Halloween Style

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Just a quick post today as I'm totally rushed off my feet after just getting back from Southampton - which took me 5 hours -and going to the cinemar to see the new bond fim in an hour and on top of that, there's no food in the house.

But forget all of that and check out my halloween costume
I dont like having everything covered in blood so im just a normal Snow White not a zombie one
I haven't actually got anything halloweeny happening this year so i'm not wearing it anywhere special but it's ok, it's old and I want a new one next year anyway

These bracelets would have looked great with the outfit but I only realised after I took the photos. Anyway they are so cool, DITS have loads of cute vintage style charms, then you can customise then into your own style weather you'd like a bracelet or necklace. Each peice is handmade especailly how you want it! I picked a buddah and a star :)

At least I came home too loads of amazing packages! I can't wait to show you all in my next few posts!

Outfit - Ebay 
Shoes - Mr Shoe*

Left Outside Alone

Monday 29 October 2012

I think these photos are the best I've had in a while! I like what im wearing and the background is somthing new, not sure why I never thought to take photos outside the front door before..haha
I kinda get a spooky feel from them but I'm not sure why that is.

This dress isn't what I'd normally where but as soon as I put it on, I loved it. The material is very feminine and floaty. There's also somthing very creepy victorian doll about the white lace which I really like - I think thats where the creepy is coming in. I guess it works, it is nearly halloween after all!

The creeper wedges are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn, they just feel like wearing flats. The actual wedge is very unexpectedly light so they arn't weighing your feet down. They are lace up making them very stable on your feet and they look great too.

What do you think of this different style on me?


And it was all yellow..

Sunday 28 October 2012

One Last summer post!
I just love summer clothes and now that it's cold I've been wearing jeans and jumpers all the time, Well im sick of it! Ok well not sick of it but I just wanted to wear somthing abit more bright and summery...again

I dont really wear much yellow but this dress is a really nice colour, it's bright and vibrant but not yucky flourescent! It's made of a very slinky material which is really clingly, but it's nice to have something that feels abit different.
I got it from Humbara, they sell everything for £5, if you have a good look, there are alot of clubbing dresses which are pretty cool.

Paired with a leather jacket and one of my only designer purchases for a more suitable look for this time of the year - Althougth it would still be perfect over a bikini on the beach.
My vivenne westwood heart shoes were such a bargain.
 Me and Andrew found them in Choice at half price!! We agreed to pay half each for them making it only £30 each. They are amazing shoes, the love heart is so cute and little girly and they are so comfortable, I guess you get what you pay for.

I dont wear them much becuase i dont want to ruin them but just being able to say I own a piece of Vivienne Westwood makes me happy

Shame I've only just done my nails becasue they would have gone perfect with this outfit.
My mum was out this morning so I had to do them myself
How do you think I did?

Batiste Update

Saturday 27 October 2012

As you know, I'm a big fan of Batiste Dry Shampoo, It saves my hair from looking a complete mess quite often. 
So when I found out they had released some new flavours I was excited to try them!
These cans are alot prettier than all the others, they have bright colours and intrecate designs that really made me look at them, they are very pretty & the flavours are fun too!

For those of you who dont know, dry shampoo is a spray for your hair that makes your hair look clean when you dont have time to wash it. It also adds alot of body, I find whenever I use it my hair is totally volumized! 
Batiste have more than 30 years experience and are always coming up with new designs and smells to keep things fresh.

The first new can is called Graffiti and as you might imagine, the can is covered in it, pretty pinks, oranges and turquoises. Its said to have an "Urban and Edgy" fragrance. I cant describe how, but after smelling it, I know what they mean, a very nice smell. It dosen't smell all girly and flowery but quite fruity and fresh, I've read its supposed to smell of apple, wild berry, grape and citrus which is a very nice combination.
This can is exclusive to Boots 

Paisley has a very relaxed, chilled feel to it, the pattern is trendy in todays fashion but very show-offy like a peacock!
Its smell is very much like a real perfume, very feminine and as the can says, very elegant. It's also rather fruity with notes of Grapefruit & Lime. 
This can is exclusive to superdrug

There two are a great addition to my collection of pretty cans of spray of my table!

Summer Dreaming

Friday 26 October 2012

Today I woke up and it was cold; I just laid in bed thinking about the my summer and how warm it was in malia, how I could walk around in a bikini and lay by the pool all day and not be cold.

