A day trip to Cambridge

Thursday 21 July 2022

In an attempt to get out of London for the day, the girls and I jumped on a train headed to Cambridge. 

It was extremely hot so we didn't manage a whole lot but it was such a fun day, I wanted to share the photos. 

We hired a student to punt us around for an hour and share all his Cambridge knowledge. We quite liked little Henry by the time it'd finished, he was very entertaining! 

After that, we grabbed some take away drinks and found a shady spot by the river to drink them. 

There was just enough time for a little bit of shopping and rather a large ice cream before the heat got the better of us and we decided it was time to head home!
A wonderfully wholesome day.

Five awesome places to eat in Lagos

Wednesday 6 July 2022

In June, I went on a very last minute trip to somewhere completely new - Lagos (In Portugal, not Nigeria!)

With not a clue what to expect I can now confirm there's a cute little old town, lots of great beaches and some v good restaurants.

As per usual when it comes to travel, I ate and drank rather a lot. I planned my days around it in fact - beaches, walks and pool time slotted in between food and cocktails very few hours!
Here were my favourite stops.

Campimar Beach Restaurant 

This place was just a little beach side restaurant but was probably my favourite in terms of food and drink - plus its always nice to walk, off of the beach straight into a restaurant still in your bikini. 

We went for lunch and I had the sea bass. I love a whole fish when I'm in holiday so I ate quite a lot of sea bass on this trip but this was my favourite one. Super fresh and prepared particularly well - it had the most delicious, crunchy skin.

They also had a great selection of frozen cocktails which we bought multiple of and took down to the beach!

ORTA by Casa Mae

We headed here on the first night, practically as we got off the plane. In hindsight, we shouldn't have rushed straight there because we were exhausted and couldn't enjoy it to its full potential because it was very nice. Located in the hotel, the set up and atmosphere here is really lovely, somewhere a little bit more romantic and dressed up.

In a sleepy haze, I started with the ceviche and avocado puree, followed by an octopus dish. Both very well presented and both delicious!

The Garden

The Garden is really quite unique and very unexpected, I was caught totally off guard as we arrived. Its located on a normal road, right in the centre of town, and then all of a sudden, you turn a corner and see a little garden entrance.

The restaurant is an amazing South African braai style, open air dining venue. Perfect for the warm evenings in The Algarve.

I went for the mixed plate because I wanted to try as much as possible. This included their 'customer favourite ribs,' - very good - as well as a sausage and some pork. The plate came with coleslaw, new potatoes and a drink. All for €12 . 

Highly recommend ordering dessert if you visit as well, the banoffee was unexpectedly awesome!

Bahia Beach Bar & Restaurant

This was our last meal before heading to the airport and what an enjoyable one it was. Lunch was another round of sea bass, paired for a fair few cocktails (Hugos - one of my favourites) and a homemade chocolate mousse for dessert.

It was kind of hidden away for everything, not just somewhere you'd wander past by accident so a very cool vibe. 

Restaurante Rei das Praias

This was another beach front restaurant but on another beach, this one was much more upmarket.

Table clothes set the scene whilst lots of white wood and rustic rope kept the vibe, beachy. 

A little more expensive that the rest but that came through in the quality of the food - which was great. Of course I went sea bass again here, we both did this time! Filleted and served with chips and a glass of wine and a view.

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