LIFESTYLE: #LittleThings With Frexinet

Tuesday 30 September 2014

This summer, the UK’s leading sparkling wine brand, Freixenet, have been inviting the nation to celebrate the #LittleThings in life. Whether it’s jumping onto a train carriage just as the doors close, your toast falling butter side up or finding that piece of clothing you’ve wanted for ages is now on sale, we think they’re worth celebrating!

So they challenged me to document the moments that give you that secret “yes” feeling here on my blog! This was such a lovely challenge and super easy for me as I realised that I am used to taking snaps on my phone when something makes me smile, so all I had to do was look though my recent photos and see what #LittleThings have made me smile lately!
Andrews sister brought me back a super gift from a trip I didn't realise she had been on so it was a lovely surprise when she said "oh we brought you this back from America" A new scent for my collection and she picked well, I love anything apple flavored!
Frexinet also had an event which I went along to with Charlotte! There was lots of food and Frexinet drinks plus crazy golf! Drunk crazy golf is lots of fun plus we had the best pizza ever - Mushroom and Truffle Oil mmmmm.
Andrew took me to Disney which definitely wasn't a little thing - it was a big, huge thing although just before we left he took me to all the shops and bought me presents which was super sweet!
Plus how happy Molly was to see him when we got home.
 and then we tried to have one last BBQ before winter but it did start to rain haha
Trying to have our Saturday afternoon nap and Molly wanted to join in. Look at her staring at me haha She loves Andrew.
Annddd Date night with Andrew! He took me out for a giant steak at Gaucho and then to Kanaloa for drinks and pretending we were in Hawaii!

What #LittleThings Make You Happy?

LIFESTYLE: Great British Dish With Waitrose

Monday 29 September 2014

When Waitrose got in touch and asked me to make my favourite British dish, my new favourite dessert was the first thing that came to my mind. Although at first, I wasn't 100% that it was originally British but luckily for me, after a Google search, I discovered it was! 

"Banoffi Pie is an English dessert pie made from bananas, cream and toffee from boiled condensed milk, either on a pastry base or one made from crumbled biscuits and butter." 

On Saturday morning, Andrew and I popped to our closest Waitrose (Buckhurst Hill to be exact) and went looking for ingredients. I've always loved Waitrose for food shopping - the food always tastes much better quality. mmmm. For the base all you need is 100g of melted butter and 250g of crushed digestive biscuits. Put the biscuit crumbs in a bowl and pour over the melted butter, mix it all up and push it down in a cake tin, then leave it in the fridge to set!

Then for the caramel! 100g butter, 100g dark brown soft sugar and 397g can Carnation Condensed Milk. Melt and stir the butter and sugar in a pan over a low heat. Add the condensed milk and bring to a boil for about a minute, stirring all the time! When its ready, let it cool and then pour the caramel over the biscuit base and put back in the fridge to cool for an hour or so. Now its time to decorate! Whip some cream and mix in some banana slices and spread it all over the top! I put chocolate cubes and pink sprinkles on top to make it super pretty!

 Needless to say, it was a very easy procedure for such a yummy outcome - and It tasted like a real banoffee pie which I totally wasn't expecting, most things I cook don't taste like they are meant to haha!

 Thanks for the challenge Waitrose!!
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EVENTS: Flossys, National Bingo, Late Night London, WeAreCollision and Lush

Friday 26 September 2014

Another collective post of all the bits and pieces I've been up to recently. Do you guys enjoy reading these kind of posts?

Flossy Shoes
This was such a lovely, well thought out event! The girls at Flossy Shoes arranged a little event to launch the Monochrome Flossys ready for AW14. The found the perfect black and white themed room in the beautiful Milestone hotel in Kensington!

I wore my black jeans with a white crop (to go with the monochrome theme) with was great because as we arrived we were each given our own pair of B&W flossys! I picked the zig zag design because it was the most bold print by far!

Bags down, new shoes on and glass of prosecco in hand we spent the afternoon chatting and eating all the yummy food, playing around with the polaroid camera and getting monochrome mani's! Such a chilled and fun afternoon with some lovely girls!

Next up was a bit strange, I was invited to a Christmas party - I was a bit confused and Charlotte - who I brought with me - was even more confused but we still popped along anyway and had a great night out with the team! There was a selection of Christmas cocktails which we tried all of before moving on to the giant pornstar martinis and some raspberry belinis. They were also giving people the chance to win their Christmas wish by using the #DearLateNightLondon. A couple of people even got their wish on the night when they were gifted with the handbag they had tweeted for earlier - What a lovely concept! We were all having such a good time that after that finished we crossed the road and spend the rest of the night at G-A-Y!

andddd Georgia is back in England for a week so I brought her along to a fashion week party with me! We obvs went out for dinner and cocktails first - I was finally allowed to try Burger&Lobster - She banned me from going with anyone else so I had to wait until she got back from Canada haha Then we went out for some more cocktails before moving on to BEAT for the WeAreCollision parttyyyy!

National Bingo Game
When I was invited along for a night of bingo I was very excited! After I accepted, they then mentioned that there would be tonnes of free food and drinks plus they sorted transport out for me to get there and back - Amaaazing! I had a super great time, as I knew I would haha I actually love playing bingo although sadly, I've never won!

