Last Night

Sunday 30 September 2012

I like doing post  like this becuase they incorperate not only what I wore but also what I did..
and to be fair last night was pretty random!
First let me show you what I was wearing. Sorry about the bad photos, it was dark (all will be explained) and it was taken on a mobile!
I've got my favouriote new coat on which kept me really warm while everyone else was cold! 

Coat - Primark / Jumper - H&M / Leggings - Primark / Converse

We thought we was going to a country pub for a fireworks display but when we got there we realiseds it was more a sales thing for people looking to buy them. They set off one firework at a time telling us the price and name. It was pretty entertaining for a while but by the time it got to firework number 50 our toes had gone numb and we left. It was only 8:30 at this point so we deicded it was time for the casino. This is one of the boys favourite places hahah 

Me & Andrew
The boys.. Who happened to all wear the same clothes hhahah
This firework is called Dr. Thrust

We made friends with a drunk guy at this table, he told me to choose a number for his five pound chip while he put his £100 chip on red. I put it on 8 which came in! I won him £180, 8 was also red winning him a futher £100... Lucky Guy!! I guess it is his birthday today!

Deep Red Jeans

Im loving what New Look has for this season!! Especaily these deep red jeans. The deepness is great for winter and it means you can style the up or down; heres how I'd do both!

Style them up with a cute white peplum top and black heels, pulling you in at the waist and giving your legs great shape and height. Add a clutch bag and a sparkley watch and your set for a night out!

Dress it down with a cute graphic tee, oversized leather bag and studded boots for a cute daytime look.

What do you think of my looks?


Saturday 29 September 2012

Boots are hot on trend this seanson keeping you warm all though the cold winter! 

I love these knee length ones with a nice sized heel to add the right amount of  height so thats its still ok for the daytime but looks great at night!! They are the Garbrielle knee high boots from DUO boots, I love this smooth leather look!

Id put them with a pair of super skinnie jeans and a slouchy jumper! The boots are the super statement piece so I wanted to keep everything else plain and as cheap as poss! Its be a great look for a day shopping and then change the top for somthing pretty and its perfect for a date!

How would you style new season boots?
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Star Gazer Make Up

I was sent all of this super cool make up from the girls at get touched PR(*). Its Stargazer, I havent really heard of it before except for the hair dye which I have seen being sold alot around camden market, all very bright and colourul which I love so hopefully I will like the makeup just as much!

Ok, so were start with the eyelashes! They are really nice, like really nice, they are not too big and fake but the deffinatly make and impression when they are on which is what I love!
I have been trianed to apply individual eyelashes so you would  have thought this would be an easy task for me.. well your wrong hahah I am probably alot more inexpeinced with putting strip lashes on myself than every one of you reading this. haha I have never done it before now, but I dont think I did to badly considering and the whole process only took my about five minutes so I'd say sucess!

Next up is the nail varnish, very different! It is red yes but when it shines in the light you see the gold glitter in it!! AMAZZZING. So when you fingers hit the light its very eye catching! and it took days to chip!!!

My friend Lianne is known for her red lips so I thought she'd be perfect to try out this lipstick.
The colour looks lovley and bright, it stands out and stayed on all night!

We also have the lip stain and the eyeshadow, both a lovley bright pink! and the lipstain is semi permenant, it stays on forever (well, the whole night lol )

if your one for bold, lush, standout colours then this brand is the one for you!


Friday 28 September 2012

Hi guys!!

Sorry my posts have been abit here and there and really short latley, Ive been so busy spending any time I have with the new puppy, Molly!
Last night, Me and Andrew went out for dinner, I had chicken wings ahhh my favourite and this amazing drink I get when I go there, its got blueberry juice, blackberry juice and lemonade in it and its the best place to get it!!

Anyway, It was great because it gave me a chance to wear at lease one of the new thing Ive bought becuase I havent had a chance to wear any of it yet. 
So here it is...
Skirt - Primark/ Top - ASOS/ Shoes - New Look

street team

As you know im part of the Motel rocks street team! I just wanted to tell you guys how great it is! Theres such a sence of community and everyone helps each other out by using one anothers code! It really is great and ive made a few lovley friends tok which is an amazing bonus

check out Motel Rocks and use my code georginagoodman1 to get yourself 20% off!!

please help :D

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Please like this photo of me on facebook for a competition, id reeaallyy appreciate it :D

150 Followers Giveaway :D

Sunday 23 September 2012

Yey! my little blog has reached 150 followers so I thought its time for a giveaway! The prizes are a collection of things I have built up from blogging, (from going to events, or doing reviews on) that ill be passing on to one follower!!

