FASHION: #MyDenimStyle with F&F

Friday 31 January 2014

F&F recently got in contact to see if I wanted to take part in their latest blogger challenge - Denim. Of course I said yes as usual, I love to get involved with everything that comes my way! So armed with my £25 vouched I trawled thought the website looking for something denim that wasn't a pair of jeans, I always have huge problems buying jeans and it's just not worth it, the only comfortable jeans I can wear are from Primark, I've tried everywhere and they always end up sitting in the back of my wardrobe never to be worn. I wanted something different and when I spotted this denim jacket, I knew it was the piece I was looking for!

I grew up hating denim jackets, I'm not sure why but I just really did so when my mum stopped trying to make me wear them, they just disappeared from my life. I'm 20 now so maybe it's time to try again and on my own accord haha

I know this outfit isnt very weather appropriate but its what I want to be wearing, its such a summery outfit for me and so easy to just throw on! This dress has been a staple ever since I first bought it, I can put it on and throw literally any jacket over the top and I'm sorted. Normally I add a pair of flip flops buts that's really not believable for this time of year.

How Do You Wear Denim?

Sorry about the really odd photos on this, I had my brother take them haha

Dress - H&M
Jacket* - F&F

FASHION: BooHoo Shift Dress And Holographic Accessories

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Here is the outfit I planned to wear for Andrews birthday on Thursday. We did go out I just didn't wear this in the end, I was so ill still which was a shame but it was fine, at least I got to go out! We went to our favourite restaurant, which as you may know by now is called Sheesh, it's like a really posh amazing Turkish restaurant in a super old building. It used to be a five minute was from where I lived and we go there whenever we get a chance to! Sadly I really wasn't in the mood to eat but that didn't stop Andrew, I was just glad I was well enough to see him on his birthday!

Shift Dress - BooHoo (Gifted Voucher)
Shoes & Bag - New Look (Gifted Voucher)
Bracelet* - Lola&Grace

LIFESTYLE: Walking Molly

Tuesday 28 January 2014

 I was recently contacted by Skyes Cottages to hear about a new campaign they are working on. Its a  Dog walking Guide focusing on walks around the Lake District, Norfolk and the South West. Each work can be download as a PDF with images along the way. The most unique thing about these walks is they are written from the pooches point of view, which is a really lovely, quirky addition, such a cute idea! 

To help with this campaign they kindly sent me a cute red collar and lead for Molly but since I've been so ill, I haven't had a chance to take her for a walk for ages and trying to explain to my parents that Molly needs to have a little pose with her new walking equipment is not an easy job, so for now, here is a collection of Molly photos! Since being unemployed I've spend alot more time with her which means alot more photo opps. I may have turned into a crazy dog lady, even Andrew pointed it out to me when I tried to show him a photo on my phone and all I could see was photo after photo of Molly hahah

FASHION: SS14 Trends From Monsoon

Saturday 25 January 2014

When I woke up this morning, the whole house was silent, a very odd occurrence for my house on a Saturday morning, I don't even thing Molly was in the house but it was lovely, it was so calming. I was eating my breakfast about ten minutes ago and I looked out into the garden and saw sun, like real sunshine, with real  shadows and everything. We moved house in November as some of you might remember so this was probably one of the first times that I have seen proper sun in the new garden which was really nice! It got me thinking about summer time and how I cant wait for it to hurry up and get a bit warmer so I can wear all my favourite clothes again. Summer is definitely my favourite season to shop for and this year I'm hoping to get some more pastel into my life. I love how dreamy and romantic the look, the denims are what I'm looking for to start with as I've never really worn much pastel before and I should think that would be an easy place to start. I definitely need some pastel denim shorts to add to my collection. They are one of my favourite garments and they are saved only for the summer! 

Another great trend I spotted in the video is the embellishment. That is something I have never played with before but I would love to experiment with it in the summer! How pretty would all the sequins and jewels look with the sun reflecting off of them?!
 What Trends Are You Looking Forward To For SS14?

*In Collaboration With Brand 

FASHION: Missguided Holographic Skirt

Friday 24 January 2014

I'm ill I have had the worst cold ever this week. I spend most of Wednesday in pain and asleep and yesterday I could just about move off of the sofa for a glass of water, not to mention it being Andrews birthday so we went out for a meal it was worth it to see him on his birthday as well as going to our favorite restaurant mmm.

