Monday, 20 October 2014

LIFESTYLE: Kindness Of Strangers Part 2

This is part 2 of my two part series with Anthony Nolan. You can see part one here and part two is going to be a video that you can watch here. Last time I spoke about how I helped a stranger in need, this time I am going to be chatting about a time when someone helped me out!

I'd love to hear your Kindness of Strangers stories!

Be sure to use #ThankYouStranger

LIFESTYLE: Kindest Of Strangers Part 1

Anthony Nolan is a blood cancer charity and bone marrow register that helps thousands of people all over the UK every year. As part of their big campaign this year, which is called Kindness of Strangers, they have launched a video (I've embedding it in the post below) consisting of several people sharing their personal experiences of situations where they have received an act of goodwill or kindness from a stranger, and when they have helped someone in the past.

As part of this campaign they have asked me to blog about a random act of kindness that a stranger once did for me and one that I have done for someone else so this is part 1 of 2. This email came at quite a relevant time after a little event last week:

My room is right at the front of our house and I love just standing at my window looking out at whats going on, we have been here less than a year so everything is still really interesting to see  - whether its someone walking their dog and Molly barking at them from downstairs, new people moving in across the road or just watching the rain fall and the sun set against a different background but last weeks view wasn't so nice.

I was getting ready to take Molly to the vets with my dad for a little check up. I popped into my bathroom to put my lenses in, came back to my window to see a woman laying in the middle of the road outside. What a shock, I had no idea what was going on, there wasn't any screams or crashes and thankfully there no blood so that was a great relief but still! I ran downstairs to tell my dad who ran out to see her, she was totally unconscious. 

We called an ambulance for her and ran back in to get her a pillow, then it started to pour down so we got a big umbrella and my dad sat outside holding it over her until the ambulance came and took her to hospital! I haven't heard anything else about it since, although a few neighbours came by later that evening to say thank you for staying with her all that time.
Have you ever done something kind for someone or had someone do something really kind for you? 

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Friday, 17 October 2014

LIFESTYLE: Autumn Flowers From Debenhams

At the beginning of the year, I had flowers in my room every week for months! Its such a lovely and simple thing to make you feel happy just to have a pretty bunch of flowers! Last week, Debenhams sent me a bunch from their new range. 

Their whole range of  Autumn flowers have great names, this one is called Autumn Mornings which is very fitting with its super cute sunrise colours. They are a lovely size bouquet which made them so easy to handle and get cut into size for my vase! One thing that I loved about this bunch was that when they arrived, they weren't fully bloomed so I have seem them grow and open up each day!
I also got a great email telling me when my flowers were being arranged, when they would be sent, their expected time of arrival (super fast flower delivery - they came in a couple of days) and a tracking code too!

Plus, I got a code for my readers which entitles you to 40% off which is huge! 

The only bouquets exempt from the discount is the Flowers By Post range.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

FASHION: Ways To Wear My Midi Skater Skirt

Thought I might try a "ways to wear" post for the first time on my blog since I picked up this very bright midi skirt from the last VERY VIP event and I just couldn't decide whether it was a day time or a night time skirt so I just tried both!

I paired it with a long sleeve crop top from New Look which was actually the first crop top I ever  bought. It's great for keeping warm! For my shoes, I wore my everyday chunky black boots from Missguided! For me, this is a great outfit for shopping!

Of course it's another crop top - for me, the only way to wear a midi or anything high waisted is with a crop top! This time it's more of a bralet style from Motel Rocks with my heels which I'm sure you recognise from ASDA 

Which Do You Prefer?

