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Oh my, I am sooo ill! Hopefully this post will be short and sweet so I can go back to blowing my nose, I swear I have used like the whole colleges supply of toilet paper today and as well as my nose dripping, my eyes have also been pouring so it looks like I've been crying like a crazy woman.

Lets flash back to my weekend, back when I didnt have a cold..

I travelled up to Manchester with the Nazila Love Glamour team to work on their stand at Professional Beauty North! What a great experience, it was so busy and so much fun especially working with such a unique product that everyone loved as soon as they saw. 

As you know I always have my nails done with their range of gels but their new nail glitz took the whole show by storm, they were so popular everyone wanted them, especially after Silver Carat were seen on Tulisa last weekend on the xfactor, that particular set sold out on the first day!

 I also enjoyed wearing the glitz myself and showing them off to everyone who passed whilst getting them to have a look at the stand. I was wearing Signature which has a huge diamond bow on it, a total show stopper!

People were very curious as to how they stayed on; I will tell you what I told everyone who asked.
They are stuck on with double sided sticky tabs (which they come with) and are only meant for an evening or a special event so tabs are perfect as you are able to just peel them off at the end of the night. 
They stayed on me all day, even when I was picking up boxes of stock. I personally think the glitz look better as a feature nail rather than wearing then on all 10 fingers and it makes then alot more manageable, but its really up to you. 

How would you wear them?

That would be my mum pulling in the crowds with her nail demos hahaha
Of course the beauty show has to have a chocolate fountain

Me, So Tired, at the end of day one!


  1. They look so cool!
    Abbie x

  2. Oh wow they look amazing! And the show looks fun! Thank you for your comment xx

  3. I keep getting ill at the moment too waaa :( poor us ahha.That chocolate fountain looks AMAZING yummmy :) and those nails are so funky!so much cuter than my usual plain polish jobs ha x


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