But that wasn't our main birthday plans, tomorrow we are going to Westfield to get his presents and staying at a hotel there! He wants a designer watch but he doesn't want me to buy it yet which is very odd, not sure what he is waiting for so hopefully we can find something nice when we get there, probably just lots of clothes haha

I'm feeling a bit better today, hoping I will feel fine for the weekend. I feel weird when I don't get to blog every day so its nice to at least be able to stomach the computer screen for a little while this morning. 
In the mean time check out my favourite new skirt. Its one of my Christmas presents from Andrew and I just love the holographic ness of it! I already know I will be wearing it so much over the summer. Skater skirts are my new favourite thing to wear with a crop top and I love their flattering shape. Perfect for clubbing but also great for the day time!

Skirt - Missguided
Shoes - ASDA
*In Collaboration With Brand 


Wednesday 22 January 2014

When I went shopping with my mum last Friday I spotted a W7 stand in Peacocks, Romford.
They are a brand that I have worked with alot and I was so pleased to see them in stores when they don't even have a consumer website yet. (I know that's a working progress)

They do loads of great eye make up. This palette for example is one of the most recent releases. I'm not a make up kind of girl but I could see straight away that it was a dupe for the one of the naked palettes possible the naked 2 ( I couldn't be sure, I'm not that advanced yet haha) but for almost an eight of the price. There are 12 colours that closely match the naked 2 palette and it also comes with a brush as well as a tin case! Now I just need someone to teach me how to use it properly!
Another eye product from W7 that I wanted to show you was this lash and line glitter. I have it silver and gold and it was great around Christmas time and still perfect for a night out! I took me silver one with on my #BrightonStagette trip with me although I used it as a mascara there and it was much less effective. Here I've added it on top of my liquid eyeliner (which was also W7) for some extra sparkle.

Have You Tried W7 Before?

FASHION: Pastel Wishlist

Tuesday 21 January 2014

This didn't start out as a pastel wish list but I got all my new wants together in a collage and noticed that most of them were very pastel so I just stuck with it! They are such summery and spring colours. Its got me excited for summer.
Magic Pendant
My necklace broke last week and I have been on the lookout for a new one ever since. I love these blue and green tones, My last one was turquoise! I also loved that the Zayah website had a bespoke jewellery section where you can have a part in designing your own piece. 

Cropped Jumper 
Lilac is one of my favourite pastel colours and cropped styles are my favourite for tops. Match made in heaven! It looks so warm and fluffy

Mini Purses 
 Spotted on yesterdays shopping trip with my grandparents and I just wanted them all, they are so cute and only £5 each.
Ok, so I've got a bit of a thing with shift dresses at the moment! I love how this one is different from the average with its mesh inserts. I would expect nothing less from Missguided

Pink Audrey Dress 
I have the Audrey dress is red and its probably my favourite dress ever. I love the cut and I love it in this softer colour

 This is less pastel but still super cute. Another shift shape and a pretty pattern.

Pastel Bikini 
I was just looking thought ASOS when I spotted this. Its so pretty and is going to look 100x better with a tan! Getting my in the summer mood.

Black Bikini 
 I just love the cut of this one and the fact that it is for bigger breasted women. Finally something pretty and practical!

Whats On Your Wishlist?
*In Collaboration with brand

FASHION: Guest Post

Planning a shopping spree
Many of us are pros when it comes to shopping – taking advantage of bargains that catch our eye as soon as the sale season starts. While many stores offer discounts and promotional offers throughout the year, usually when it coincides with the discontinuation of stock or a change of season, those of us who like to spend as little as possible need to know how to make the best of them.

Here are a few on tips on how to plan your next shopping spree so that you get everything you want without breaking the bank.

Check your wardrobe
Before you go shopping, give yourself a good hour to go through your wardrobe and identify any gaps which need filling. You’ll probably find a few key items you need or want and this will give your shopping trip greater purpose, thus reducing the chance of random spending.

Make a note of any common colours, patterns or trends which you notice in your wardrobe so that you can look for complementing items or identify features to avoid in any new purchases. This should reduce the chance of you having a wardrobe full of items in the same colour, pattern or style.

Shop online
If you want to keep your spree well and truly under control then why not go online? There are many benefits of shopping for ladies clothes online with one of the most obvious being the ability to add and remove things from your shopping cart as much as you want.