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

EVENT: Lush Christmas Launch, Regents Street Store

Last week I was invited to the Lush Christmas Launch in their Regents street store. I love new Lush launches as it means some of my favorite limited edition scents come back to the store - like snow fairy which I was totally obsessed with last year but this time around since it's so cold already I am definitely more interested in the pretty new bath ballistics! I only started using Lush products very early this year so this is my first time seeing alot of the Christmas products! I loved the cute little penguin bubble bar - anything with a face on it really haha and every one is different which is really cute, I could spend ages picking out my favorite one - Plus its citrusy flavors are my kind of smell! I also loved all the products covered in glitter perfect for pre night out bath because you come out all sparkly!
 Christmas products also mean new chirtsmas gift boxes which are my favorite part of the store, I love looking though to see which have my favorite products and which box is the prettiest! I got to take two home from the event which are both full of lovely Christmassy products which I cant wait to use!!
Joy To The World:
Snow Cake Soap
Dream Cake Body Lotion
Jingle Bells:
Drummers Drumming
Magic Wand
The Comforter
Golden Wonder
Luxury Lush Pud
The Christmas Hedgehog
 Looking forward to using each one! Watch out for reviews - Coming Soooooonn!!

Huge Thanks To Lush For A Great Night And All My Gifts!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

BEAUTY: Barry M New Glitterati AW14 Range

I got a super excited package from Barry M earlier this month and I couldn't want to show you guys! Sadly, I had to wait because my camera wasn't working but that doesn't matter now because I have my photos and I'm ready to blog plus it gave me some time to try a few of them out!

Below is Barry M's new range of Glitterai polishes 
(Fashion Icon, Socialite, Starlet
(L-R)Rockstar, Catwalk Queen, VIP

As usual, Barry M glitters are the easiest to work with and two coats are all you need - plus they dry super fast which is always a bonus.

The colours themselves are quite jelly looking bases choc full of holographic glitter which means no sparkle-less gaps (a pet hate of mine, if your going to do glitter nails, you have to do it properly!!) and as a thick glitter lover, another point that I have to make is that the finish was lovely and smooth.

I think they are going to be perfect for this time of year ready for Halloween and Christmas as to me, they look quite magical!
I'll post photos of the other shades when I wear them, so watch out!

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Friday, 10 October 2014

GIVEAWAY: Win A Bottle Of Koko Kanu Coconut Rum

It’s the year of the coconut, so indulge your love of the white fleshed fruit with Koko Kanu, a subtle blend of crystal clear rum and coconut; the only true coconut rum available in the UK.

This beautifully rich tasting coconut flavoured rum from the Caribbean island of Jamaica is so smooth and round that it’s delicious on its own over ice. Add a cocktail?
I’ve teamed up with Koko Kanu with to give you the chance to win a bottle of perfectly sweet Koko Kanu.

Koko Kanu will add a little Caribbean sunshine to any occasion so follow us on twitter or like us on Facebook and share some #IslandSpirit with us.

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The promoter accepts no responsibility for being unable to contact the winner due to problems with the winner’s network connection or for any other reason beyond its control.
There is one winner. There are no cash or other alternative prizes available.
The prize includes one bottle of Koko Kanu coconut rum.
Winners may be required to take part in publicity associated with this promotion.
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The promotion and these terms are governed by English Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
The Promoter is [Koko Kanu]. Registered office: [J Wray & Nephew (UK) Ltd, The Foundry 156 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8EN]. Please do not send applications to this address.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

LIFESTYLE: Red Velvet Cake By The Hummingbird Bakery

I probably should have just titled this : The best cake you have ever tasted. I was originally meant to get this cake for my birthday back in August but I ended up being so busy and not having time to pick it up until a few weeks after so I called up the lovely girls at bakery and had the "Happy 21st Georgina" Changed to "Georgina Does" so that I could still feature it here on my blog!

Now let me tell you how good this cake is! It was an 8 inch cake - which on the site says for 10-12 people. I brought it home on the Friday, had a slice for myself which was wonderful, went to Andrews for the weekend, which left 3 cake eaters at my house - my dad and both my brothers. I came home on the Sunday to less than a 1/4 of the cake left - Which I immediately claimed for myself putting a "Do Not Eat" sticky note on it so that I could finish the rest haha. I can see why they got though it so quickly, it is such a yummy cake with the perfect cake to butter cream ratio! I also love that red velvet is a cream cheese butter cream which makes it not so sickly sweet.. mmm so good! Isn't red velvet just the best style of cake around and The Hummingbird Bakery definitely do the best one I've tasted!

