Wednesday 31 December 2014

Everyone got their plains ready for tonight? I have just about but it was a bit of a rush although I'm super excited for what Andrew and I have planned. Were going to one of our favourite restaurants and then on to one of our favourite cocktails bars in the Oxford street/regents street area! We're not really a crazy clubbing kind of couple although we do like a cocktail or two and as you probably know, we looove going out for food so that suits us well. Obviously I want to dress up so I'm still on the hunt for the perfect outfit but Diet Coke have helped me out in the other parts of getting ready department! A couple of bottle of coke which will be coming to Andrew's with me while we get ready and then a couple of other essentials. For me, pretty nail polish is a must and OPI are always great! Also, a red lip is pretty essential for a statement NYE look and ruby woo is one of the best although I've never worn anything on my lips before so we'll see if I'm brave enough on the night!
As for my eyes, the lovely girls at ASOS sent me a few extra NYE essentials in a brand new Barry M blink liner which I use everyday - I just find it so easy to apply and have gotten through two already this year so I was in dire need of a new one - perfect timing as they come out much blacker when they are new! I also spotted Benefits Bad Gal mascara on the site which I was really interested in, I don't wear mascara everyday but when I do, it'll always be "They're Real" by Benefit so I'm super excited to see if this one is as good! One great thing about the mascara is that it comes in a set with a full sized on and a mini handbag one which is perfect since I'm currently at Andrews and getting ready here tonight so I just threw it in my bag is it didn't take up any room at all! (sorry for the terrible photos, as I said, I'm at Andrews with no photos of what I need so I'm using my phone!)
 For the outfit, I am still really unsure - I have a few ideas but I'm not sure what one I'm going with yet - I'm sure you'll see later on if  you follow me on twitter or instagram but if not I am planning a whole post on the options I have and will include some photos of what I actually ended up wearing on the night! 

Hope everyone has a lovey evening tonight and Happy New Year!

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LUSH: Northern Lights Bath Ballistic

Tuesday 30 December 2014

I have been wanting to try out Northern Lights from Lush for a few weeks now! As with my sparkler ballistic from Lush, at first I wasn't really interested - I think the shape made me think it wouldn't be great as it wasn't a classic bath ballistic shape but with both of them I have been wrong and they are now both two of my favourites - Never judge a book by its cover eh?

It was only after I used the Sparkler that I decided that I wanted to try this one but it was so hard to get hold! I couldnt find it anywhere in London, it was only when I wondered into Lush with andrew while we were in Brighton that I spotted one! Great timing since we were having a relaxing weekend away! 

As I dropped it in, I could smell the super relaxing jasmine and ylang ylang scent! It started foaming lovely pastel colours which got darker and darker - bright purple with blue and yellow shooting out of each end! I didn't see any stars or the popping candy like the description says but the colours were pretty impressive and thats what I wanted, it also took forever to finish fizzing which I like as I love watching them. I'm definitely looking forward to using another one of these!

A magical bath bomb named after a magical thing! I would love to see the northern lights for real one day! 

Have You Used Northern Lights?

#AAASecretSanta With ASOS

Friday 26 December 2014

As someone without an offiey job at the moment I get super sad when I miss out on office things that everyone else seems to dread like the big office Christmas party and Secret Santa and I guess it's the same for a lot of bloggers so we were all pretty pleased when ASOS decided to do a secret santa for all the Access All ASOS members! 

We were sent our persons name and address along with a £15 ASOS voucher and that was that! I send mine off a few weeks ago but I'm not sure if my blogger got hers yet, she hasn't posted anything about it! 

My lovely gift arrived earlier this week strangely enough from a lovely lady I knew - Allie from Rush And Teal. She wrapped it up in super cute paper and string which made it even more exciting plus I loved all three things that she picked - She obviously knows me well and I obviously tweet about food more than I should - Sushi is one of the things I go on about most haha. 

What Did You Get Your Secret Santa?

BEAUTY: Sure Invisible Black & White Diamond

Wednesday 24 December 2014

As I'm sure you guys will know from the TV ads at least - Sure have launched their Invisible Black + White Diamond deodorant and as part of their new campaign they set me a challenge here on my blog! They asked me to post 'your idea of my life in black + white'

Firstly I just wanted to say that this is now the deodorant that I use everyday and it works great for me! The whole no stain thing is a lifesaver considering I wear so much black and I'm usually in a rush so saving that extra five minutes that I'm usually trying to get rid of the white powder on my top is great. As well as that it's 48 hour protection which is great for me - Obvs I'm not going to leave it 48 hours but while I'm working in Selfridges at the moment, we have to leave our stuff in  a locker which we are not allowed to go back to until we leave so a deodorant that lasts is a must!
Now to the task at hand - this is the kind of thing I could get really lovely dovey about and post a photo of Andrew but I didn't want a soppy blog post, they also suggested some examples like day V.s night selfies or black and white beauty essentials but I had other ideas. The night before I got this email I was on the train into London and just thinking about how much I love getting on the tube. Doesn't that sounds weird - Ok I don't love getting the tube but I do love that the tube is so easy for me to get. Everyone hates getting the train into London but I just feel so lucky that I can just on the train (just about - we're the last stop on the line) and within an hour I'm in the middle of London. It takes me to work, it takes me to all the blog events, it takes me to dinner, to a club, to see my boyfriend - It takes me to my life. So here it is - My life in Black and White - A photo of the train to took me into London yesterday!


