Sunday, 30 August 2015

LIFESTYLE: Brits Behaving Badly

I do love an infographic or two, with the right topic, I actually find the numbers and statistics pretty interesting and when its laid out in a cute cartoon - even better!!

This one about being naughty and getting into trouble abroad was sent to me by My Voucher Codes and with it being holiday season I thought it would be a good one to share!

This year, now that I have my own money and all, I have gone a bit holiday crazy - I am constantly thinking about where I want to go next and how I can plan it that I have enough days off to do it all. Disneyland Paris is always on my mind plus I would loooove to go back to ME Mallorca for another mini break. 

Talking of Mallorca, The hotel was actually in Magaluf which is mentioned right at the top of this infographic - A place definitely known for brits being naughty abroad although I found it super interesting that when you average it out properly, Spain comes very low on the scale! 

See! I told you these things were interesting!!

 An infographic by the team at Where Brits get into trouble abroad

Friday, 28 August 2015

FASHION: Motel Luella Playsuit

Its a well known fact that Motel Rocks is my favourtite brand. Only problem for me, is it can be pretty expensive, but its a popular brand so if you look properly, you can easily find it much cheaper. Ebay is great for Motel! I have bought so many brand new items for less than £5 on there (heres my latest purchase which cost me £3) I also find cheap pieces in the Topshop sale and in loads of online shops too. 

This amazing playsuit came from Get The Lable* and is £21 cheaper there than its original price. Not bad! I already have a Motel dress in this print and I just think it is so pretty. This is an XS which is smaller than I usually get but it seems to fit fine - a bit big if anything but it laces up across the back so you can make it as tight or as loose as you like. I love a playsuit in the summer time, I'm hoping the sun stays out for tomorrow becuase we are having a big wedding reunion BBQ and I would love to wear this for it!  

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

LIFESTYLE: Evolution Of Ice Cream

Its no secret that I love my ice cream. I will eat it as a snack during the day and happily, a bowl of ice cream over dessert at a resturant, Andrew and I even buy tickets for the Ben and Jerrys festival most years (its amazing.)

In fact, until last week I ate the most ice cream out of everyone I know. (unless Andrew is having a bad day, he can get through a whole tub in one sitting) So what happened last week? The new girl started at work. This week, she has made friends with the guys at the Odeon across the road and has come back every day with a sundae topped mini oroes and sat eating the whole thing before lunch. Now I can eat ice cream, but I'm not sure I could handle that.

Ben and Jerrys is a current firm favourite although ice cream started much simpler. We have an ice cream van man living down our road so there is always an opportunity for a classic 99 with a flake which will always be my first choice when it comes to an ice cream van.

Whats Your Favourite?

Infgraphic by 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

LIFESTYLE: Does Money Make You Happy?

I was contacted by The Perfect World Project and asked Do I think money makes you happy?

The Perfect World Project is a new TV series which will involve 10 contestants competing in challenges, with the finalist getting the chance to experience their ‘perfect world’ for three months via a card, loaded with a six-figure sum. The real question is will living a life of luxury be a chore, or will they find true happiness? 

 Visit to apply
I was having this exact conversation with Andrew while we were away last month. We were floating around in my rubber ring in the sea and then all of a sudden we found ourselves having this deep conversation. A family friend recently passed away. He had a very wealthy family and although that helped him live a little longer, in the end there was nothing they could do for him, it was so sad.

We both agreed yes money can make you happy, as long as you have your health and your family - those things are much more important.

Of course, having endless money would make life more fun and exciting. Being able to jump on a private plane whenever you fancy and jetting off all over the world - I dream of visiting the Maldives, Japan and going back to America and Thailand but I haven’t got any time. Of course if I was rich, I wouldn’t need to work and therefore there would be no limit on how many days holiday I could take.

Also the security that comes with having money - knowing you have a nice big house to live in and being able to have it in central london if you want, (the dream) no worrying about paying the bills or putting food on the table

The Perfect World Project: Facebook  /  Twitter  /

 Does Money Make You Happy? 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Roses Only is a luxury London based rose florist, but these roses arent like normal roses, they are big, beautiful and luscious and at £70 for 12 roses thats exactly what you would expect!

They offer same day delivery on all London orders placed before 6pm and come delivered in a long brown box wrapped up with a bow (we'll just forget about the rude delivery guy who complained that he had to come all the way from Baker Street when we have a florist down the road.) They arrived on a Saturday so luckily I was at home with Andrew - we took the huge box out into the garden so I could have a proper look at them. 

The roses come laid on a bed of tissue paper which made it all the more luxury - they just look so impressive even laying in the box. They even come with their own little water supply packs so that they dont dry out on the journey and they are literally the bigget roses I have ever seen. Here, I have the bright mix which is a selection of beautiful peach and pink roses.

On a seperate note - how cute are my new Vans*?! I loved the whole hawaii collection when it came out earlier this year but slip ons have always been my call and I love that they arent identical. I got mine from Foot Locker and they just so happen to be in the sale at the moment for £20 if your interested!

Monday, 17 August 2015

VLOG: Barry M Factory Tour

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Barry M factory for a very special tour! As you guys know, I am a massive fan of Barry M so I was super excited to see how it is all made. I wasnt sure how I was going to document it for you guys but when I got there I decided it had to be a vlog!

I had no idea what I was doing really but again and I only had my phone with me but I am pretty pleased with the finished result! Hopefully I can now start to grow my confidence with it and start filming a little bit more often.

Hope you enjoy it!!

