My New Coat

Ok, So I showed it to you in my last post but I wanted to dedicate a whole shoot to it! I just love it so much.
Its quilted so its extra warm and leather sleeves are super hot right now!
It also has a fur hood to keep me dry from the rain and ties at the waist to create an hourglass silouette.

These photos were taken by Allan (Andrews friend from uni) with his cool new camera, it has one of those screens that you can swivel around haha. He wanted to test it out and I wanted some photos of my new coat so we gave Andrew the afternoon off haha although hes going to have some work to do as I recieved an amazing bunch of tee's from 8 Bit Apparel when i check the postbox on the way in!

It is a cold, wet and windy afternoon so kinda perfect coat weather and my mums out leaving the driveawy free for some differnt photos.

Hope you like them, ill let Allan know!


  1. I LOVE those leather sleeve khaki style coats my friend bought one the other day and they're so cool! I bet the hood is lovely as well I had to fashion a hood out of my scarf on the way to college this morning, was not a good look

    1. Me too but everywhere i look they were so expensive! then primakr to the rescue as usual :D and ohh poor you! you must have been freezing :( xxx

  2. Hi, cute pics!

    I just followed you on friend connect,

    Would love if you could do the same

  3. For a second there, I thought you were Kristen Stewart! Anyways, you’re right! Leather sleeves are in style right now. Why not make a blog that shows you wearing different outfits, but wearing the same coat? I’m sure your followers would love to see how your coat goes well with any kind of attire.

    Joel Salmon

    1. haha thanks! i get that quite a lot!!and thats sa great idea i might just do that!! thankyou


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