Tenerife At Christmas

Sunday 21 December 2014

When my parents decided we are going away over christmas I wasnt sure if I was happy or sad about it! Obviously I am very excited to go on holiday so I'm just going to focus on that and make the most of  the Christmas cheer whilst we're still in the UK. Packing for a summer holiday whilst its snowing outside is a bit of a strange experenice although it does make me excited for some warmth! I thought I'd put together a post with some of my poolside essentials!
This pretty new bikini was sent to me for my holiday by the lovely people at South Beach when I couldn't make their event last month! I have been loving white bikinis for a few years now and this one makes a change with its lovely crochet details. I also love the little gold star beads at the end of the ties! To go with my white swimwear, I'm going with silver nails that way I can look a bit put together but still secretly wear my christmas sparkly. This one is from OPI.

Next up are my Ray Bans. I have always wanted a pair and debated on whether to get them year after year! In the end I finsihed up with two pairs! Both these and my wayfarers are brown because the black is just a little too dark for my colouring. I only take one pair away at a time because I dont actually wear them too often (due to not being able to see) so this time I've picked the Aviators.

and lastly, entertaiment! I only ever read magazines whilst I'm on holiday so I'll be picking up a few more at the airport to finish whilst I'm sunbathing. And for when I'm done with those, out comes the trusty Ipod nano! 

Most of my Christmas was spent around the pool but if I were to go back to Tenerife however, I would love to spend more of my time there exploring. I have since learnt that the Canary Islands are know to have some of the most varied landscapes in the world and as I've grown up, I am much more into seeing what a place has to offer! I'd love to get out of the hotel and eat some local food or join a walking tour and see the volcanic trails.

Tenerife has so much more to offer than the inside of its holiday resorts!

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Wednesday 17 December 2014

Annnd here is part 2 of my gift guide series!

Bomb Cosmetics Giant Cracker

When this arrived the first thing that hit me was the smell, so strong and fruity mm. I love the packaging design of a giant pink cracker and the lovely gold tinsel added that christmassy touch! Inside you get three bath bombs - Its Xmas, Cherry Bathewell and Fresh Berrys. The whole set itself costs £7.99 from

Paul Hollywood - How To Bake

I was gifted this book by Suppose to add into my gift guide here. Suppose keep track of online prices  so you get the best price for your product! As soon as it arrived though the door my mum wanted a look though it. I love GBBO - so do you and so does your mum (and mine) and you girl friends and everyone else you know! So this book is great for everyone! So many easy recipes and lovely photos throughout, I'm looking forward to trying out some of them for myself in the new year!
Superdry Bag

When I saw this bag online, I knew it would make the perfect gift for Andrew (and most other men) since he's going to the gym more and more and if he didn't use it for the gym then it would make a perfect overnight bag for our little hotel trips! Its a great size and made out of a leathery quilted material which gives it a real luxury feel! The lining is in the usual Superdry orange as well as the usual Superdry branding all over it which I love! There are lots of pockets all over, an adjustable strap and two carry handles. This is the perfect gift for a hard to buy for man!
Perfume Discover Club with Fragrance Direct

This is a really great idea!! You get lots of different perfume samples so you can try them all before you go and spend loads of money on one big bottle - plus you end up with lots of little perfect handbag sized sample - win,win!

Hotel Chocolat
So December has started but that doesnt mean its too late to run out for an Advent Calendar - Especially that Hotel Chocolat one. I have the milk chocolate one here and they are so good, I love that you actually get an substantial sized treat each morning! As well as their calendars, every year I get a box of Tiddly chocolate animals from Andrew mum and they are super tasty and oh so cute! Also, if you were to order online, the delivery is fast and it all arrived in this lovely box with the option to add a message in the little card - a super easy ready made gift

Crabtree & Evelyn

These are a new brand that I have recently discovered and I think they are so perfect! I've actually only started working with them since the Christmas range has been released so I haven't seen too much of the all year around stock but these Christmas products are amazing! I love anything that comes in a tin that you can keep afterward for one plus they have such christmassy designs on them. Each product feels classy and super expensive plus they smell amazing! These are the perfect gift for mums or more so in my case boyfriends mum - this is definitely Andrew mum's kind of thing.


Everything and anything from Lush would make for a good gift but snow fairy is limited edition for Chrsitmas makes the perfect little gift! Its pink, glittery and smells super sweet like pear drops - I haven't met anyone who doesn't like it!
The girls at Lush actually sent me a cheeky little christmas gift this year in the form of their Snowman FUN bar - This comes in all different colours but for christmas they have a snowman version which smells amazing - another lovely gift! Lush is the easiest gift to buy for girls because everyone loves a Lush bath!

