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OK so one last holiday post and then its back to reality, althought it isnt all bad as i have some funky new products to show you all next week!

While i was on holiday i had my boyfriend take a photo of what i was wearing each day, haha when everyone else was looking though out pics they were like why are there so many photos of you! Obvs keeping the blog in mind! 

 So here are some of my fav outfits!
 i hope you like them :D

Also a couple of outfits down is my entry for the ASOS doscount coder competition

 Pink Top - DIY (originally H&M Dress)
Shorts - NEW LOOK

 Bralet - MOTEL ROCKS at ASOS -£22
Genie Trousres - ASOS - £25
Bikini, Flip Flops and Sunglasses - PRIMARK 
 Top - Forever 21
Shorts - H&M
 Top - Topshop 
Skirt -H&M
Belt Bag -Primark
 Monokini - Next
Bikini - Forever 21
Kaftan - River Island
 Bikini - River Island
 Crop Top - ASOS
Tassel Shorts - Primark 
Band - New Look 
USA Shorts -Topshop
 Bikini top - ASOS
Bikini Bottoms - New Look
 Top - ASOS
Pink shorts - Topshop 
Red Shorts - Forever 21

 Band - Missguided 
Shorts - Primark 

Top - Hand  Made in Camden 
yes it does say Groany Goodman on the back 


  1. Thankyou so much! im really enjoying doing it too!! xxxx i will follow you!

  2. Amazing holiday post. I love seeing summer fashion, that monokini is gorgeous xx

    1. thankyou! i love summer clothes so much better than winter ones hahah xxx


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