Rules  - MUST
  • TWEET - " Ive Entered @xxgeorgina18 giveaway at"
  • COMMENT below to tell me your email for contact if you win & if you have done extra entrys
For extra Entry - Follow These Twitters
Prizes Include
  • Motel Tote - From their sample Sale 
  • Heart Soap - Essex Soap Box - Reviewed On My Blog
  • Sweets 
  • October Lauren Skull Ring and Earrings - Reviewed On My Blog
  • Chocolamia Sample - Amazing From Lush
  • Nivea Baby Oil Sample - Goodie Bag At Event
  • Nivea Regenetating Night Cream Sample - Goodie Bag At Event
  • Les Terriennes Day Cream Sample - Goodie Bag At Event
  • Skull Ring - Bought
  • Glitter Make Up Brush - Reviewed On My Blog
  • Earring - Goodie Bag At Event
  • Shambella Style Ring - Goodie Bag At Event
  • Casino Chip Keyring - One Of My Winnings At Southend Pier

Winner will be announced when i reach 200 followers!!
UK only

Crystal mess

I bet your looking at this and thinking, mmmmmm what a yummy looking plate of dessert!

well your slightly wrong if you are!!

This is actually a yummy compact mirrror, who'd have thought!! its so soft and squishy tho, ive been playing around with it all day and nothing has fallen off which is nice!!

OHmyyy!" I just opened it for the first time and it has a light :D what more could you want in a conpact mirror?!

haha It was made by Crystal mess(*), and they dont just do mirrors. They customise anything and everything, from Phone casess to Uggs! and its not just yummy treats, they do diamonte everything, so if you love spakle, like me, the girl who comes from Essex, then you better check out their site! you will love it!

My Favourite Place

Saturday 22 September 2012

Strangley for me, I hadn't been shopping in months. So we went today!
Me and andrew spent the day at Lakeside, I had all my birthday vouchers to spend so I didnt bring any money with me; Althought that didnt stop me becuase I ended up spending £12 on an amazing leather skirt in primark!
I spent my topshop voucher on a purple peplum top (I already have a salmon one and i love it) and I was about to spend £42 on a pair of studded boots that i loved. I was so sad about not getting them but the shop only had two pairs in and both were marked or missing studds :(
All in all a good day! We stopped off by a pub on the way back and drank juice in the beer garden, I ended up choking on mine but im ok now LOL.

Three Years Together :D

Friday 21 September 2012

On sunday, It was my three year anniversay with Andrew. Its gone so fast, especially to think we got together a week before he left for uni and now were still together but he has a degree!
To celebrate, we went out for dinner last night! Andrew took me to my favourite resteurant everr.. Gilgamesh, its an amazing place. The place itself feels kinda egyptian to me but im not sure because the food is asian. The huge dining room is filled with palm trees and hand carved tables and chairs and huge wall carvings, its a very special place right in the middle of camden market. 

I wore my new red Jones+Jones dress and my amazing Schuh princess shoes, which got alot of comments, everyone loved them!

My Entry For Electric Tees

Wednesday 19 September 2012

As i told you a week ago, Electric tees have been running a customise one of their tees competiton. Knowing that they are into their eco-awareness, I took their testcard bodysuit and made two pieces out of it.

I basically used the same technique on both pieces but I wanted one to be fun and girly and the other to be punky and sexy. I hope the designs and the photographs reflect this!!


Right, when i recieved this, my boyfriend was like.. ok its just a white t-shirt
Well he was soon proved wrong!! It does look like a t-shirt... until the light go outt
it glows like anything
Alot more than i was expecting.

I opened it when it arrive and had a quick read of the leaflet and stuff that came with it, then I put it on my table and went to bed. Normal right? I woke up in the middle of the night thinking aliens had invaded my room, it was sooo bright. This thing is amazing especially as alot of things only glow under UV light!

BUT!! this is no ordinary glow in the dark top, it is special! it comes with a torch which enables you to draw pictures on the top, oh my god.. sooooo much fun!!

It was extremely hard to get a good photo. These are the best I could get but I really recommend you get one and try it out for yourself! It was totally amazing and so much fun!!


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