting me this lovely dress, they have also given me a Dior Show Iconic Overcurl Gift Set to giveaway to one of my followers. Just use the rafflecoptor widget below to enter! 

Remember to tell me what you Love, Hate, Want & Need!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Be sure to give WAMO a download!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

LIFESTYLE: My Valentines Day Weekend

Since I posted in so much excitement in the lead up the Valentines Day last week, I thought it was only fair that I shared with you what actually happened! I didn't find out until the day as Andrew managed to keep it a surprise. There's so much I want to tell you about but to keep this post as short as I can, I think it'll just be alll the photos and a little comment on what we did!

First, lets start off with my valentines day nails, aren't they cute!? I used Barry M's new 'Kiss Me Quick' and 'Viva Pink' from AVON.

Friday was the launch of 50 Shade Of Grey so of course we went to see that. We decided to go the the cinema at the 02 because our favorite restaurant - Gaucho - happened to be there. As always we really enjoyed the meal and some yummy cocktails too before walking into the busiest cinema I have ever seen haha.
The next morning, we woke up and made our way back into London for lunch. Since pancake day was later that week, I wanted pancakes so My Old Dutch it was! I had the yummiest pancake, covered in strawberries, chocolate sauce and ice cream and Andrew was boring and went for a savory one. Then we picked up some snacks for later and hopped into an Uber to our hotel for the evening! 
For our second evening, we spend the first part at The Rumpus Room, which is a very exclusive rooftop bar at the top of our hotel - The Mondrian. The views over London and the Thames were amazing as the sun set. The bar was very fancy (and kinda expensive - 4 cocktails came to £61) although we both really enjoyed it and it was valentines day after all! I had a strawberry and prosecco cocktail while Andrew had his prosecco with elderflower and cucumber.
It was the perfect excuse to wear my new skirt which I picked up at the Very Valentines event last week. I love the bold stripes and the scuba material allowed it to just glide over my hips. I probably could have done with a size 6 but that wont stop me wearing it. I paired it with a plain black crop top and my over the knee boots to keep my legs warm.
Afterwards we went back down to our room, got into bed, switched the TV on and ordered room service. Andrew had also arranged a surprise delivery of champange and chocolate covered strawberries which we indulged in while watching Take Me Out on the big pull out TV.
The next morning there was a knock on the door and in came a huge table filled with food and drinks. We both had a fry up as well as a plate of salmon and the super cute heart shaped pancakes which we shared. There was also toast, tea and orange juice. It was the biggest breakfast I've ever eaten
After stuffing ourselves on breakfast, it was time for the last part of our weekend! We put on the hotel dressing gowns and went down to the spa for a relaxing massage and body scrub.
and then sadly it was time to go back to the room and get ready to leave. I had such a great Valentines day weekend I hope you enjoyed reading all about it and hopefully it didnt babble on too much!

What Did You Do For Valentines Day?
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Monday, 23 February 2015

BEAUTY: P.S Primark Nail Polishes

For me, its not worth spending loads on really expensive polishes that claim to last all week because most of the time, they never do. I usually pick my polishes on how much I like the colour over if I think it is going to last or not so when I spotted Primarks own polishes popping up in every store I had no hesitation in getting one to try out, I was drawn in by the amazing range of colours and after my first buy, I was back again for more. For £1 each it doesn't make a difference to my receipt if I throw a couple in with whatever else I'm buying.

They have a great range of colours - it seems most companies shy away from greens and blues which is a shame because they are my favorites and this is why I love this range, whether it's the same store or a different one, every time I go to Primark I see a new selection of colours and there is always a new one that I want. 

 The polish itself is a great consistency and really easy to work with, not thick but definitely not too thin which is something I hate! I also think the brushes are great - quite large and cover most of the nail in one swoop. Two coats covers perfectly which is great news because I get bored after that. Also they dry pretty quickly which is also great because I also get bored waiting.
brush which applies the product evenly and the formula itself which went on in a block, uniform colour in 2 coats. I’m two days into the wear and I’m chip free so far without using either a base or top coat. - See more at:

The finish is streak and patch free, shiny (without a top coat) and seems to last as long as any other polish. I currently only have three and can guarantee I will be picking up another one each time I visit. 

Here, I'm wearing the one on the far right, They don't have names so I'm just going to call it Mermaid Princess 

brush which applies the product evenly and the formula itself which went on in a block, uniform colour in 2 coats. I’m two days into the wear and I’m chip free so far without using either a base or top coat. - See more at:

Thursday, 19 February 2015

FASHION: Timberlands and Ripped Jeans

When I was 12, my best friend got a pair of Timberlands, they were baby blue which was totally cool at the time, not so cool now haha she always had the latest trend. I was 12, ten years ago (whoa) and Timberlands are back (not the baby blue ones thankfully), isn't it weird how fashion comes and goes and then comes back again! I think they started to get popular again after we saw Fleur Easts' sister wear them on the X Factor, since then, I see them everywhere, especially on a train on the way into London.

I didn't get my pair of Timberlands until this time round and I'm looking forward to trying all the different ways to style them. They are something completely new for me, I'm not used to a not black shoe but I've established that they look good with black jeans so hopefully it won't be too hard! I am really looking forward to wearing them through this season as I think as well as a fashion piece, they are quite practical in the winter with the cold and the snow. 

The best thing is that when they go out of fashion, I can put them at the back of my wardrobe and after a few more years they'll be back again.

How Would You Style Them?

Jumper - F&F (Out of stock)
Jeans* - New Look
Timberland Boots* - Master Shoe  

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

LIFESTYLE: Afternoon Tea At Lancaster London

I love a good afternoon tea. There's just something so regal about it. I love pretending I'm posh for the afternoon, stuffing my face with sandwiches and drinking properly brewed tea. Our visit to Lancaster London was one of the best.

It made a lovely change for us to be dotted around the lounge on sofas and armchairs rather that at a table, it made it much more of a relaxing environment. The waiters added to that by pouring the tea for you and checking that we had all that we could want. Andrew and I ordered 3 extra rounds of sandwiches and a second pot of tea each so it was nice not to have to struggle to get someones attention every time we needed something.

The food itself was really high quality and very tasty. The sandwiches were all very generously filled and the salmon, we were told, was smoked in house so it was as fresh as possible. These was a mini Yorkshires filled with roasted beef which was a nice little addition and the scones are put in the oven on demand so they are still warm when we ate them. They were perfect size for me, I never manage to finish a full sized scone and everything is cuter when it's mini - right?

We both really enjoyed our afternoon at Lancaster London and would rate it as one of our favorite places in London for tea!
Afternoon Tea at Lancaster London starts at £30 pp and with a glass of Laurent Perrier at £40 pp. In January and February they are offering 25% off new bookings so don’t miss out. For more information visit

 *Lancaster London kindly invited us for a complementary afternoon tea in return for my review. All opinions are 100% honest.