Jones + Jones A/W Launch, Mayfair

Ive just got home from the Launch night at Jalouse for A/W collection at Jones and Jones, another one of my favourite brands! And what a great night it was. I took this oppotunity to wear one of my favourite pieces of clothing that dosent get enough wear (because im too scared to ruin it) my lovely jones + jones gold skirt - even the jones and jones guys commented about how cute it was!! & it is cute if u do say so myself haha I have it in purple aswell (and ive just ordered another one) I really love the cut of it.


Me and Andrew went out for dinner just outside of Oxford circus station. Then we had a wander around london looking for this place, we got pretty lost considering it was about two minutes down the road.. just in the other direction haha I guess I cant read a map as well as I like to think.. but we made it there in the end!

Andrew and I (being the eager beaver that i am) ended up being the first people there and stood outside for 15 minutes first but it was all worth it as once we got it we was greeted by a lovley man with a try of champange; free chamapge let me tell you and Andrew certainnly took advantage of this as he didnt have to drive home for once!

We settled on the sofa and the rest of the night happened from there, we was brought countless little canpoesy, which were totally amazing! Tiny little lemon merounge pies, little pieces of beef on a bed of mash and sushi on sticks, the waiters just kept coming back, althought i have my suspicion that it was because i just kept taking them each time so they thought they better come back to me with more  mwahah fattyy, they were yummy so its justified!

Please excuse my terrible nails i was in the middle of taking off the old gel and putting the new on
 Then as i sat eating my little garlic cheese bread thing the lights went up (so we cound see what was going on), an amazing versoin on lady gagas bad romance started and the models strutted their stuff up the makeshift runway that ran around thw whole club! it was great and as ever the dresses were beautiful! big puffy skirts, detailes bodices, lace overlays, sequins and femine cuts, sadly i didnt get any good pics but im gonna show you some of the lovley dresse as they are up on the site now!!

Jones and Jones Annie / Black

Jones and Jones Hannah Dress/ Gold

Jones and Jones Belle Dress/ Black Floral Lace 

Jones and Jones Vivienne Dress Black

and here are some we took on the mobile LOL

Make sure to check out their site as they have some stunning dresses and if you want to have a proper look (in real life haha) they now have consessions and a few topshop stores dotted around!


  1. Looks great! Have followed you, would love if you could follow back!

  2. Great outfit! Looks like you had an amazing night, so jealous! The collection looks stunning!
    R xo

  3. that is SUCH nice skirt!

  4. I adore the golden pleated skirt!

    1. Me too! i wore it for my brothers bar mitzvah!! xx


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