At my house, we like to eat, even Molly gets involved - This morning I found her rummaging though our rubbish bags. She had found almost a whole block of cheese, and ate it. wrapper included.
 We love mexican night here so when this lot arrived for me last week we agreed its about time for another one. We've only ever had fajitas so knowone knew what an enchilada was. My parents both thought it was the crisy shell but thanks to man vs food, I know that that is a taco #knowledgable haha. Althought I still wasnt 100% sure what an enchilada is.
I was sent:

So, on Monday night I decided I was going to try to cook. I've never cooked anything that wasn't a cake before so it was a huge challenge and I was kinda scared of killing everyone with under cooked chicken but I took the plunge and went for it. I roped my younger brother in to help me with the vegetable chopping and because I'm such a lovely older sister, I like him cut up with raw chicken breasts too!

Each kit was really easy to use and although my time management wasn't great (I got each dish finished one after the other rather than all at once haha), I managed to cook three dishes for the 5 of us to share. The Fajitas, The Enchiladas and the Mild Rice, all very simple and easy to do. There was alot of "throw the ingredients in a pan and mix them together."

My favourite were definitely the enchiladas and I would love to do them again! The rest of my family weren't too keen on the soggy wraps but I loved it and the cheesy sauce was amazing! Possibly because when I asked my dad to pour half the cheese into the pan he actually just emptied the whole packed in. Everyone else liked the fajitas better, know-one had ever had BBQ flavoured ones before.

The next day my dad cooked one of the jars in with the leftover chicken and my mum intends to eat the rest tonight so its safe to say we liked them!

I had loads of fun cooking for the family and hopefully have proved myself to them with my first big family meal attempt! I also made a lovely mess in our brand new clean kitchen so I got some practise in with the dish washer too.


  1. I love Mexican Food!


  2. Argh jealous, I freaking love enchiladas! ;) xx


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