Do You Wear Jordan Jeans

Since joining the Motel Rocks Street Team, Someone recently asked me what is my favourite Motel Rocks Item. 

Id have to say by far it is the Jordan jeans, they are just so unique for a pair of jeans, I have never seen any patterns like it anywhere before. At the moment I do only have 2 pairs but since recieving my discount code i may invest in a new pair!!

Anyway, I was just saying to my mum the other day how every time I went to buy them, they were all sold out, which i great news for motel, but then it get me thinking... I have never seen anyone other than myself wearing them around London/Essex where I live. I found this rather odd as I am always spotting peopel in the dresses.

Anyway i was hoping for you all to send me photos of you sporting your jordan jeans and tell me how youve styled them! 

Id love to see other peoples takes on them! I ALWAYS wear mine with a crop top haha but thats just me, i wear almost everything with a crop top to be fair!

If I get enough Id love to make a post showing them all to my followers!!

 If you dont alreay own a pair I suggest you get on to the website and check them out, the patterns are jsut out of this world!! and they are the most comfortable pair of jeans I own, they are so soft!!


  1. lovely leggings!you look great!
    nice blog!
    i follow you via GFC and on twitter!
    check out my blog
    and follow me back if you want!
    thank you!

  2. I love them, but my legs are tooo chunky for them! Love your blog by the way, I'm in the street team too, it was me who couldn't believe you lived next to FIT Tom haha!

    1. they stripey ones make you look so thin tho! i love them haha and thankyouu! omg hes outside now with joey and diags! i can hear them lol i sound like such a stalker!! xxxxx

    2. WHY have I only just seen this!!!? I literally would have been sat staring through the window, no shame at all as I adore Tom that much hahaha. Oooh do they?! See I thought the stripey ones especially would make my legs look fatter! xxxx

    3. i did the other day and i think he caught me so i have stopped for a while haha and im not sure i think its becuase they are high waisted that it makes your legs look super long xxx

  3. Hey,I found your blog on IFB and I followed you. I hope you will follow back.

    Great blog btw, love the pics you look great!

    Thank you!
    love LLD.

    1. Hm you didnt even bother to follow and leave comment!

    2. Let me explain myself! of course i did follow you, i wouldnt lie about it but when i checked my feed you had hundreds of updates about buildings and i couldnt see anything else so i had to delete you, im so sorry i didnt mean to be rude or horrible, and i do still regularly look at your blog i just dont follow any more. Hope that expalins things and iam sorry xxxx

  4. Love your outfit you look amazing! The jordan jeans are so cool!
    Love your blog now following, hope you can check mine out too =)

    1. Thankyou so much!!! ill check out your blog now!! xxx

  5. Rainbow jeans? Very interesting.
    If you like color, you'll like my blog.



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