I have so much to tell you!

I hate falling behind on blogging because I have so many things to show you guys and I just want to squeeze it all into one post!

Lets start with this weekend!

I felt like me and Andrew hadn't seen much of each other the past two weeks. Weve been so busy with me and college and getting a new puppy and him looking for work, So he decided to book us a hotel room at westfield stratford so we could spend some time together! He said we could spend the day shopping, go out to eat and then watch take me out in the room :) and that exactly what we did!

View Of The Olympic Park from our room

I dont supose he was too happy about the shopping part as like most boys, he gets a bit bored, but I was too lost in my own world of bras and underwear to take much notice haha. I wouldn't normally shop in Victorias Secret as it is waaaaay to expensive for me, but for our three year anniversay a few weeks ago, Andrew got me a voucher! He really is a good boyfriend!

As I said before, the stuff in there are so expensive, I wanted to be sure before I spent my voucher. I think that justifies the three hours we spent in there (Maybe not hahah) But I got just what I wanted in the end; an intersting colour and pattern, a nice shape and comfortable!

Do you like them?

During the day shopping (while I wasnt in the changing room) I wore my green skinnies and black crop top. Its such an easy outfit for me because you can put a black crop top with anything really and they are also really comfortable!

Top - Forever 21 / Jeans - New Look / Jacket - Primark 

In the evening, we went to TGI Fridays! I wore my leather skirt with another crop top with my new boots.
 Loved this outfit and felt like it fitted in with the rock musicy vibe TGI's has got going on

Skirt - Primark / Boots - missguided / Crop - ASOS


  1. Love the lime skinnies - are they still in the shops? Follow back? xx

    1. Thanks and Im not sure! i got them in the summer

      gonna check out your blog now xxx

  2. I hope you don't find this odd, but... you have the prettiest (and flattest) tummy I have ever seen. Jealous!

    Saw your blog on Lookbook by the way. I hope you can check out mine too. :)

    Daphne of Metamorphosis

    1. aww thankyou!! :D i stiill get insecure about my stomach tho :(
      ill check out your blogg now xxxx

  3. Hi Georgina !

    I think you blog is really cute and I'm following and looking forward to read more from you.
    best wishes

    1. Thankyou so much! im glad you like my blog :D xxx

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time! x

  5. the hotel room is awesome


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