LIFESTYLE: Afternoon Tea At Harrrods

Today is exercise day. I stayed at Andrews last night and today we are using his very neglected treadmill. So neglected, that we couldn’t even remember to turn it on. I thought I was off the hook when it started beeping - I didn’t have to run and I can’t feel bad because I tried - but no.  Andrew had just forgotten that you have to flick the saftey switch before you start. So I have just done my 20 minutes on a huge incline and am sitting her writing this while Andrew runs next to me hahaha.

The reason that we have decided that we both need a run is because last night we went out for afternoon tea at Harrods. As amazing as it was we both felt terrible after and it's kick started us to be healthy - For this morning at least! (Not to worry about the Chinese later! You can’t have a Saturday night in without a takeaway.)

The tea was amazing! It was actually a present from Andrews’s parents from Christmas 2012 but we were so busy last year we didn’t get around to it and it expires next week. 

Harrods is such a prestigious place to be. The table were laid with crisp white table cloths, silver cutlery and a pretty pink rose whilst the piano played in the background of the Georgian restaurant. Just being in the building makes you feel rich. Its a lovely place to be.

We first made our way through two plates of yummy finger sandwiches. The lobster ones were our favourites in front of the cucumber ones which is strange for Andrew, being a vegetable hater and all. After that we moved onto the huge scones, I like the raisinless ones with lashing of strawberry jam and clotted cream - jam first of course followed by another plate of sandwiches. Then onto the cakes. This is actually my least favourite part of afternoon tea and always has been, I always find them too gooey and sickly. I love the sandwiches best! Still, it was all lovely washed down with a cup of afternoon tea and a glass of champagne.

I'm so happy we finally got around to having it but now that we have, it means we can concentrate of being a bit healthier for 2014!


  1. Love afternoon tea at Harrods - it's great very plush. The lobster sandwiches sound sooo good so does that macaroon in the photo. Claridges for afternoon tea is fab if you're drawn in by the high tea experience! x

    Candy Cosmetics | For All Things Beauty

  2. Wow what a lovely treat! I'd love to try afternoon tea at Harrods, or maybe Claridges like Catherine mentioned above. Over the Christmas break I went to The Berkeley for their Pret-à-Portea fashion inspired afternoon tea :)
    Glad you had a lovely day and good luck on the fitness kick :)
    Keep in touch!
    Andrea xxx

  3. What an abating treat- I've only ever been to afternoon tea once and lived it so I'm very jealous :) can't believe you're not a cake fan

  4. the tea sounds so lovely! <3 so fancy too1

  5. Just looking at this post makes me really hungry! I wouldn't mind getting it as a present myself!

    Dash xx


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