River Island Skirt

OK so the date lies.. I am blogging this now but i took these photos yesterday in the sunshine, it was also abit breezy as im sure you can tell. I think this skirt is absolutly amazing and ive wanted it since last year when i first saw it in River Island, so when my grandparents bought it for me a couple of weeks ago i was so excited. The first time i saw it, it was in pink which i wasnt that bothered about, it was just the shape of the skirt i loved and the cute little chain that came with it and then when it came out in this material recently, i had to have it. Some how i got if for £25 instead of £45 as it was on the last chance to buy rail and luckily a size 6 fitted me, which dosnet normally happen, It was like Fate!

Uhho ive just realised im wearing my Asos top again, like i said the first time i blogged it, it does go with almost everything i own. 

Then to finish the look i have both my white and gold sandals and my sunglasses from primark costing a total of £6 which is geat!

I was going to have my nails done tonight but my mum refused to do if you me, so another day of horrible nails it is! Oh i sound like a horrible daughter making her do my nails haha but shes a professional nail techniquion, how can i not take advantage of that! will blog onvce they look beautiful again.

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