My Day Off

Today was my day off! Woo so i stayed at Andrews last night, We had one of those adverture nights going to a pub in the middle of nowhere in the countryside with friends that we found by accident once, It was called The Rabbits, but the T had fallen of so it read 'The Rabbis' which entertained the boys, as i am jewish haha. Anyway it was a really nice little old pub, where stayed there for a while then went to mcdonalds. (as every night ends) Today we got up at 11 and went down to barkingside for subway, wanting to be healthy i got a salad which isnt as bad as it sounds and it was colourful which deffinatly made it taste better. Then later we had another BBq together. I took loads of photos on my phone so ill add them after these! 

On my night out with the LADS last night i wore my Motel Rocks playsuit which i got last summer but i still love it, the pattern is very bright and summery and the cut its light and floaty. 
The shoes are my mums which she got ages ago in Debenhams. They are flatforms so have come into fashion and are so easy to wear.
My sunglasses, as you know are from Primark, Duh

Here are todays collection of photos from my phone

Sorry Andrew


This unicorn lives in my friends garden, everytime we meet, we have a photo togehter


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