I was super sad that I couldnt make the launch party for Ghost Girl a few weeks back but I was still lucky enough to get hold of a sample of the new fragrance to chat to you guys about! I have gone perfume crazy recently so keep an eye out for all my post - I have so many coming up!

The box for this one is interesting with metallic writing in all different colours saying things like adore, love, come close and me all over the white background - their inspiration was the spirit of girlish freedom, feistiness and love of street art which I can see. I did love the bright pink on the inside when I opened the box.

The bottle itself is a funky shape and has the same writing all over it. It's tall and thin with a wider base and the lid comes off to reveal a metallic pink spritzer which you can see running down through the bottle too.

I think the design and packaging are both very young and girly and its not the sort of thing I would pick up in a shop although the scent itself if a little bit older and a bit more my style, its sweet but understated and not too in your face like some sweet, fruity scents can be.

I'm not 100% won over for myself but I think it would be great for a teenage girl (perfect Christmas gift) so I guess the name and description are perfect.

Ghost, Girl: A scent that’s born of contradictions

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  1. The aroma sounds good. The packaging is so quirky and I actually like it!
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