Pet Head Products (Gifts For Pet Owners)
These came from Pets at Home and are so cute! I love the bright colours and the packaging plus they smell amazing - both very sweet and fruity! I think these are going to be perfect for my parents and I'm hoping Molly will be pretty pleased with them too since I caught my mum washing her with fairy liquid in a rush after a walk the other day haha poor Molly.  

Dog Toys

Molly loves new toys all though the year so getting her a few new ones at Christmas is a must! I got these online from Feedem and she loves them which is good! She has a thing for the pig toys but she always breaks them so I had to get her one of those plus how cute are the other two!

Have Your Finished Your Christmas Shopping?

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LIFESTYLE: Make Your Own Christmas Wreath With Hobbycraft

Monday 15 December 2014

I was very excited when Hobbycraft got in touch and asked me if I'd love some bits and pieces to make my own wreath! I've never had a wreath on the door before let alone made my own, is it something that most people do? I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and its now hanging on my bathroom door making my bedroom look all Christmassy.

It was all very easy to do - I went for a tiny one - the wreath itself was already made, just a green ring made of the same stuff as our fake tree and all I had to do was decorate it. I love the look of them with a big bow at the bottom so I ordered a big red one which, when it arrived, I decided was too big so I cut it down a little bit to a super cute size. That just attached with a twisty wire thing. The rest of the decoration was just as simple with little wires on the back so you could twist them around the part you wanted it to stay on. 

It literally only took five minutes but I'm so pleased with how it looks! After I was finished with my decorations, it just hangs on a metal thing and its finished! Ta-dahh

Blogging Tips

Friday 12 December 2014

At this time of year, lots of people thing about starting a blog for the new year so I thought it was the perfect time to post a few little tips for anyone whos thinking about it!

Blog About What You Love
If you blog about what you love it will come across in your writing! Blogging about things your not interested in, hoping that it will impress everyone else is pointless. It's your blog and your going to be spending alot of time working on it and thinking about it so make it something you enjoy! Be prepared, if you are going to do this properly, its going to take up alot of your time. 

Stay Organised
I use mini sticky notes at the moment - I got mine from Wilkinsons. One per post and when the post is posted the note goes in the bin. They are brightly coloured so I always remember to have a look at what needs doing. Alternatively you could just write a list and tick it off. Remember, it's not just the writing posts that needs doing, each one needs photos, links, spell checking ect.

Get a Domain
For me, this was super stressful and hard work but I was super pleased that I did it. I changed my blog name from which was a bit of a mouthful to I chose this name so that I could keep my theme open and didn't have to just stick to writing about fashion or one thing in particular. Just google "buy a domain" and you will find lots of sites such as 34SP where you can buy and install you domain. I got very confused and so did Andrew but there was lots of help online - the help phone numbers may cost a bit but they are worth it! I also watched alot of youtube tutorials.

Take a Notebook Everywhere
I'm always thinking of post ideas or just lines to add into a post I've already written at the oddest times, usually before I fall asleep so the easiest way to keep track is just to scribble any inspiration down on a piece of paper and come back to it when you sit down to blog! I hate remembering that I had a great idea but just not remembering what it was.

Don't give up
It's going to take a while to start building up your followers and at first it's hard writing every day knowing that know one is actually reading it which brings me back to my first point, if you are enjoyed writing it, followers dont matter as much! As you keep going people will start to come back and you will see you stats go up slowly.

I hope these little tips can help some of you and maybe push you to start your own blog! Do you have any tips of your own?

GIVEAWAY: The Body Shop Advent Calender

Thursday 11 December 2014

Just a super short post here - I have another cheeky little giveaway for you guys! I am day 11 of The Body Shop's Advent Calendar campaign and I have two lovely products for you to win - The Body Sorbet and The Eau De Toilette to be precise! 

The Body Shop is a great place to get gifts this Christmas and the pink grapefruit range is lovely! The fragrance is fruity and so refreshing which is lovely first thing in the morning. The whole range also comes in a pretty pink which I love!

Just enter using the rafflecoptor below as usual!

FASHION: White Stuff At Bluewater

Last week, The lovely ladies at White Stuff invited me along to Bluewater to celebrate their new shop opening!

The shop itself was lovely - rather that just a normal shop front it was themed on a Georgian house with big white pillars and brickwork outside. The theme carried on inside with the most lovely looking staircase covered in tinsel for the festive season! 
Now on to the clothes! I could tell straight away that they were all great quality. All the jumpers were so soft and everything was very well made! I loved that they had expensive cashmere jumpers in bright pink and green haha. Plus lots of dresses, shoes and jewellery! One of the looks is called Gypsy Caravan and all the clothes were the prettiest greens, blues and purples! Upstairs they had a loungewear section which I fell in love with - Fairisle lounge pants in the thickest cosy material and a pyjama set that consisted of shorts, a vest top and a kimono!!
 At the end of my visit the girls let me pick something from the store and sent me home with a little goodie bag! I had to go back to the beginning and pick one of the snuggly jumpers! As well as loving the design, I knew that I was going to get much looaadsss of wear out of a new jumper, although I was just browsing though the site and spotted these boots which I didn't see in store and have now fallen in love with as well ahah 

Jumper* - White Stuff
Jeans - Primark
Boots* - Clarks

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