Thats what inspired todays outfit, although when I actually realised how cold it was outside, I ran back upstairs and put some jeans on hahah. 

Got my favourite light demin ripped shorts, which i think were my best buy ever at only £5. Got my favourite jumper (See, jumper! I'm not totally crazy) and my new Favourite Sandals! They are super essex, just like me and have been bedazzeled with sparkling diamontes! YEY
To add to the summer vibe, I've got my We Love Buttons Elephant necklace on! Because elephnats alwasy remind me of africa, and africa is hot! 
Love it? Enter my competiton to win some of their jewellery for yourself HERE

Jumper - River Island
Shorts - H&M
Necklace - We Love Button*

My New Thing

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Im feeling like im a bit late with this but I've just got a pair of creepers and im a bit obcessed.
They are so cool, I've been wearing them with everything so watch out for them in my future posts.
Its nice to have a bit of extra height without the pain of a heel.
Finally a pair of black shoes that arn't heels but arn't trainers, Perfect! I love them. 

These photos were taken the other day before Me and Andrew went out for dinner. 

Today, I am dog sitting because the little puppy hasn't been left of her own yet and I'm the only one in all day, shes asleep atm so were having abit of a relax with MTV on in the background.
I tried to take a photo for you guys but shes black and so is the sofa, so you can;t really see much hahah.

Im wearing
Creepers - Fashion Union*
Skirt - Primark 
Top - New Look



Every Cloud Has a Golden Lining

Tuesday 23 October 2012

While my last post was about my absolute favourte brand, Jones + Jones is deffinatley up there with my other favs. 
I have alot of their products but this skirt is my most recent purchase, I actually got it as a gift from when I went to their A/W Launch party a few months ago which was very nice of them! Although, after that night, I did go abit crazy spending nearly all of my money on their dresses haha

The skirts are why I love this brand weather it is just a skirt or the skirt of a dress, they are always so big and puffy, like when you were little and you'd draw a stick man and a stick woman with a triangle skirt - that is what I love. This is going to be perfect for christmas time and the parties becuase of the gold edging, wooo

I Wore:
Skirt - Jones+Jones
Top - Motel
Heels - New Look

My Favourite Dress Company

Monday 22 October 2012

I just found this picture on my laptop yesterday. This dress by Quontum is
my one favourite dress EVER. I even got myself the same one in white for the summer!
You may have also seen it on Faye Palmer in big brother and Charlotte on geordie shore, but I had it before both of them!

Its such a stand out piece in everyway;
Its cut is very unique
 Its colours are bright and glow under clubs UV lights
and its material is stretchy but still bodycon which is hard being the shape it is

Its just perfect in every way!

I have fallen in love with their new gold trimmed pieces! I Love how now, instead of short party dresses, they have midi length skirts and unitards, So Amazing

Quontum, If you carry on like this, you will forever be my one favourite brand!

We Love NEXT

Sunday 21 October 2012

I was recently contacted and invited to enter another blogger competition. YEY

I love these kinds on competitions at the moment because it allows me to expeirment with different styles and trends before spending all my money and then not knowing how to style them!

This time it was for NEXT, I particularly enjoyed this one because I found that the clothes they sell are alot more classy and grown up with smart shirts, Midi (which I am totally in love with atm) and real leather; I still wanted to put some fun into my outfits!

Check out the competition HERE
My 3 looks revolved around Work, Play and Party, which is what you should be during thoughout the winter.. especially the party bit!
Ok, So you wanna look smart for work but that dosen't mean you have to be boring. I wanted the majoirty of this outfit to be black as you dont want in your face colours when you have to sit in an office all day!
I love this skirt particulary becasue of the length and also with the lace insert adding a bit of contast to the black. 
I added a pop of colour with the berry coloured watch - which is so on trend with its ómbre face - and a bit of fun with a cute little butterfly ring to remind you of the summer. See - Not Boring

This look is for those walks in the park though masses of crunchy orange and brown leaves and then going back home, sitting on the sofa with your friends and a mug of hot chocolate with squirty cream.

I chose a big knitted jumper to keep warm with a cute star print, I've always loved stars - and I think they are just a little bit christmassy too! 
Skinnies are my essential style when choosing out jeans, it dosen't matter what colour they are, as long as they are a skinny fit but these are a lovley deep blue denim which is fine by me. 

The new season must have are there hidden wedge trainers.Your secret wegde will trick everyone into thinking your legs look fab even in flats but little do they know you have a little help from these lovley trainers

Add a bit of bling and a fun wollen hat to keep those ears warm and your set for the day!