Friday, 14 August 2015

LIFESTYLE: Sure Maximum Protection Deoderant Review

Sure got in touch with a little campaign to help me showcase their Sure Maximum Protection Sport Strength deoderant. Applied at night, it works as you sleep to form a level of protection, giving you unbeatable wetness protection for the day ahead. Equally, you can apply it as part of your morning routine which is what I do. Apparently its 2x stronger than the leading antiperspirant which is amazing and you can buy it at Boots, Tesco, all the usual places - RRP £4.90.

Sure asked me to use it, then get a little hot and sweaty doing some exercise and then come back here with a post workout selfie and let my followers, you guys, know what I thought of it as a deoderant. 
I'm not usually a fan on roll on style deoderants as they  leave me feeling really sticky and horrible but this was more like a cream and seemed to be absorbed pretty quicky so that was a good start. I don't exercise all that much and I am definitely not a gym person although I like a swim every now and then. I am lucky enough to have access to some gym machines outside of the gym - I have an exercise bike at home and Andrew has a treadmill.  So while I was at his over the weekend, I got up early, put one one of his big t-shirts and applied my new deoderant.
Safe to say, it was a bit too early for me so I just had a gentle run! After a little cooling down break and some water, it was straight up the the bathroom for a post work out selife in the bathroom mirror before jumping in the shower.

So what did I think? I was pleased with the deodeant. I really loved the cirtusy scent to begin with and it seemed to last pretty well - I didnt smell too bad after my run which was nice. Since it kept me smelling fresh even after a run, I have started using it as my every day deoderant and I am really pleased to say that it hjas kept me smelling fresh all day - even after a rush hour tube ride home!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

LIFESTYLE: Kitchen Wishlist

Since I've started work, I have come in to contact with alot of people my age, who no longer live at home with their parents. I feel like the little kid around them while they are talking about bills and getting their heating fixed and I'm not even making me bed in the morning. 

I am in no rush to move out although I am looking forward to being able to decorate a house how I want it to look. I always come across things in shops and think "I'd love something like that when I have my own house" so today is a bit of an imaginary homewear wishlist! It started out as a homeware wishlist but ended up being totally kitchen focused! When it comes to the house itself aka the walls, I want white everything. White walls are a must to keep everything feeling fresh, light and airy.
I would love to get pretty white appliances for the kitchen too, you know, white toasters, white microwaves and a big white fruit bowl. And what am I going to do with all that fruit you ask? I would also have a nutribullet to make lots of yummy smoothies - duh.

Pretty jars to keep whatever I fancy in them. Maybe colourful, individually wrapped sweets or nuts or something like that. I also love this pineapple shaped jar to put boring looking things like tea bags in.

Taking of tea - I love this simple G mug and of course an A one for Andrew too!

Whats On Your Kitchen Wishlist?

Monday, 10 August 2015

LIFESTYLE: Friday Night With Papa Johns

On Friday (the night before our first friends wedding) Andrew and I decided to have a quiet night in to relax and prepare for the big day. He was best man after all and he was getting super stressed already. So it was amazing when Papa Johns got in touch earlier in the week to see if we wanted to have a night in on them!

Papa John’s has become the first pizza chain in the UK to offer a no-quibble promise to provide a free-of-charge replacement pizza if customers are not entirely satisfied with their order.

Neither of us had ever tried Papa Johns before so we just ordered everything.The pizza arrived right on time - which happened to be at the same time as Terry, the groom, with the wedding suit for Andrew to try on so he ended up opening the door to the delivery guy in a wedding suit haha.

Once everyone had left and the suits were all packed up, out of pizza sauce reach, we sat down and scoffed it all. The food all stayed hot in its box which we were pretty pleased about. I had a plain cheese and tomato pizza, feeling pretty unadventurous but its a classic so its fine! Andrew had a BBQ chicken with stuffed crust - I did steal a few crusts off of him in the end haha love a stuffed crust. The starters were my favourite part - we got chicken bits and chicken wings both super tasty.

As well as feeding us, they also sent us a couple of DVDs, some wine and some popcorn. So when all of Andrews family got in we sat down and put on The Wedding Ringer. Good Timing!
Have Your Tried Papa Johns Before?

Friday, 7 August 2015

LIFESTYLE: 5 Things in July

I have been loving all these 5 happy things type post I have been seeing around lately so I thought I'd give it ago. I dont want to overload you with stuff so I am thinking it's just going to be a monthly post of all the photos that go on Facebook of more personal, not totally bloggy things. So today marks my first one and hopefully I can keep it going! 
In case you hadn't already noticed, I went on holiday in July - You can check out my posts here, here, here and here. We had the best time and I am hoping we get a chance to go back for a few days even if its next summer. We will definitely be staying at ME Mallorca again -it was incredible.
 Sheesh is our favorite restaurant and although its super popular and not the cheapest, we would usually go at least once every two weeks. The building itself is amazing and the food is better as well as the great service we get every single time! Since summer started, we have been super busy to when we finally had a free Saturday night last week we made a beeline back!
The 25th marked our first friends wedding plus Andrew was the best man! I have a whole post to come on that so you'll hear more about it there!

I was lucky enough to win tickets to Lovebox so on the Friday after work, Andrew and I popped down for a little bit before going out for dinner! We arent massive festival goers but it was 20 minutes from his so we thought why not?!
The 29th was Molly's birthday - She was 3. As always we got her a card and lots of presents to open - she gets super excited with all of her new toys! There are only 3 in the photo but we got her so many new toys she didnt know what to play with first!

I'd love to know what you think of this sort of post!