Sparkling Beauty

If you know me, you will know that I have very little to do with makeup and beauty! The only thing that I try to keep on top of is my nails making sure they are done, I think its partly because my mum is a technician and I can do them myself for free.
So this post is quite a change for me, although its not quite a full on beauty bloggers post.

Firstly I wanted to show you these amazing makeup brushes that came in the post today from 
What a fun idea and perfect for you glamourous girls! Ive seen crystalised, phone cases, shoes, bags but never make up brushes! The glitter ones are just as pretty, I thought I was gonna pick it up and be covered in glitter day, kinda dissapointed that I wasn't hahah but I guess thats a good thing that the glitter stays on the brush and not all over my stuff

Im thinking I might put one of them in the giveaway Im planning on doing soon... and keep the others for myself mwahahahaah 

They have a tiny little twitter following so make sure to follow them and show your support!!

Next up I wanted to show you my nails that I did yesterday as always using Nazila Love Glam gel polishes. I did them pink to start and once that was set I put a post it note over half of the nail and painted the black "Starry Night" over the other half, then just set again. I can do it at top speed now taking only 20 mins for a set! (the photo does not do it justice, silly phone camera)


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