Thursday, 17 April 2014

BEAUTY: More Playboy Make Up - Lipstick and Polish

After the launch party last week, Playboy Make Up got in touch to ask if I'd like to try some of the polishes as well, of course I agreed as I was pretty upset that I didn't get a better look at them at the event! I was sent there two pretty reds. I'm not normally a fan of red, unless it's glitter, then I'm crazy for them. I think my dislike of the colour comes from growing up and watching all of my mums older customers go for red (she's a nail technician), it's just stuck with me that red is an old lady colour.

Saying that, this one is a great tone, it's a very bright, young, red! As for the other one - if there's glitter in it, I'm going to like it regardless.

The red polish is quite thin which is very odd because one coat seems to cover it enough. The glitter is a red glitter in a red polish so one coat will cover the nail although it if you the glitter thicker like I do then it's fine to keep layering up until you are happy.

I am actually really impressed with these two and will be looking forward to trying some of the other colours!
 They also sent me a few of the lipsticks which was very kind! All very pretty colours, again, bright and young and a great coverage. I also love the packaging.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

LIFESTYLE: Meeting Lauren Pope With JC Le Roux + GIVEAWAY

I had a real Essex girl day last week - I spent the day shopping at Lakeside with my mum before making my way into London to meet the girls, get on the party bus and drive into Essex for a night at Bar Blanco. Raleigh is a part of Essex that I haven't ever visited before but as soon as I got into the club it felt like home, it was just like the my end of Essex clubs, white sofas, sparkling wine and diamonté gems everywhere.

We sat down and popped open the first of many, many bottles of JC Le Roux - a bright pink bubbly wine, very Essex and with its very low percentage it took me at least 3 glasses before I started feeling a little tipsy, and that is saying a lot for me considering last week it was half a cocktail haha. Its very sweet and fruity and far too easy to drink! After the wine, the snacks arrived and we got stuffing our faces, that's when Lauren also arrived! haha she spent a while outside with the papz which gave us all a chance to swallow our food and straighten ourselves out!

We each got a little bit of time to ask Lauren some questions. I knew she lived very local to me but I was quite shocked to find out that she basically lives at the end of the road where I used to live, crazy! One question that I was burning to ask her was do the TOWIE girls really wear heels all day every day like we see in the show?! The answer is no - Lauren likes to lounge around in trainers or smaller more manageable heels, normally from Zara. She is obviously a big fan of Zara - she arrived in the new very popular eye print dress - looking lovely! She also told us the New Look was one of her favourite places for big jewellery!

After a little bit of questioning, we topped up our glasses and got comfy in our V.I.P booth before jumping in a cab home!

Thanks Team JC Le Roux for a fun night and for introducing me of one of my new favourite drinks! 
At the moment, it can be bought from Morrisons for £7.49 a bottle!

As for my outfit, It was put together last minute when I realised that the invite said #PinkParty. I am loving theses kind of smart origami shorts/skorts that are everywhere at the moment. The crepe style material is really comfy and keeps me cool! I paired it with a black crop and my big clumpy boots.

Crop - ASOS
Shorts* - RARE
Boots* - Missguided
I left the event with an amazing goodie bag full of pretty pink products! The JC Le Roux team have offered up another very similar goodie bag to giveaway to one of my readers - Just enter below!


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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

LIFESTYLE: Cafe Nero Factory Tour

I recently got invited to the Caffé Nero roastary in Battersea to see how it all goes down. I was a bit unsure whether to go or not as I actually don't drink coffee, although that's not by choice, I love the taste and the smell but it makes me feel so terrible, I have a cup and ten minutes later I have a full on hangover, its horrible haha

Still, I'm glad I accepted the invite as I had a great night and learnt loads about the process! We got shown around the very noisy factory, through the whole process from bean to drink before learning how to make a perfect cup of coffee, trying each one and even some latte art! 

It was a super fun night and a great experience, coffee lover or not!

Thanks to Caffé Nero for inviting me and for the gift card too! I have been making good use of it! 

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Monday, 14 April 2014

BEAUTY: Superdrug's 50th Anniversary Polish - GOSH

So remember last week when I showed you some of GOSH's new products? I loved the style of the polish so much but just wasn't keen on the colour, so when I heard that they had released a few new colours for Superdrug's 50th anniversary I was very excited - so excited in fact that I had just painted my nails pink when the postman arrived with these. I couldn't resist.

They are all lovely pastel tones with the amazing matte little look, it reminds me of little tinted snowflakes or a sugar frosted cocktail glass. They genuinely got me excited and I cant wait to try out the other two colours, especially the blue, it looks perfect!

As I said before, one coat is more than enough and that is all I did in the photo below, I think they lasted around two days before they started to chip which isn't bad!

I have already had a go at removing them using my new Primark polish remover twist post, and they came off just as easy as a normal polish, That thing is a lifesaver.

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LIFESTYLE: Grow Wild Launch With Neon Jungle

I first heard Neon Jungle by chance a month or two ago, before I even knew I was listening to them. I had heard the band name but hadn't heard any of their music yet. Andrew and I were out driving in the country side somewhere for lunch and this crazy cool song came on over the radio. I loved it straight away and when we found out that it was Neon Jungle's Braveheart Andrew didn't want to admit it but he loved it too! It's just so catchy!

