She Electric

The sun was out today and look how summery these photos are,
Well they may look summery but its freezing out!!!

Im wearing my Electric Tees(*) testcard top which has a really cool design on it. Its such a soft material so its great to wear in the day, paired with a black skirt and convese it is perfect for college!

It was my last day at college for the week today which is really nice! Im going out with friends tonight hopefully and then tomorow im having my nails done with Nazila Love Glam Gel, Not sure what colour im going to have yet but they are all amazing so I dont need to worry about that.

Also in today events, I saw frankie essex at the train station but I looked too tired from a long day at college and she looked tired from a long day shopping, so i didnt ask for a picture, Annoying becuase shes one of the few i haven't got a pic with yet, Hopefully next time!


  1. Ah great photos! Love the street style! Thank you for my comment x

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  3. Woah, those are some versatile poses you have done there. Well, I also have the same pictures of my university graduation day. The best one was when I calculated my GPA. Let me explain; we were done with our ceremony, and we all just chilling in the ground. So I thought, why not calculate my GPA here. I entered my percentages on the GPA calculator online, and it 3.2. I was jumping out of happiness, and my friend clicked a picture of me. It’s kinda embarrassing, or else I would show it to you.

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