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Thursday 31 May 2012

Hey guys! 
Hope your loving my blog and having a lovley day :) i was having a bit of a crappy day at work being shouted at until i came home to lots of parcels :D Anyway looks i like i wont be posting until sunday which is a shame as i like to post at least once a day to keep things fresh! This is because i will be in canterbury attending the Kent  uni summer ball with my boyfriend but dont worry ive got so super blinging products to show you next week! 
If you cant wait for my posts and sparkely photographs, check them out here

Love all thing sparkely? you have to check them out! 
Both have different styles differnt 
if you wish to find out more about the products next week i will be posting about each one!

Sacred Stitches and YOURMUMSHOUSE

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Today i had work and i didnt look great so im going to post about somthing a little bit different tonight! Firstly my Sacred Stitches cushion that i won from Deer brains blog a few weeks ago arrived! Woo its really pretty, im not sure if it was hand sewn or whatever but there is alot of detail in the pattern and it will look great on my bed with the red, black and white thing i got going on in here. Looking gooood

Next thing i have to tell you about its Your mums house at Punk! 


 Ive blogged about it in the past, it is one of my favourite places to go clubbing in london, i absolutley love it there. Anway tonight they are launching their first T-shirt collection and asked me to tell you guys about it, Check out the links below

Heres a couple of pics they sent me of the tops


My Day Off

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Today was my day off! Woo so i stayed at Andrews last night, We had one of those adverture nights going to a pub in the middle of nowhere in the countryside with friends that we found by accident once, It was called The Rabbits, but the T had fallen of so it read 'The Rabbis' which entertained the boys, as i am jewish haha. Anyway it was a really nice little old pub, where stayed there for a while then went to mcdonalds. (as every night ends) Today we got up at 11 and went down to barkingside for subway, wanting to be healthy i got a salad which isnt as bad as it sounds and it was colourful which deffinatly made it taste better. Then later we had another BBq together. I took loads of photos on my phone so ill add them after these! 

On my night out with the LADS last night i wore my Motel Rocks playsuit which i got last summer but i still love it, the pattern is very bright and summery and the cut its light and floaty. 
The shoes are my mums which she got ages ago in Debenhams. They are flatforms so have come into fashion and are so easy to wear.
My sunglasses, as you know are from Primark, Duh

Here are todays collection of photos from my phone

Sorry Andrew


This unicorn lives in my friends garden, everytime we meet, we have a photo togehter

Hippie Chick

Monday 28 May 2012

I had to go back to work today, after the amazing weekend that i just spent sitting in the garden, lazing around all day in a t-shirt it was horrible getting two trains into central london to sit in an office all day. Not. nice. But its done for today and tomorow is my day off so less complaining and more posting photos.

This dress is my mums and from what she tells its kinda oldish.. does that count as vintage? im not a great fan of vintage or charity shops, i just dont like the feeling that someone else that i dont know has worn it before. Anyway its really comfortable and flowy and im a big fan of black and white patterns becasue they are so contrasty, so i took that off her!
The hairband is from primark, im not sure why i have it becuase its not really somthing id wear, i cant even remember if i bought it for a joke or not. 

A friend of mine says she thinks i dress hippy-ish all the time but im not sure about that.. what do you guys think?

Yes that is a toy tractor im sitting on haha my brothers used to take turns in sitting on it and having the other one push it into a bush.. they are still weird. Currently, after a long day of baking cookie togehter (hahaha), they are playing hide and seek which is fine.. except they are 13 and 15.

Hands and Feet

Sunday 27 May 2012

Today it was too hot to even get dressed and that is why today i will be blogging about my nails rather than my clothes. I just sat in my garden in an Orange mobile t-shirt all day and ate strawberrys and meringues.

 My mum went to Dubai today (on work with the Nazila Love Glamour team) so i had to persuade her to do all of my nails before she went because i have a summer ball next week, and you just cant go to these things with bare nails! The great thing about this gel is that i can have it done this week and it will still look the same next week, no chips, no smudges.
Last night at 10 she did my nails. We used Nazila love glamour gel, as ive mentioned before! This time i chose one of their encrusted colours, in a light baby blue - LED gel 148 -Tinkerbell. Its a very soft colour, which is the complete opposite from what im used to with bright neon colours but it will go nicely with my shimmery dress so its fine. They have a colour for every occasion.

Then in the afternoon today cleverly got my toes done too! I chose Barry M Blue Glitter so it was the same kinda thing. sorry for the jokes picture, it made me laugh

Here are some photos i took on my phone while i was laying on the grass in the sun today :)

BBQing Weather

Saturday 26 May 2012

Oh My God. It is so hot today! We had to take the oppotuinty to have a Goodman family barbeque. We spend all day together in the garden, it was really nice and really hot. The food was yummy, we had ribs, chops, sausages,burgers, salad, the lot! Everything was great except for my failed Eton Mess, which only failed BTW becasue none of us had the strength to hand whip cream haha it was fun trying tho..

 Heres What i wore. 
Smiley Top - Topshop
Shorts - H&M (75% Off)
Red Vans - Schuh

This time i had my younger brother Josh take the photos and i think for the first time, he did pretty good!

Please comment and let me know what you think! :)

Amy Childs At Lipsy

Friday 25 May 2012

Today I went shopping with my mum, we started off in lakeside, moved on to bluewater where we met Amy Childs and then moved back to lakeside. (she decided she did want that bag after all) A few weeks ago i won a competiton with Lipsy to meet Amy in store today and a few goodies, Great :) I was asked to wear lipsy if possible so this was a great oppotunity to wear my crop top from them, which i dont get much chance to wear with shorts and flip flops, nice, cool and comfortable.

When me and my mum arrived we met with Steffi (she was arranging the whole thing for us) and went inside with the 2 other competition winners, I was given a bag of Amy merchendise and met with Amy herself. She is amazing, very elegant, graceful, pretty and very friendly! We had a quick chat and then she signed some of my things, had a few photos and that was that! It was a great experince and I would like to thank Lipsy and Steffi for allowing me to be part of it!

Amy looked great in her range of dresses for lipsy, Check them out here!

Here is a collection of some very frantic and badly taken photos from my phone


Thursday 24 May 2012

This is the third thing that i won from Style compare, Another great Motel Rocks piece.
Aaaand finally, my forth piece came today! Photos will be up soon! Id like to say a big thankyou to Steph at style compare who dealt with me thoughout, she was really helpful!

So, this dress is one of Motels new prints, ready for summer, its their Zoe Dress in Big Daisy Print. The flowers are really cute and have a nice touch of turquoise in them, my favourite colour, Matching perfect with my wedges! and my eyes apparently, not sure how Andrew decided that when im wearing sunglasses. Anywayy, my wedges are only £18 in primark, i do like a bargain, and andrew offered to get them for me, woo. The sunglasses are also primark, £2 very cheap but great, i find aviators suit me the best.

I hope you like the photos, im just getting used to using my SLR in places outside of my bedroom and i had to take these on self-timer, so let me know what you think?

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