MY first month back home

Thursday 22 August 2019

I've been home a couple of times over the past few years of non-stop travel but this, is the first time in a while I've come home with no immediate plans to leave again. When I initially booked my flight, I was worried that I was going to miss the daily adventures, exploring, discovering and learning something new every single day and come back to the boring world I left in 2017 but that doesn't seem to have been the case.

Turns out, coming home wasn't the end of my adventure, it was the start of a whole new, different one! This week marks my first month back and I have jammed a whole lot into it! Here's what Ive been up to:


My mum and I both missed our annual trips to Brighton whilst I was away so it was the first thing we wanted to do when I got back. As usual, we got up early and drove down there for breakfast, spent the day shopping and wandering around the lanes before pitching up at a seaside cafe, sharing a seafood platter and drinking frozen cocktails on the beach. We spent hours sitting in the sunshine discussing life and looking at Walt Disney world tickets hopefully that'll be one of my next destinations! 


I'd never been to Cambridge before so when we had another couple of free days and some awesome weather, mum and I decided to venture down there. I've always wanted to go punting in Cambridge so we did that and it was great! Very pleased that I'm still ticking things off the bucket list, even at home!


I've had two weddings this month and they couldn't have been more different from one another. The first was a sunny afternoon at a cute country manor with all of my high school friends..
and the second involved Georgia buying me a ticket to Birmingham and not giving me much more information on the matter! Turned out, we were going an Indian wedding and it was one of the craziest events I've ever been to.

#JetMe2TheGreek With Jet2

Jet2 invited me to join them for a Greek cooking class to celebrate the launch of their new summer 2020 destinations; Lefkas and Parga.

It was awesome to have a blogging event in London to go to after being away for so long because it meant I got to catch up with all my London travel blogger friends and have some fun together!


 Another little day trip with mum, although we weren't very impressed with this one since there didn't seem to be much going on in the town center.
We did find the cutest little tearoom for lunch and I picked up a few bits in Primark so it wasn't a wasted trip, we still had a good time! Plus I got to wear my brand new Converse. My collection of coloured high tops seems to be growing pretty quick and I loved these! I picked them up via, trainer section with a £10 discount.


I seem to have seen quite a lot of new parts of London since I got home too! We drove to Peckham one afternoon to find a specialist shop, got the train to Greenwich to see what all the fuss was about (didn't like it), had my first Groupon afternoon tea at a Hilton and a birthday meal on the river by Canary wharf!

On top of that, I've joined up to my local gym, been to the zoo and even started thinking about giving my room a little spruce up with some cute decor ideas from I realise that my blogging has taken a little bit of a hit as of lately and I've worked out that it's because I actually dont have a proper desk to work at! But fear not, the desk hunt has begun, I've found a couple that I really like on Lionshome so watch this space. Hopefully I'll be back to my weekly posting in no time.
Cute new mesh top from Femme Luxe

It's been a busy old month but I'm definitely not complaining, if every month at home looked like this, I won't be in a rush to go anywhere else, any time soon! 

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