Motel Hit 40,000 Fans

A couple of weeks ago Motel Rocks, one of my absolute favourite brands reached 40.000 fans on their  facebook page! They ran a competition to win a dress, all you had to do was be one of the first 40 people to congratulate at 40,000s fan. I was one of those lucky people. I was amazed, it was the first competition/giveaway i had won, it was hard work tho! I was at work and refreshing the page constintaly but it all paid off when i realised i was the 27th person! I was given a link to a page of wonderful dresses and asked to choose one, i finally came to the decision of choosing the Motel Ginetta Bodycon Dress in Jade and Black Lace after an hour of flicking though the dresses. I loved this dress as it was different to many of my other clothes, firstly I dont have anything with a deep V neck line so I thought that would be a nice change, the colour is also really beautiful. I wore my dress the next day out for dinner with andrew at Sheesh, a wonderful turkish resturant in an stunning 600 year old building just down the road from my house.

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