LIFESTYLE: Party Planning

Its Andrews birthday again soon! He's going to be 23, that's so weird, I only met him when he was 19. I haven't got him anything yet but we are staying at Westfield that weekend so I'm going to buy all his presents then. haha yes, I did say staying at Westfield. It's one of those things that we love doing. It's not too expensive, the hotel was brand new for the Olympics and its so nice to go shopping all day, walk out of the center and your at your room already. We go back for a rest and to get ready and then go back for dinner and cinema/casino/more shopping haha. We love it!
That's most of Andrew birthday with me sorted but he's doing a lads night out with the guys. I'm useless at arranging things, I get worried that no one will take any notice so I just leave it to Andrew.
He knows what I'm like so I thought maybe I'll try and come up with some helpful ideas instead. I came across this party planner app, which was a great help for ideas. My new idea (thanks to the app)? - Fancy dress haha.

We all did fancy dress once before -  Hippies! They loved it, So did I actually haha I got to make their tie dye tees and wear my pretty Motel Rocks dress as well!

I'm thinking this time, they should go for Super Heros!


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