Tuesday, 27 January 2015

FASHION: Criminal Damage Sweater, Knee Rip Jeans and Chunky Boots

Sorry to start January with so many black looks here on my blog but this is an outfit that I really love! Styled this way it's great for being in London, keeping me warm and a giving me a little bit of height with the massive, very lightweight and easy to walk in platforms. I would also happily wear this to the pub with the guys and I have actually also worn it for work last year with a pair of converse!

I absolutely love this jumper and Criminal Damage as a brand. I loved them when I was 15, when it used to be skeletal hands on the back of denim shorts and comic print hoodies, all of which I wore very often haha - Although I've grown up and so have they as a brand. After discovering them again last year I have fallen back in love with their new style.

The boots were a Christmas gift from the SpyLoveBuy team which was such a lovely thought. They came with a giant wrapped present which happened to be a chocolate shoe! Another black boot for my very large collection although they are super different from all the others with their massive platform! As I said before, they are very lightweight. I love that they have a timberland look to them which seems to be all the rage these days! 

Jumper - Criminal Damage GetTheLabel*
Jeans - New Look*
Boots - SpyLoveBuy*

Those Criminal Damage Days

Monday, 26 January 2015

FASHION: Coat Wishlist

I have been thinking about trying to buy more clothes that I actually will wear this year. I buy so many pretty things which are just unrealistic. I buy heels that are too high, shorts that are too short and coats that never keep me warm. My thinking is that after reading this article on Capsule Wardrobes, I should buy a few things that I will be able to wear again and again, with as many outfits as I can, all through the year. 

I'm really getting into wishlists at the moment so I'm thinking of putting together a few different ones, through the year, of things that I should be buying for my collection. I'm going to start here with coats because it's cold and that's what I need to buy first but keep an eye out for more wishlists to come!
All of my favourite coats are from Superdry and when I was sent a lineup of the newest addition, this Town Biker coat just jumped out at me. I love that its a biker style with a twist because its long and not leather! It also comes in two tone! And this will definitely go with all  everything.

River Island at ASOS
Talking of leather bikers, this is a classic one with another difference, it has a detachable cream faux fur collar which is a fun twist and makes it look more snuggly. Theres usually discount codes floating around for either ASOS or River Island so I always make sure to have a look around before I ever buy anything, even if its just free delivery, it's still money off! Easy to style although I'm not sure it'll be warm enough.
I bought the blue bomber jacket version of this with a Topshop giftcard that Andrew got me last year (there are usually discount codes online for Topshop too!).  I love the new raincoat style for this rainy season. The holographic material comes in a few colours and is super fun but still does its job! Perfect for festivals

This is the Khloe coat which is part of the premium range at Missguided so it costs a little more than usual although its a great colour and will go with most things I'm sure. I look at coats like this all the time but have yet to take the plunge to actually buy one. I love the smart look but I just think I would have a hard time styling them up.

I have seen lots of dressing gown style coats around at the moment and the just look so comfy and warm. They also tie in at the waist (obvs) which give a nice sillouette.

Have You Got A New Coat Recently?

Friday, 23 January 2015

GIVEAWAY: £50 Hotels4U Vouchers

I thought it was about time for another competition. This time I have got hold of a £50 Hotels4U voucher to celebrate the launch of their new Romantic Breaks hub which is amazing news! 

I know alot of people are against valentines day but I have no idea why. All this "you should show love all though the year" nonsense is rubbish. I just love that it's another day to celebrate and an excuse to do something nice together. Luckily for me, Andrew agrees! 

Hotel4U has launched the romantic hub just in time for valentines day and is a great place to see their top London hotel picks! Andrew and I have actually stayed in two of them, one of them for valentines day last year so I can 100% recommend a stay at the Landmark, it was really lovely!

 My giveaway will finish a week before V day so you will have time to book the perfect night away whether you want to go away with your boyfriend or with the girls. You don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentines!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

LIFESTYLE: The Oriental, Brighton

Late November, last year I decided that I wanted to go to Brighton, not sure why because the weather was terrible but I wanted to go. So we did. Instead of a hotel, Andrew and I decided we wanted to try out a B&B as that is something we have never done before and after countless episodes of 4 in a bed it opened my eyes to how nice they can be. 