I Love this outfit! The dress is such a lovley raspberry colour, it pulls you in at the waiste and give a perfect sillouette. Even though its party, its still very classy which I was going for.

All the accessories are black lace which is pretty sexy if you ask me! The statement earrings bring the attention right back to your face and are such a cool shape!

The shoes are high enough to look good but not too high to be painful especailly with the platform giving you an extra bit of pain free height. The bangle and the bag also have  lace details to pull the whole outfit tother

Hope you love all three as much as i do!

New Clothes and the Celeb next door

Saturday 20 October 2012

 For the first time in a few days if wasnt raining (Horray) So I though it might be nice to get some photos outside for a change. As I stumble outside in my heels on the cracked concrete who do I see? Tom Pearce from TOWIE!

YESSSSS Sorry, it wasnt the fact that I met him - That novelty has worn off now, what with him living next door - It was just that I was just so happy that this time I actually looked good and wasn't wearing pjyamas like the last two times I've seen him!

I was wearing my peplum top from Topshop - These deep reds and plums are great shades for this season, the colours are so deep and rich! I got for my birthday back in August and just haven't had a chance to wear yet. 

My acid wash jeans are from Fashion Union. At first I thought they were so soft they might end up looking like leggings but that dosen't seem to be the case; they look just like jeans but are as confortable as leggings which is great. They are deffinatly going to be a staple in my winter wardrobe!

Top - Topshop
Heels - Fushion

Dinner Date & Missguided Wishlist

Friday 19 October 2012

I've been so busy it feels like Me and Andrew haven't had a chance to go out for dinner in ages, so today, he's booked us a table at a greek resutant in gants hill. I've never heard of it before but he spotted it on TOWIE and thought it would be a nice change from out normal steakhouses or nandos.

Im thinking of wearing my new Missguided leopard midi dress and black boots. 
I love wearing midis in the winter because they are still nice bodycon dresses but they keep your legs warm and look classier because of their length.

What do you think of this outfit?

When I was buying this on Missguided, I saw soo many other things that i had to hold myself back from ordering, I think I'm becomming a Missguided addict and who can blame me, really, their prices are so reasonable and all the stock is always the height of fashion.

1. Dogtooth Midi - Yes, this is exactly the same as my leopard print one but I am so in love with the shape and dogtooth is another of my fav prints.

2. Boots - Somthing else I already have. Well,  I have the studded version which I wear nearly everyday! A plain pair would be great for thoose things that dont go with the silver of the studds.

3. Peplum Skirt - Wow! This skirt is SOO me!! I love the length and I love that the peplum is a different material to the rest of the skirt

4. Jacket - I've never had a real biker style jacket before becuase I've never seen one I like enough, this deffianly changes that.

5. Slit Dress - This is going to be great for the party season and its a beautiful colour too

6. Onesie - Who can blame a girl for wanting a onesie, really!

7. Gaga boots - This all over spike boot is perfect for clubbing and i love the look of black suede

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Thursday 18 October 2012

I knew today was not going to be great for me so I thought I'd wear my new super cute tee to keep my spirits high.

As you can see; I also couldn't find matching socks. My grandparents think its a fashion thing and that I do it on purpose but seriously, it is impossible to find two of the same socks when you have to fish them out of a box with millions of other socks that are all different colours and shapes.

Lucky me, I had to go to the dentist this morning to have a filling and then the opticians this afternoon to get my contact lenses sorted out as well as still having the worst cold ever, but thats all over now so I'm sat in front of the laptop in my pyjamas and thinking about what to have for dinner.. Much better!

This tee is soooo cute 
Its from 8 BIT APPAREL
who have a whole range of adorable pixelated stuff.

Do you like it?

The Valleys Style Crush

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Here is my latest purchase from ASOS and i love it.
Its an aztec print midi dress in black and white.

When I was watching my new favourite programme - The Valleys, I spotted Carley - My Favourite One - wearing a similar dress on the first episode and I wanted it, so when I came across this on ASOS and in the sale I had to  have it! 

Its so my kinda thing, I like to wear longer skirts and you dont see many people around wearing them, even though they are very fashionable at the moment. This is my first longer dress but since buying it last week I have now ordered a leopard print one which im excited to wear!

I paired it with my new studded boots from Missguided for an evening at Nandos with Andrew


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