Whereas asking a cashier to remove certain items for your bill because you’ve accidentally rung up too high a bill may fill you with embarrassment, doing the same online has no such repercussions – making it easier to stick within a tight budget. You can also browse within specific price ranges to keep individual costs low and all while in the comfort of your home!

Look after yourself
If treading the traditional path at physical shops, make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing so that you have the staying power needed to survive a day’s shopping spreeFlat shoes with good support and loose-fitting, comfortable clothing which will not make you too hot or too cold is ideal. Carrying a lightweight, waterproof jacket is also advisable and is the perfect option to keep your dry without weighing you down.

Remember to spare a thought for your poor hands too and take a pair of thin gloves or a large backpack in which to hold all your purchases. After all, nothing spoils a shopping spree more than carrier bags cutting into your fingers!

*Guest Post

FASHION: These Folk And Jack Wolfskin

Monday 20 January 2014

Today I'm going shopping with my grandparents and this is the perfect outfit for it. My fave skinnies, a cute t-shirt and a nice warm big coat so they don't moan at me hahah. Does everyones grandparents do that? Another thing they love to do is feed. I never eat breakfast but if I don't eat it on one of the days I spend with them, we have to stop off at the petrol station for a bar of chocolate and a bag of crisps. Then when we get to where ever we are going we have to stop for coffee and toast. Then to the 99p shop for whatever chocolate I fancy and then a huge lunch. Thats why a big tee is always best.

 I love going out with my grandparents!

 Jacket* - Jack Wolfskin At Outdoor Kit 
Tee* - These Folk
Jeans - Primark
Pumps - Primark

FASHION: Black Velvet & Black PVC

Saturday 18 January 2014

This look confuses me. Crop tops and skater skirts are my thing but this time I look all gothy. Interesting. I like it but it feels like a big change for me. I liked mixing all the textures together and I’ve just gone crazy for skater skirts at the moment. I have 5 all the same shape just different materials haha.

I’ve been looking for a velvet crop to forever and where do I finally find one? Primark of course. Since I’ve moved to Harlow we now have a new local Primark and it’s not bad! I’ve found a few nice bits in there recently not to mention my normal favourite black skinnies that I always get from Primark for £2. Bargain of the year!

 Also loving my shiny new boots. I must be the last blogger to have a pair of these but I’m glad I finally do! Heeled boots have become a firm favourite of mine over the past year. They were perfect for work to event nights, date nights and just dressing up a casual outfit a little bit. They look like a proper heels but don’t hurt at all. So even thought my collection is already big I’m sure these will get a lot of use!

Skirt - Missguided 
Top - Pimark
Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy


Thursday 16 January 2014

At my house, we like to eat, even Molly gets involved - This morning I found her rummaging though our rubbish bags. She had found almost a whole block of cheese, and ate it. wrapper included.
 We love mexican night here so when this lot arrived for me last week we agreed its about time for another one. We've only ever had fajitas so knowone knew what an enchilada was. My parents both thought it was the crisy shell but thanks to man vs food, I know that that is a taco #knowledgable haha. Althought I still wasnt 100% sure what an enchilada is.
I was sent:

So, on Monday night I decided I was going to try to cook. I've never cooked anything that wasn't a cake before so it was a huge challenge and I was kinda scared of killing everyone with under cooked chicken but I took the plunge and went for it. I roped my younger brother in to help me with the vegetable chopping and because I'm such a lovely older sister, I like him cut up with raw chicken breasts too!

Each kit was really easy to use and although my time management wasn't great (I got each dish finished one after the other rather than all at once haha), I managed to cook three dishes for the 5 of us to share. The Fajitas, The Enchiladas and the Mild Rice, all very simple and easy to do. There was alot of "throw the ingredients in a pan and mix them together."

My favourite were definitely the enchiladas and I would love to do them again! The rest of my family weren't too keen on the soggy wraps but I loved it and the cheesy sauce was amazing! Possibly because when I asked my dad to pour half the cheese into the pan he actually just emptied the whole packed in. Everyone else liked the fajitas better, know-one had ever had BBQ flavoured ones before.

The next day my dad cooked one of the jars in with the leftover chicken and my mum intends to eat the rest tonight so its safe to say we liked them!

I had loads of fun cooking for the family and hopefully have proved myself to them with my first big family meal attempt! I also made a lovely mess in our brand new clean kitchen so I got some practise in with the dish washer too.

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