My Birthday

Its seems like the day has come and gone so fast, its ok tho becasue i had a great 19th birthday!

It started with opening all my cards in the morning with my family which was nice and I got some money which was great!

Then Andrew came around with a bag presents, a bunch of flowers, a balloon and a birthday cake! It was the cake ive been going on about for years now! It had a barbie in it, he didnt get me one in the past becuase they were big ones you had to buy in a specialist cake shop for £70 but he found me one in sainsburys for £12 YAY 

He got me some lovley presents but I have one big dialemma which I need your help with!! He got my this beautiful watch which was quite alot of money, i love it but I dont wear watches and I dont know weather to take it back or not :( desicions!! I dont want to keep it and not wear it, wasting his money in the process... I hope I dont seem ungrateful, I just hate wasting money on things that dont get used hhmmmmm. It is cute tho. Im the worst girlfriend everr :(

Andrew also got me a lovley peplum top from topshop which I choose out (will be doing an outfit post with it soon) and a cute little I love you pillow! And a lovley present from his parents : a gift voucher for topshop which I cant wait to spend and a box of chocolate hmmm which I opened as soon as I got LOL . I also got a homemade tee from Robin and Stefan (its the green one) and a River Island Gift Card from Michael!!

Being the amazing boyfriend that he is, Andrew then he took me to one of our favourite resturants down the road from my house. Its called Sheesh and its so goood , they do like really posh kebabs. We sat outside under a huge umbrella, eating my favourite foods, people watching, chatting and listening to the music playing. It was such a nice afternoon in the sun.

Then this evening, more eating! My parents took me and my brothers to a resturant I hadnt been to before called Alecs, that was also amazing, A seafood resturant, while I was stuffed from lunch (i had two startes, king prawns and aromatic duck instead of a main course) my brothers decided on lobster!

Ive had such a nice day! Check out the pics!!


Also, my blog reached 100 followers today! wooo will be doing a giveaway soon! maybe at 120 followers


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had a wonderful day. Congrats on you 100th follower as well. Check out my blog:

    Follow Back if you like.

  2. Happy Bday girl, I can see you had fun. xoxo

  3. Happy belated birthday, glad you had a good time x

  4. a tip for you: neither i do wear any watch. never. so i put them on as if they were ankle cuffs. so here is the answer you need: never take a present back expecially if it's done with all the heart! just wear it as an anklet!

  5. what about the watch then? what have you decided?


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