Lush Lakeside
 After a day shopping at Lakeside I popped into their Lush store to meet with a few of the other Essex Bloggers for a little event! The guys at Lush talked us through all the face products and what sort of skin they should be used on before we got started on making our own face masks! Lots of fun and as always it was lovely to meet with some of the local girls!
...and thats been my past few days!

FASHION: #IntellicigStreetStyle at LFW

Thursday 25 September 2014

With LFW just passed Intellicig got in touch with some questions on what I thought! I actually didn't go this year as my amazing boyfriend whisked me off to Disneyland Paris for three days to celebrate our 5 year anniversary together. Is now a good time to post a few cheeky pics? Ok haha
Now back to those questions! Although I wasn't in London for most of it, I did spend time each evening going through the #LFW on Instagram to see whats been going on and keep in the loop! As usual there were lots of amazing runways and even more amazing street style photos, those are what I'm really interested in when it comes to fashion week!

What has your favourite trend been from this season? 

From SS14 I've loved the pastels which seem to be huge every year although sadly I don't think I can pull off pastel too well - I think its my dark hair! Another thing I have been mad over this summer has been co-ords which I will definitely be taking into next season with me, just in darker colours and different shapes!

What are you looking forward to for next season? 

I like to go out and buy a few staple pieces for the winter. I hate layering so I'm usually freezing all though the whole season. I try to buy one huge, super warm piece - usually a big, snugly knit or an over sized hoody! I've already got two new winter coats this year..oops

Do you follow trends religiously or do you adapt trends to your own personal style? 

I never follow a trend exactly otherwise I'm going to go into London and bump into someone wearing the exact some outfit as me haha. I like to take one part of a trend and add it into my style.

What do you think about the design of Intellicig? 

I have never had a proper look at an E-cig or even a real cigarette as I have never smoked one but there definitely look very sleek!

Which trend is your preference from monochrome, sportswear, tailored and white wash?

When it comes to monochrome I like it two ways! I love colour blocking back and white next to each other for the super contrast and looks great when you add a tiny touch of colour in to mix it up a little bit! But then I also love the black backgrounds with very intricate white patterns swirling all over them - usually paisley or tiny floral designs!

How will you be watching LFW and what celeb spotting are you looking forward to? 

As I said before, I kept myself up to date with Instagram mostly, Although I also used twitter as well  and of course the London metro articles on the train home! And as for celeb spotting, I'm more interested in seeing what my favourite bloggers were wearing!

Be sure to check out Intellicigs LFW post here

Did You Go To Fashion Week This Season?

LIFESTYLE: The Travelodge, Covent Garden

Sunday 14 September 2014

When Travelodge got in touch to ask me to come and review a night at one of their hotels, I was very excited! I spent a while thinking about where might be best, maybe Brighton or somewhere we hadn't been before but I just love being in London and having the opportunity to stay out as long as we wanted and not have to worry about the night bus was just too appealing! I picked Covent Garden since there was a restaurant we had both been wanting to try out for ages there plus there's always loads going on there in the evening too! The hotel was in a great location about a minutes walk away from the plaza part which is always a plus!

A Travelodge, for me, is somewhere that I would book for one night only if I was going out clubbing and wanted to stay out over night or maybe for a work stay, although there were lots of tourists there as well. The rooms were super small which explains my lack of photos - my phone camera is a little zoomed in and there just wasn't enough room to stand back and get a good view of the room - although I think this might just be because it was London as I saw someone else stayed at the Brighton branch and their room looked huge! Otherwise, the room itself was nice and clean, had a big white bed and that's all I was hoping for really as we were only going to be using the room to relax and sleep in.  It had all the basics like tea and coffee for two and there was enough room to hang up an outfit or two each on the little rail! There was a nice sized mirror and a TV plus a little shower room and toilet.

Have You Stayed At A Travellodge Before?

FASHION: #ITSFashionParty

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Last week I was invited to the launch party for Nostalgia at InTheStyle, which is Charlotte from Geordie Shore's new collection!

I arrived at the club, just off of Oxford Street, to a hoard of papparazzi and was greeted by a glass of champagne! The event was sponsored by Zing Vodka so there were bottles of it everywhere and  it was free vodka all night which was annoying as I wasnt able to stay that long since I had to be up at 6 the next morning for work!

 I picked this pretty two piece from Lauren Pope's collection at ITS to wear for it. I had an interview before the party and I loved that I could wear this outfit, with a black top for my interview, switch my top and I was ready to go to the club - Very versatile!

Two Piece* - In The Style
Shoes - George At ASDA

FASHION: Vantage Fashion Pastel Blue Smock Dress

Tuesday 9 September 2014

ohh it's starting to get a little bit chilly again and for someone who has been avoiding her skinny jeans since early June that is not a good thing! I tried to start wearing them again this week but it got so bad that I had to take them off mid dinner (in Mayfair) with Andrew and switch into leggings because they were just so uncomfortable - which he thought was hilarious! I really need to find a pair of super comfy skinnies!

Another issue I have is I absolutely hate wearing tights so if I'm going to wear a dress it's going to be bare legged. What a dilemma! This dress here helps my situation by at least keeping the top half of my body warm with its lovely long sleeves! I love how big and floaty this is and how even though its a very day time outfit, its a little bit more dressed with my cute little white heels! Perfect for a day at Lakeside I'd say! 

Dress* - Vantage Fashion
Heels - SpyLoveBuy
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