The process of ordering online looks super easy with step by step of what size, how your was the crumbs on top and a text box to write out the message for the top, plus you can choose super cute decorations for £1.25 to put on the top but when I got mine I called up and ordered that was which was just as easy! The girls there were great since I had to keep changing the pick up day! I finally popped into the Soho store picked it up and took it home!

I could really do with another slice right about nowwww!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

LIFESTYLE: Chatime Bubble Tea, Soho

When Georgia's back there's always somewhere new to explore! This time we were invited along to a Bubble Tea Store in Soho called Chatime! Very exciting since it is such a huge craze at the moment and I seem to be the only person who has never tried it before but now I have. I've tired it all haha.

The good thing with bubble tea here is that you can completely personalise it from whether you want it hot or cold to the different bubbles or jelly cubs in the bottom, the sugar level in the tea and the toppings.. soo much choice! That's why we just had to try as many as possible and after all the different variations, my favourite one just so happened to be the first one we tried and the stores most popular - The plain cold milk tea with pearl (tapioca bubbles) and Georgia's fave wasn't far off either - she loved the same but with the hazelnut syrup!

My next favourite was a thick chocolate drink which was really lovely and creamy with a white moose (they called it Pudding) on top - this was probably the sweetest drink we tried! Another was the Lychee tea with the square jelly things and we tried a mango one too, both of these were refreshing. We also tried a strawberry smoothie and a few others as well! When it was time to leave, the lovely girls in the store insisted we take them all with us and they re-topped them so they were secure to travel! With far to many, we kept our favorites and gave some to a homeless man!

Later this year, they are hoping to open other stores in Shoreditch and Oxford street which are both great locations. I will definitely be popping back in!

London Soho
11, Old Compton Street, London, W1D 5JF

Friday, 3 October 2014

FASHION: #VFNO At Superdry, Regents Street

On the 23rd of September it was Vogue's Fashion Night Out and I was invited along to spend my night at Superdry in their Premier Lounge! We got to meet MTW presenter Lilah Parsons who picked out some of her favorite pieces (including the dress that I picked up). She was wearing a super cool Superdry tassel leather jacket with her initials on the back! Which is something Superdry are now doing for anyone who purchases a jacket! Apparently Poppy Delevingne wore the same on her hen weekend with "POPDOG" written on hers.

After eating all the sweets and coconut water, One of the lovely girls there took me around the whole of the A/W range - it was totally different for Superdry, don't get my wrong, I actually love all the sporty stuff with the huge logo (as you may know) but there wasn't a logo in sight! I got home and my mum thought I'd come back from All Saints! It's such a high quality range and it just looks so expensive! Plus, the experience of shopping in the Premier Lounge was great, they had huge changing room with sofas and massive mirrors which made for some much fun trying everything on and taking lots of selfies!

Huge Thanks to Superdry for a great evening!
I loved this chocolate coconut water from Chi so much that they even sent me some to have at home! They are dairy free which is amazing considering how good they taste! I have been drinking them ice cold from the fridge for breakfast and they are so good! Apparently you can heat them up too which I might try with my last one! So sad I only have one left - I need to get some of some more ASAP!!
And here is what I picked up from Superdry. I love each and every piece here as a whole outfit plus I love each piece separately for other outfits - Those boots are going to look so good with my black skinnies! I had a super hard time deciding between the leather jackets as I loved the cropped one that Lilah had on but this one that I picked in the end was super thick and warm which is going to be great for the coming months! I wore this look out last week for a posh date night with Andrew switching up the boots for some peep toe heels!
Dress, Jacket ,Boots - Superdry*
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