Hallowe'en Treats

Friday 30 October 2015

I love my snacks and I love them even more than usual when they are themed - it just makes everything so much more exciting! So with Halloween coming around fast I thought I would chat to you guys about some of the halloween treats I have been indulging in this year!

Bettys is a place I have always wanted to visit for their selection of cakes, their pretty tea rooms and of course the afternoon tea but sadly I have never been close enough to be able to make a trip in. Luckily for me, you can still buy their tasty and amazing looking treats online.y
I was pretty excited when they said they wanted to send me a few of their halloween specials and rightly so! After I took these photos I scoffed quite alot of it.

They send me a giant handcrafted chocolate Owl which I thought was super cute and of course very halloween, I'm not sure how but it is some of the most delicious chocolate I have ever eaten. I also love that its not thin like an easter egg, the chocolate was so thick that I snapped two of my nails trying to break in to it, now I call that dedication. 

I also got some milk Chocolate Frogs dusted with a green and gold shimmer - they made me feel like I was on my way to hogwarts haha, also as tasty as the owl and lastly a pack of their Stars and moon biscuits which were my favourite, I love iced biscuts and these were so lovely and buttery with a nice layer of icing on top. How cute are they?!

We love jaffa cakes in the office so these arrived to me at work and they went down pretty well in the office, I took my photos and before I knew it, 9 had disappeared. I've never had a jaffa cake bar before, I went straight in for the orange one because it's what I know but I was pleased I decided to try a lime one too becuase they are also great! One last thing to mention was the amazing haunted house packaging - how imaginative and I'm sure all the trick or treating kids will love that!
If you read my snacks at work post then you will know that Juanita goes to Waitrose and comes back with bags of food!She picked me up this cute pumpkin chocolate today which was actually really nice and had mini smarties in and she also gave me my first ever screme egg last week! I love a creme egg and all but the green insdie was a little bit off putting for me haha

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FRAGRANCE: Ari By Ariana Grande

Wednesday 28 October 2015

If you follow me on snapchat (xxgeorgina18) you might already know that my blog is going to get a little bit perfume crazy in the coming weeks! I have had so many new ones arrive in my post and of course I want to share with you guys - they are also perfect Christmas presents so its not a bad time to be talking about them!

Today, its Ari by Ariana Grande - her first fragrance which only launched last month so its super new and I really like it. This 50ml bottle is very cute and girly with rose gold details and the white pom pom attached to the lid. I love the crystal effect on the bottle giving it that old fashioned look with the rose gold for a bit of an updated feel. I also love that you can see the pink liquid through the bottle - it all adds to the girlyness.

The fragrance is announced as luscious and sexy, opening with sparkling fruity notes connected to its ultra-feminine floral heart and the base of musk, woods and marshmallow accord.

It's fruity and sugary sweet and after smelling it, having the work sparkling in the official description makes sense, I just cant describe how.  

Its not too strong or overpowering, making it quite subtle which is actually lovely. Its the perfect every day scent.

FASHION: Suede Dress and Suede Boots + GIVEAWAY

Monday 26 October 2015

Another maroon dress with a pair of black boots today - can you see something starting?! It is so strange that that description first both of my recent outfit posts but they are both totally different! The last one was very warm, comfy and daytime whereas this one is much more evening wear with a bag and jewellery!

Maroon red tones are my favourite when it starts to get cold and I am a huge fan of the shift dress. I am also always looking for an excuse to wear these boots - I will wear them to work one day - I just need to work out how I am going to do it haha but for now, I think they look great paired with the suedette dress. I added a few accessories today which is a little bit different for me. Firstly, my lovely little Kate Spade bag that Andrew got for me! It is a bit small but perfect when I know I dont need to be carrying everything around with me.

My second accessory here is my new gold bracelet. When I saw it online, I thought it was so quirky but still keeping its class which is rare. I loved it so much that the brand have offered to get me have a second one to giveaway to one of my readers here on my blog so make sure you enter the widget at the end of the post!

Bracelet* - Jules B
Boots - ASOS
Bag - Kate Spade at The Allure of the Seas
Shift Dress* - Miss Selfridge At House Of Fraser
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Friday 23 October 2015

I was super sad that I couldnt make the launch party for Ghost Girl a few weeks back but I was still lucky enough to get hold of a sample of the new fragrance to chat to you guys about! I have gone perfume crazy recently so keep an eye out for all my post - I have so many coming up!

