Sunday, 14 September 2014

LIFESTYLE: The Travelodge, Covent Garden

When Travelodge got in touch to ask me to come and review a night at one of their hotels, I was very excited! I spent a while thinking about where might be best, maybe Brighton or somewhere we hadn't been before but I just love being in London and having the opportunity to stay out as long as we wanted and not have to worry about the night bus was just too appealing! I picked Covent Garden since there was a restaurant we had both been wanting to try out for ages there plus there's always loads going on there in the evening too! The hotel was in a great location about a minutes walk away from the plaza part which is always a plus!

A Travelodge, for me, is somewhere that I would book for one night only if I was going out clubbing and wanted to stay out over night or maybe for a work stay, although there were lots of tourists there as well. The rooms were super small which explains my lack of photos - my phone camera is a little zoomed in and there just wasn't enough room to stand back and get a good view of the room - although I think this might just be because it was London as I saw someone else stayed at the Brighton branch and their room looked huge! Otherwise, the room itself was nice and clean, had a big white bed and that's all I was hoping for really as we were only going to be using the room to relax and sleep in.  It had all the basics like tea and coffee for two and there was enough room to hang up an outfit or two each on the little rail! There was a nice sized mirror and a TV plus a little shower room and toilet.

Have You Stayed At A Travellodge Before?

Thursday, 11 September 2014

FASHION: Bjorn Borg Fashion Show

Since I have worked with Bjorn Borg on my blog before I was super excited to see their new pieces on the catwalk and wanted to share!
In impressive caves on an island in Stockholm, Swedish Fashion Brand Björn Borg, in collaboration with Creative Show Director Bea Åkerlund, treated the Fashion Week audience to an extravagant game-inspired runway show. Celebrating individuality, love and fashion in a digital era, the show served as a teaser for the Björn Borg ”First Person Lover” (not shooter!) computer game, releasing worldwide in January 2015 together with the brand’s SS15 collection.

Around 400 gathered to enjoy the brand’s first show on their home market in six years. Eurovision Song contest winner Conchita Wurst flew in to Stockholm to see the show, wearing a custom made Björn Borg body as she entered the show arena.

The Björn Borg SS15 show and collection were inspired by fictional worlds where sport and fashion intertwine in a confident and edgy, yet playful, way. Creative Show Director Bea Åkerlund had First Person Lover inspired projections as a backdrop and all models were wearing masks looking like the avatars of the upcoming game.

“Gaming and digital animation has a great impact on fashion today and we wanted to pick up on this in the collection and show. Bea Åkerlund has caught the idea of our game, to create some more love in the world, in a fantastic way. We are really excited to show a teaser of the collection and the game to the fashion world” said Björn Borg Head of Design James Lee.

The Björn Borg First Person Lover computer game will launch in January 2015 along with the Björn Borg Spring-Summer 2015 collection.

For more on Björn Borg, visit

*In Collaboration With Brand

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

FASHION: #ITSFashionParty

Last week I was invited to the launch party for Nostalgia at InTheStyle, which is Charlotte from Geordie Shore's new collection!

I arrived at the club, just off of Oxford Street, to a hoard of papparazzi and was greeted by a glass of champagne! The event was sponsored by Zing Vodka so there were bottles of it everywhere and  it was free vodka all night which was annoying as I wasnt able to stay that long since I had to be up at 6 the next morning for work!

 I picked this pretty two piece from Lauren Pope's collection at ITS to wear for it. I had an interview before the party and I loved that I could wear this outfit, with a black top for my interview, switch my top and I was ready to go to the club - Very versatile!

Two Piece* - In The Style
Shoes - George At ASDA

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

FASHION: Vantage Fashion Pastel Blue Smock Dress

ohh it's starting to get a little bit chilly again and for someone who has been avoiding her skinny jeans since early June that is not a good thing! I tried to start wearing them again this week but it got so bad that I had to take them off mid dinner (in Mayfair) with Andrew and switch into leggings because they were just so uncomfortable - which he thought was hilarious! I really need to find a pair of super comfy skinnies!

Another issue I have is I absolutely hate wearing tights so if I'm going to wear a dress it's going to be bare legged. What a dilemma! This dress here helps my situation by at least keeping the top half of my body warm with its lovely long sleeves! I love how big and floaty this is and how even though its a very day time outfit, its a little bit more dressed with my cute little white heels! Perfect for a day at Lakeside I'd say! 

Dress* - Vantage Fashion
Heels - SpyLoveBuy

Thursday, 4 September 2014

PRESSDAYS: George At ASDA, Specsavers, Very & Barry M

Just a little update on my latest press days for you guys!

George At ASDA
First, I popped in to George At ASDA to see their Christmas collection! Every time I see a supermarket line I am shocked! The clothes are just so fashionable, they wouldn't look out of place in Topshop but the prices are literally so affordable! There was lots of sequins, my favourite was the sparkly floral skirt which the lady who showed me around was wearing and looked lovely on. I also loved the red jumpsuit (which also comes in blue) which costs £20, that's crazy! My last favourite of the day was the maroon coat which looked so big, warm and snugly!! Looking forward to when this hits the shops!

Next I popped, very briefly, along to Somerset House to see the new Specsavers designs,  after a bit of celeb spotting and a glass of prosecco over looking the Thames, I had a quite look around at all the frames. Thick frames are getting more and more popular, I didn't see a thin frame anywhere!!

