Motel Rocks Discount Code

Friday 27 July 2012

Ok so if you follow my blog, you will know about my love affair with Motel Rocks.
They have given me a discount code for 20% off to share with you all!
Pick your items and when you go to pay just enter
and you will recieve 20% off of your order.. AMAZINGGG

That means 20% off of my favourite rainbow patterened clothes HERE!!

and 20%  off of the most amazing JORDAN Skinny jeans in the world!
(This might mean me investing in a third pair!!)

And 20% off everything else at Motel!


This week has been so hot in london we didnt really have an excuse not to have a bbq. I nearly missed it as I woke up soo ill but recovered thought the day and joined later! 

I finally got a chance to wear my Jones + Jones dress which i love so much! It was the perfect occasion. I wore with a bikini top underneath so I had some protection and again, I wore my primark flip flops and sunglasses, they are like my essentials in the summer.

Whenever I go to Pauls house I make it my first job of the day to get a photo on the unicorn that lives in his garden and wearing my lovley dress, this time it really was essential! After that I sat in the shade and ate a burger hhaha at least there were no turtles at Pauls.

Tomorow i am going on holiday! i will be back to blogging when i return in a weeek. Please feel free to leave lots of comments while im gone! & when i come back i have some lovley products to show you all!!

Relaxing in the Sun

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Yesterday me and Andrew got out the paddeling pool and it was lovley! We laid on blankets the grass in the garden all day getting in and out of the pool and eating ice lollies, while you can here his four turtles exploring the garden bushes and having sex with each other, its quite an entertaining squeaking sound and then the knocking of their shells.

Top, Bikini & Sunglasses - Primark 
Skirt - H&M



 Then today we all went to southend to be by the sea! We sat on the rocks.. i mean the beach and ate pizza and i wore sunglasses over my normal glasses becuase i was too lazt to wear contact lenses today!

The King William

Monday 23 July 2012

The sun came out today, how amazing and i wanted to be outside! So after an hour or so of deliberating, me and Andrew decided on the King William pub at the end of my raod, a favourite with the TOWIE lot. Thougth i didnt see any of them, i did enjoy looking at what everyone was wearing, they were all very dressed up with high heels and tight dresses and sunglasses, eating salads and drinking wine in the sun. We ended up being there for around 5 hours in the end, it was a lovley day!

Also check out Topaz and Mays post on different size girls on the same trend, such a great idea and i was lucky enough to feature!

Todays Outfits came from:

Bralet - Motel Rocks
Skirt - BooHoo
Wedge Flip Flops - Asda
Sun Glasses - Primark

L J Coture at LuXe

Sunday 22 July 2012

Last night me and my friend Georgia went to NaiveAtNight at LuXe, loughton, for the L J Couture launch party, finally a chance to wear one of my Quontum dresses!

LJ Couture make very glamourous special occasion dresses, a great thing about them is they are fully personaliseable, there are around 80 different colours you can have your dress made in, and you can alter it how you like, changing things like necklines and materials!

 The dresses were worn around the club, this gave me a great oppotunity to get some photos although i couldnt find any one wearing them untill a few hours in The dresses are all very beautiful, covered in crystals and made from satin and chiffon materials which looks great when the light shines on them in the club. Each dress was very unique, on the night my favourite one by far was the black corseted one, as i loved the detailing over the top but looking on the photos now i really like the colours in the purple and aqua one, it also has a fitted skirt which i like about it.

A big part of the night weas the goodie bags, everyone had them and i know the girls at LJ couture put alot of effort in when making them up, Definatly worth it! Thankyouuu

 The bags included products from:

Tea Party

Saturday 21 July 2012

I recently bought this skirt in the sale! its by Jones and Jones, one of my favourite brands, I have the same skirt in gold and when this one went done from £45 to £15 I didnt hesitate in buying it. I love the shape of it so much I would even conside buying a third one if i came across another patternt I liked, Its the perfect skirt for me, just the way it flares out I love the sillouete you get from a big skirt.

I teamed it with my favourite ASOS crop top and my beautiful handmade bracelet from Tasmia Trinkets and Charms I got to choose what colour i wanted and then it was made specialy for me! I love turquoise and these beads are great! They look like boiled sweets.. amaazinggg, the two sparkely balls add a bit of glamour so deffiantly what i like!

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