We staying at The Oriental on Oriental Place, Brighton and were very impressed to say the least. We were greeted in the reception with a drink and a cake each while we checked in which was a very nice touch! This was just the first of many nice touches that really made a difference throughout out stay!
We were shown around and taken up to our room, neither of us knew hat to expect. We opened the door to a very large room, bigger than alot of the rooms we have stayed in at hotels before, London or otherwise! The theme was silver and purple which gave a very classy feel to it, there was a sofa, a wardrobe, a dressing table and a big white bed. We also spotted a few more of those lovely touches that I was telling you about. Firstly, there was a bottle of water on each bedside table which doesn't sound like a big deal but Andrew and I always end up having to go out to a shop in search of water for the room so that was very appreciated! They also left us out a selection of fresh l'Occitane bath stuff and the most exciting thing was tea. There was such a selection of all sorts of teas, biscuits and a little basket filled with crisps and chocolate. Why doesn't every hotel do that?!
Luckily for us, we had an en suite which came with a jacuzzi bath so we haaad to make a trip into town to pick up some bits from lush which I mentioned here. We were given a house key and a room key so we were able to come and go as we pleased. We went into town to the Hotel Du Vin for dinner which was lovely but very overpriced in my opinion, it cost more that a nice meal out in central London. We got a cab back to the room to use my new Bath bomb before getting into the huge bed ready to eat all the snacks and watch the Xfactor.
Breakfast the next morning was held in the little reception room which had about five tables. Andrew and I settled in the corner and started with tea which was brought in the cutest little tea pots. We then had a two course breakfast which was very filing and made exactly how we asked before going back up to the room to pack up, check out and make our way home!
 We had such a lovely time that we have decided that we would love to come back to stay again over the summer when we weather is better!

 *The Oriental allowed us one nights stay free of charge in return for this review. All thoughts are honest and 100% my own.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

LIFESTYLE: Upbeat Protein Drinks

Protein shakes and health drinks are a huge thing at the moment, at first I thought they were all about trying to bulk up but in fact, protein is very important for building new cells, repairing tissue, keeping bones stone and giving you the energy you need for the day. 

You guys know me and my Boost Juice Obsession (I definitely had one yesterday) and I now like to add a spoon of protein into them although I'm not always in town near a Boost when I want one (which is casually twice a day haha, obsessed, I told you) so I was quite interested when Upbeat got in touch and offered to send me a few vouchers to try their on the go protein drink!

Upbeat contains 20g of whey protein as well as being low in fat and only 150 calories per drink. They are a great alternative to snacking on rubbish which I am very guilty of and they are also in a bottle with a lid so it's easy just to throw one in your bag when your running out of the door in a rush!

I had a feeling they might not taste too good but they're flavored with fruit puree and juice from concentrate and actually really aren't bad. There are three flavours - strawberry, mango & passion fruit and blueberry and raspberry. I tried the strawberry one first as that's always the safest option and it tasted like a milkshake. It was fruity, milky and refreshing without that weird processed taste that you get with some ready made drinks - I'm looking forward to trying the others, especially the berry one, that definitely sounds tasty!  

I had mine in during my usual afternoon slump and it made such a difference. Since I currently spend my time blogging in my bedroom, I am quite partial to an afternoon nap but instead of falling asleep at 2pm I was still working away at my laptop, wide awake!

You can get yourself some in Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, The Co-op, WHSmith and more. Upbeat send me a goodie bag with some vouchers so I picked up mine at Holland & Barrett on Oxford Street!
*In Collaboration With Upbeat Drinks

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

LIFESTYLE: Where To Go On Holiday This Year?

January is a bit of a boring month for most people, apart from Andrews birthday, not much really happens. This makes it a good time to have a proper think about where we want to go on our summer holiday! I love to start thinking about my holiday ideas early on so that I have loads of time to change my mind a few times, think of all the different places you could visit and then get excited for it booking it up.

If your having a hard time deciding, you should try out Holiday Gems new little widget. It goes through a few questions and comes out with a list of places to consider!
It first asks what time of the year you'd like to go and then how hot you'd like it to be! This is something I always get worried about when I book up! I worry that it might be to cold and then I worry about it being to hot haha. I like it best when it's hot enough to wear a bikini at the pool but not too hot that I don't want to wear anything else ever.
Then it asks you what kind of things you like doing while your on holiday. A couple of these things I feel quite strongly about so I was glad it asked. I usually much rather spend time on a beach over the pool, especially if were staying at a family hotel (I usually opt for a family one as at least that way you know the room will be quite at night!) There's just so much more life and exciting things happening at the beach. Also, I love local markets but I really don't like spending my holidays in a big shopping mall, I just think I could do this at home where the shops are 100x better and the sun isnt making me want to be outside. London is always going to be my No.1 shopping destination.
 I took the whole quiz and it told me I should go to Majorca. Apart from my new wanderlust to travel to all the weird and wonderful parts of the world, Majorca is somewhere I try to convince my friends to come on holiday every year haha. When I say Majorca, I actually mean Magalluf. I have been twice and I think everyone has grown out of it but I would love the chance to go back for a long weekend.
You Booked Your Holiday Yet?

