I am not a winter person. As well as just hating the cold because, well, its cold, it also makes all the metal in my back go really stiff and its usually quite painful so in the winter, any thoughts of dressing to look nice go out of the window in aid of keeping my back warm as warm as I can.

I can spend whole winters wearing jeans, a jumper and a pair of trainers. Now I love a big knitted jumper but it gets to a point when I get sick of wearing the same shape clothes in different colours for 5 months at a time (we are in the UK after all) so its nice when I come across a piece that I could could wear, without my back getting too cold, that I actually think looks nice as well! I picked up this jumper at the end of winter last year so I havent really had a chance to wear it yet and as for the shoes, you might be surprised to hear that these are my first pair of UGGS (I live in Essex). I wasn't a huge fan of the original long, chestnut coloured ones but I think these little black ones are really cute and a much better colour for me.

Granted, this outfit wouldn't be perfect for a day out in the elements on Oxford Street but it would be fine for a winters day at say Lakeside (the uggs would fit right in), or the cinema or the sort of things people like to do indoors when its just too cold.

How Do You Wear UGGS?

Uggs* - Cloggs
Dress - Primark
Bag - Longchamp


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