After a quick pizza break I walked to St Martins Lane to my next event...

Very & Tanya Burr
Very always do lovely gifting events and this time was extra amazing with the opportunity to pick three things from the collection and special guest Tanya Burr. There were lots of pretty lace co-ords, lovely neoprene materials along with some really interesting patterns! As usual with lots of cocktails, canapés and of course there were cupcakes too!

I really didn't get any good photos as I was the first there, which meant the changing room was empty so I ran in there with all my favourite bits to try them on and by the time I was finished the room was so packed it was impressible to get any photos!

Barry M Launch
 I have always loved Barry M products be it the polishes (which are the best) or the eyeliners or anything else so when I heard they were launching a new product I was very excited to try it! When I arrived, I learned that it was actually two new products, both mascaras, one for length and one for volume which are meant to both work very well together and from the promo photos they looked great! 

 And thats what I did yesterday!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

FASHION: #DietCokeHunk With ASOS

I've been working with Diet Coke quite a bit recently and was super excited to hear that they've teamed up with ASOS for a new campaign - Diet Coke Treasure Hunk! ASOS Treasure Hunk offer customers the chance to win a host of prizes – including limited edition personalised ‘Share a Diet Coke’ bottles encrusted with crystals and unique customised ring-pull jewellery (which Millie Mackintosh and Vanessa White have both been seen with!)
 Each day, ASOS hides Diet Coke ‘Hunks’ in unexpected places across the ASOS site. To enter, guess the clues given on the Diet Coke Facebook page and, and put the answer into the ASOS search bar to find the hidden Diet Coke Hunk. If your logged into your ASOS account, keep your eye out for a Diet Coke Hunk wearing a T-shirt with your name on it!
 ASOS will select a daily winner at random and, at the end of the six weeks, one grand prize winner will be chosen and will win a bespoke nine-carat, rose gold, diamond-encrusted ring-pull pendant and sterling silver chain worth £4,500 - designed by award winning jeweller, Katie Rowland!
Treasure Hunk has been launched in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Diet Coke Hunk this year. Want to take part? Then keep an eye out for clues on or go to

Be Sure To Enter!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

LIFESTYLE: #MomentsThatMatter

August was a big month for me, even more so this year, so when Sure got in touch about their Moments That Matter campaign, it was the perfect timing!

I was challenged to capture all the big #MomentsThatMatter to me and share them here with you! To help me along my way, they send me a package of very helpful goodies which definitely came in useful!

Starting a new job!
Finally! After being unemployed for so long I've finally found myself a little part time job at Boost! My deodorant obviously came in handy for keeping me fresh all day whilst I was running around plus my yummy bounce ball gave me the extra energy I needed during my lunch break!

My 21st!
So this is part 1 which my parents made perfect for me! After a morning of opening cards and presents we got all dressed up and drove into town for Afternoon tea at The Ritz! The hotel itself and the food were both amazing and it was such an experience as it was something that I have wanted to do for a while. There was endless food and I even got a surprise birthday cake at the end!

I definitely had alot of use for a couple of the things in my inspiration box that day, firstly the deodorant which I now use every day and secondly the rollasole shoes were a great help when my dad parked a 10 minute walk down the road! I just slipped them on and then changed into my heels as we got a little bit closer haha. I wore my amaaazing Vesper Two piece (and my trusty ASDA heels) which was so super comfortable, I didnt think it was even possible for something so tight to feel so great on, all my Vesper dresses are the same plus the amazing placement of the peplum meant I could wear a crop top and still hide my afternoon tea bloating (Which is one of the worst kinds hah)!
I had an amazing day and to top it all off, when we got home Andrew came over straight from work with lots of amazing presents and a giant cookie! mmm

My 21st Part 2

Since Andrew was working on my actual birthday, he planned the most amazing weekend for us a few days after. Whisked off to the Sanderson Hotel for two relaxing nights in this crazy hotel, we went to my favourite places for dinner, had breakfasts in the hotel, went out and got drunk in soho followed by a champagne and strawberry fuelled trip to the spa the next morning! We had the best weekend ever! 

Have You Had Any Moments That Matter Recently? 

Monday, 1 September 2014


Having lots of BBQs in the garden with family and friends is one of my favourite things to do in the summer but sadly, for some reason, this year, we really haven't had anywhere near as many as usual so when I got an invite to a blogger BBQ I was super excited since it was probably going to be my last one for this year now that they weather is going all strange!

This BBQ was a little different - instead of the usual burgers and sausages, we had Quorn ones! As always with Quorn, I wasn't too sure to begin with, I've now tried it cooked a few times and its certainly not bad but with the BBQ I thought it was just crumble through the grill - but it didn't! The chefs also marinated the food before they cooked it so both the burgers and the sausages had an extra yummy flavour on top!

I was also very impressed with cocktail sausages - which they have absolutely perfected - and the scotch eggs although I'd never had a real one before to compare it too haha but they tasted good! As well as the Quorn they laid on free drinks from the bar, crisps and nibbles with lots of dips, all the buns, cheese and sauces we needed and for dessert, cheesecake and trifle!

Anyway, we grabbed our food, got a drink (my new favourite thing is a Passion fruit Rekorderlig - soo yummy) and sat around eating and chatting all night!!

Such a lovely way to spend the evening! Big thanks for Quorn for having me!

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