The box for this one is interesting with metallic writing in all different colours saying things like adore, love, come close and me all over the white background - their inspiration was the spirit of girlish freedom, feistiness and love of street art which I can see. I did love the bright pink on the inside when I opened the box.

The bottle itself is a funky shape and has the same writing all over it. It's tall and thin with a wider base and the lid comes off to reveal a metallic pink spritzer which you can see running down through the bottle too.

I think the design and packaging are both very young and girly and its not the sort of thing I would pick up in a shop although the scent itself if a little bit older and a bit more my style, its sweet but understated and not too in your face like some sweet, fruity scents can be.

I'm not 100% won over for myself but I think it would be great for a teenage girl (perfect Christmas gift) so I guess the name and description are perfect.

Ghost, Girl: A scent that’s born of contradictions

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LIFESTYLE: Snacks at work

Wednesday 21 October 2015

So what, I have a snack drawer? And so what I'm pretty good at keeping it stocked up?! I was also quite good at restricting myself to one snack a day before Juanita took the desk next to me at work.

If I manage not to go crazy with all the 2 for one deals while I’m in Waitrose, I get back to my desk, as I did last week, to find that she hasn’t had an much self-control and has brought 4 crème eggs, a six pack of crisps and a Halloween sized sharing bag of milky ways. And she is a sharer haha
As you can see from my desk drawer, there is always something to snack on but I do try to sneak something healthy in where I can. I try to have at least one piece of fruit a day and if I drink tea, then it will be green or peppermint so there’s that.

Recently though, I have been trying to cut down on the amount of unhealthy snacks that I get through and switch them with healthier alternatives. I was pretty uninspired until I got an email from the guys at GoToMeeting with their new infographic and healthy ideas for when I want something to snack on.

Next time I go to waitrose, I am taking Juanita with me and we are stocking up on nuts and dried edamame.

What Do You Snack On During The Day?


Monday 19 October 2015

I am not a winter person. As well as just hating the cold because, well, its cold, it also makes all the metal in my back go really stiff and its usually quite painful so in the winter, any thoughts of dressing to look nice go out of the window in aid of keeping my back warm as warm as I can.

I can spend whole winters wearing jeans, a jumper and a pair of trainers. Now I love a big knitted jumper but it gets to a point when I get sick of wearing the same shape clothes in different colours for 5 months at a time (we are in the UK after all) so its nice when I come across a piece that I could could wear, without my back getting too cold, that I actually think looks nice as well! I picked up this jumper at the end of winter last year so I havent really had a chance to wear it yet and as for the shoes, you might be surprised to hear that these are my first pair of UGGS (I live in Essex). I wasn't a huge fan of the original long, chestnut coloured ones but I think these little black ones are really cute and a much better colour for me.

Granted, this outfit wouldn't be perfect for a day out in the elements on Oxford Street but it would be fine for a winters day at say Lakeside (the uggs would fit right in), or the cinema or the sort of things people like to do indoors when its just too cold.

How Do You Wear UGGS?

Uggs* - Cloggs
Dress - Primark
Bag - Longchamp

LIFESTYLE: Chocolate Week At Fish Market, Liverpool Street

Friday 16 October 2015

In celebration of Chocolate Week (12-18th October 2015), Fish Market invited us down to try their limited edition chocolate pot designed in collaboration with Doisy & Dom. Like I was going to turn that down especially since not only was it National Chocolate Week but on Wednesday when we went, it was actually National Dessert Day too!
The place itself was tucked away down a side road just outside of Liverpool Street station. I loved that it had outdoor seating with heated lamps too so if it wasnt raining, we definitely would have stayed out there. Inside had a great atmosphere for a wednesday night - it was relaxed and a little bit posh but seemed perfect for everyone - there were men in suits having an after work dinner, couples and lots of girly tables chatting away all enjoying the food!
I took Georgia along with me again and we ended up sharing our whole meal which was nice - not something I'd risk with Andrew haha. To start we ordered a seafood sharing platter and here, I thought I'd give a special mention to our waitress who was so helpful - as soon as we told her that Georgia was gluten free she sorted everything out for us - she arranged our sharing platter to be brought out on two dishes, one being completely gluten free - so whilst I ate half of the goujons and the amazing salt and pepper squid, Georgia got stuck in peeling the king prawns and eating the scallops.
 We both wanted seabass for our main so instead of ordering a dish each we decided to order a whole fish and shared it. We got the see the fish before it was cooked and then it came back to us in two massive fillets with the most amazing crispy skin.
 And of course we got a couple of side too! Broccoli and mash - I love mash!
But  neither of us managed to finish it so Georgia ended up taking home a doggy bag full of fish for lunch the next day!