*In Collaboration With HolidayGems

Monday, 19 January 2015

FASHION: What To Wear To The Airport

I do love a good fashion challenge so when Qantas Airlines got in touch with their latest one I was super excited, especially since the prize includes two return flights to Australia. My childhood best friend has just moved there as well as one of my old colleagues. They have both made me desperate to visit. It looks and sounds like paradise! As well as the flights they have thrown in accommodation and a tour of the National Gallery of Victoria which is playing host to 'The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk'. Most amazing prize ever? I think so!

They sent me an ASOS gift voucher and asked my to pick out my best flight outfit for a trip to Melbourne. I've never been on a 24 hour flight before but I have been on at 14 hour one and one thing I learnt was that comfort is key! I wore a comfortable, easy dress for that flight and now, I will always wear an easy dress for a long haul flight, even if it is just so I can get those stupid white flight socks on and off easily haha yeah, I wear those, precautions and all. I also much rather being a bit too cold then a bit too hot so as long as I can stand getting in and out of the car on the England side I like to make my outfit more about where I'm going rather than where I'm coming from - although I always take a cardigan since that doubles as a blanket for sleeping on the flight.

For me, as much as comfy clothes are important, comfy shoes are essential. I can't be doing with mine being painful when I have everything else to deal with like walking around the airport shops for an hour or two or trying climb over Andrew to get to the toilets plus wearing my vans there, saves room and weight in the case for all the little sandals and flip flops. I also always travel in my glasses rather then my contact lenses so that I can fall alseep without having to worry about what my eyes will feel like when I wake up. I recently got my new glasses from Glasses Direct, they're Raybans, Snazzy.

I usually take quite a big carry on bag so I can stuff it with all sorts of rubbish to keep me entertained from my ipod, to sweets, drinks and magazines and still have stuff for the important things like my passport.

Dress - HYPE Via ASOS*
Glasses - Glasses Direct*
Cardigan - F&F*
Vans - ASOS
Handbag - Longchamp
Case - Primark
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Sunday, 18 January 2015

BEAUTY: Batiste Rescue Monday

Did you know that Today - Monday, the 19th, is meant to be the most depressing day of the year? Thats a depressing thought on its own isn't it?! 

The girls at Batiste are giving away SOS beauty survival kits over on their twitter! 

All you have to do is tweet @Batistehair, with the reason why you need a boost and dont forgot to hashtag #BatisteSOS.

Friday, 16 January 2015

BEAUTY: The Ciate Advent Calendar 2014

As someone who really doesn't wear that much make up, I am not really that interested in beauty calendars over Christmas although I am a bit of a nail polish addict and this particular beauty calendar has caught my eye over the past few years now!

Over Christmas, I am happy with a normal chocolate calendar - tradition and all plus this one is very expensive at £50. So, I stick with the chocolate over Christmas and in January, this is a perfect treat to yourself because the price always go down by loads! This one came from ASOS* and was almost half price at £27.

The packaging this year is so cute, beautifully packaged to look like a big dolls house with a polish behind each door! At first, I didn't think it seemed big enough but it's quite thick and the polishes are only minis! You get 15 coloured mini polishes, one full sized one and eight effect polishes. Below I have put a photo of the first two I opened so you can have a look at the size of them but I didn't want to ruin the surprise for the rest.  

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

BEAUTY: FUSE Gelnamel Kit

Georgia stayed over the week before I went on holiday and when we arrived back at mine, we were greeted by this new FUSE Gelnamel kit that had arrived in the post earlier that day. We got back at 10pm after an evening of drinking cocktails in Mayfair but Georgia decided I had to do her nails there and then.

The process of application is super easy especially if I could do it after a cocktail or 3 haha. The kit comes with everything you need for the full manicure for just £35 (which is the price you'd pay for just one gel manicure in alot nail bars) so there was no faffing around looking for cotton wool and stuff like that. Just buff, cleanse, paint, set and wipe over. Simple as.

As you can see in the photos below, one coats coverage wasn't enough but by the time the second one was applied it looked fine! It didn't take me long at all which was great because I really couldn't be bothered haha Sorry Georgia! Anyway she was happy with them and although I don't really like the colour, they don't look too shabby! 

The set comes with a colour of your choice plus they sell a whole range of other colours separately for £15 each at boots so I'd love to try out some of the purples and blues and possibly some of the glitter shades.

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