The Boyfriend Guest Blog Post!!

Hey Guys, This is a guest blog from Georgina's Boyfriend. My name is Andy by the way i am in a few of the pictures on her blog! Now as my friends will know i like to talk alot soo i will be writing alot!

My first topic is about the only way is essex. Some of you may like it others may not! but the other day when i watched it i noticed alot of talk about bad things that people had said in the past about other people and so on. Lydia was said to off said something about gemma ages ago which was brought up. I think in life people will always talk about you and either say good or bad things. I am sure most of my friends have said something bad about me before in the past. It doesnt mean they hate me, I personally think everyone gets a bit mad and says stuff they dont mean or something stupid! so my point of this blog post in that arg is stupid for bringing up the past there is no need as i am sure people could do the same to you! I really wish people would not argue over this sort of stuff in life and learn to grow up! Anyway the reason i say all of this is because i am a person who tried to respect and be loyal to everyone so when things like this happen it annoys me!

Anyway as this is a fashion blog i may as well talk about fashion lol. My fashion sense is very different to Georgina's you could say i am more a man that shops at river island and top man and wears the standard. Over the years i have changed my fashion sense and have gone through lots of stages in my life! Here are a couple of pictures to show what i mean! So above was my sort of scene stage i was very influenced by Travis Barker i love his clothes make and his music! Also my Uni Housemates all loved rock music which made me want to be different and wear cool era caps haha. Then over the past year i am more fashionable now and wear more big brands like Abercrombie and Fitch and may not be as big but hollister as well i love wearing!

Anyway people reading this if you like motel! Check her Discount code of 20% off when you put in the code georginagoodman

I want to finish of this guest blog by saying! Everyone has a unique style and everyone is different in there own way! Always be who you are and change for nobody!

If you want to follow me! (Georginas Boyfriend) on twitter you can do! its @andyr23

Hope you enjoyed this blog!!


  1. I have to say you're very cute together ;)
    Interesting read

  2. nice blog post. Very sweet :) BTW I nominated this blog to The Versatile Blogger Award

  3. Hey, I found your blog through IFB Forum. I followed u just now on google.

    Great blog btw!

    I hope you will follow back

    love A.

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