After some more wine and a little break, we was presented with what we were actually there for - The Chocolate Pot. It was served in a cute little glass jar with two super thin pieces of sugary, buttery, shortbread on the side which was the perfect accompanyment to the rich, dense chocolate moose. It was super indulgent and the perfect little treat for National Chocolate Week!
  Be sure to pop down to Fish Market to try it yourself! But be quick, the dessert will only be served until the  18th.

LIFESTYLE: Pizza Express Autumn Menu 2015

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Georgia is finally in London. After travelling for the past few years, shes just finished her degree and shes back. I thought I'd better take advantage before she decides to up and leave again so on Friday night we went out for dinner and cocktails in Soho. 
She is gluten free and sometimes its hard to find somwhere to go, especially when I dont completely understand it but I knew that Pizza Express were great at working around that so it was the perfect place for us. We went to the one on Greek Street and it was so buzzy with people the whole way though the night! We would know - we ended up staying there for three hours eating, drinking and catching up. 
We started with a glass of processo each and a couple of new dishes from the menu. I went for the calamari which I had heard so much about - they are really pushing it on their social media so seeing it in my newsfeed a few times made me really want to try it. They were lovely and not greasy at all which was nice as sometime calamari can be a bit slimy. Georgia went for the mushroom risotto which she said was really good too. 
Next up I decided to be difficult and order the new Napoletana  pizza with extra chicken and leggera style (with the midle cut out and replaced with salad) of course it was lovely with big fresh lettuce leaves and juicy tomatoes in the middle and chicken, anchovies, olives and all the stuff I love on the pizza itself. 
Georgia is a bit of a cheese addict so she went for the new Formaggi. Now I love toppings on a pizza but that looked delicious overflowing with cheese. 
While we waited for dessert we had some more prosecco and a good gossip, the night went so quickly which was mad considering we were there for that long. 
For dessert, Georgia went for the good old gluten free brownie with a scoop of raspberry sorbet (which I ate most of haha, I love sorbet at the moment) and I had two scoops of the new gelato flavours Salted Caramel with toffee pieces and Chocolate Brownie with soft brownie pieces. Both delicious!
After another glass of prosecco, we decided it was probably time to make a move although we didnt get far haha we ended up drinking cocktails in the bar next door!

Have You Tried The New Pizza Exppress Menu?

FASHION: PJ Wishlist

Monday 12 October 2015

I've been spending lots of time browsing online recently and have spotted that alot of my favourite high street stores are now doing nightwear which is exciting becuase I usually just wear one of Andrew's many old tees and a pair of shorts. It's definitely time to stock up on somthing pretty to wear for bed.
1: I was shopping with my grandparents last week when I spotted that River Island were now doing pjs. I loved the pretty design on this set and there were also matching trousers too for when it starts to get cold!

2: I'm sure you've seen me moan about my room set up on here before so an eye mask is actually an essential for me. I currently have a Frozen one from Primark and I havent spotted this in store yet but I really want to get my hands on one! It's part of Gabbys collaboration with Primark. Isn't it so cute?

3: and this one is another eye mask but its much more luxurious in silk which feels lovely and is great for allowing your skin to breath. This one is from Charlotte and Co.

4: This set is so cute! I love the soft dusty pink and the silky material although I dont think this is one that I am going to be able to wear at home.

5: This one is quite possibly my favourite of them all. Its a little two piece set with shorts and a crop top. These things look like you could definitely wear them out!

6: Same with this one, I'm sure you could go clubbing in something like this if you were brave enough. I love the colour of this one and it just looks so comfy to wear.

7: Another one from River island. I love the print and again the satin material

8: I havent worn a night dress style for years but I used to live in them when I was younger. This one is very me and says Champagne For Breakfast on it

9: These are just so cute and look super warm for the winter. I'm not sure how long they will last with Molly around though, she would definitely think they are a toy.

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