Another this I love about them is their style - One with blue hair, one with an undercut. They wear flower crowns, crop tops and co-ords - they are so on trend at the moment and I'm sure that all adds to their popularity, they just look like a fun, trendy group of girls that you really want to be friends with!

It's great that they are taking part in Lets Grow Wild and helping out with a good cause. Its such a nice charity as well, there are no sad stories or horrible images, its all about planting pretty flowers where ever you can in your area to help out the insects and other species that live in the plants!

Its as easy as sprinkling salt on your chips haha

Get involved on Facebook and Twitter with #LetsGrowWild

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Friday, 11 April 2014

FASHION: Festival Essentials

BANK are running an amazing competition for the chance to win a trip with your bestie to THREE mystery festivals somewhere out in Europe over the summer! All you have to do is write up a festival related post.

Check out full details here and see my entry below!

I've never been to a festival before, well like, not a proper one! I went to EDC last year and that was amazing, just what I wanted, my kind of music, my friends but the two biggest reasons for me going, it was 20 minutes away on the tube and there was no camping involved! haha I'm such a baby, I cant handle normal camping in a calm field let alone a whole week of it in amidst the craziness! I love the whole festival vibe but only as long as at the end of the day I get to go home, shower and get into my bed hahaha.

Obviously, I dont know much about camping essentials, but for a good day festival, here what I need!
Jujus - BANK
Jujus are just so comfy, and summery and the babes give you a little bit of height too - gotta love them!

Headband - Crown & Glory
Constantly lusting after these whole lotta Rosie headbands, there are different colours every season. I'm currently loving this blue one!

Perfect to keep your phone and money in leaving your hands free to dance, drink and eat overpriced  ice cream with!

Mini deodorant and Batiste - Superdrug
These will be very useful I'm sure and you can squeeze them in next to your phone, they are so small and cute!

Light Denim shorts - River Island
I'm not sure why but I would only wear light denim to a festival (for EDC I wore white shorts) I think it just adds to the summer vibe!

Crop Top - Missguided 
Tiny little crop top is always best, lets face it, your going to get sweaty and having a tight tee sticking to your underarms isn't fun!

 Kimono - Boohoo
Fun colours, lightweight and nice to keep you a bit warmer when it gets late!

So, Those are my festival essentials - What are yours?

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FASHION: Motel Rocks Skater Skirt and Sequin Converse

I love this outfit! I saved up my street team credit to buy this skirt in the last Motel rocks sale. I just love the pattern it's so pink and girly, so totally not me haha I'm not sure what's going on at the moment, I'm so not a girly girl and all of sudden I'm loving the most pink, flowery, girly prints, although it is a skater skirt and that totally is me. It came up alot bigger than my other skater skirt from Motel so I'm going to have to get it taken in a bit which is annoying but it's worth it for such a pretty skirt.

I sometimes find things like this a little harder to style as I don't own any white shoes, I have flip flops but it's not the right time to wear those. When in doubt I pull out my super old silver sequin converse that my grandparents bought for me on one of out many trips to Camden market, they love it there hahah.

I can't wait for it to be warm enough for me to actually wear this, hopefully it wont be long!

Skirt - Motel Rocks
Crop - ASOS
Converse - OFFSPRING
Bracelets* - Lola&Grace

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

BEAUTY: Playboy Makeup; Products & Launch

Do you guys remember Georgia? She's been on the blog a couple of times in the post! Anyway, she's one of my closest friend and when she's not travelling the world (which isn't very often) I bring her along to some of my events! 

This week we had the launch of Playboy Makeup at the Playboy Club in Park Lane. How exciting! We rushed there from another event and got very lost at the station so we turned up in a big sweaty mess. nice haha not to worry, we got there just in time to see the champagne tower being filled! I went to catch up with a couple of blogger girls whilst Georgia got straight to picking up, trying and swatching every product in sight haha.
Georgia and I both left the party with a little goodie bag and a little bit drunk haha this meant that I could actually take a proper look at some of the products in depth when I got home! The first thing that really stands out about this brand for me, is the packaging, I really love it - I think its simple and but still fun!
 Firstly, I got one of the liquid eyeliners, this is the product I'm most excited about, it just doest come off haha Georgia put it on at the event and literally had to scratch it off of her hand. Also, as you can see the tip is super thin and the black is a nice deep colour!
 I love the mascara tube in this bright colour, its so eye catching and pretty! The wand looks great, its big enough to separate your lashes so that don't look all clumpy and horrible.
 Ok, so I don't really do face make up so I cant tell you much about this except that, like the other products, the packaging is super cute and it has a playboy bunny embossed into it. It also has a mirror on the inside which is always a good thing, right?

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

LIFESTYLE: Spring Flowers From Debenhams

I never realised you could go into a department store for flowers but after sampling a bunch from Debenhams this week I now know differently. I picked one this pretty red and yellow bunch from their spring range* and I think they are amazing! They're a very me bunch I love how the bright colours contrast against each other and the flowers were such good quality, they arrived bright and alive - not to mention the very quick delivery time, I think they came within two days of ordering them!

Debenhams were also kind enough to give me a code which gives you £5 off any bunch from the spring range:

BLOGSPRING (Expires - 30th April)

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