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Planning a shopping spree
Many of us are pros when it comes to shopping – taking advantage of bargains that catch our eye as soon as the sale season starts. While many stores offer discounts and promotional offers throughout the year, usually when it coincides with the discontinuation of stock or a change of season, those of us who like to spend as little as possible need to know how to make the best of them.

Here are a few on tips on how to plan your next shopping spree so that you get everything you want without breaking the bank.

Check your wardrobe
Before you go shopping, give yourself a good hour to go through your wardrobe and identify any gaps which need filling. You’ll probably find a few key items you need or want and this will give your shopping trip greater purpose, thus reducing the chance of random spending.

Make a note of any common colours, patterns or trends which you notice in your wardrobe so that you can look for complementing items or identify features to avoid in any new purchases. This should reduce the chance of you having a wardrobe full of items in the same colour, pattern or style.

Shop online
If you want to keep your spree well and truly under control then why not go online? There are many benefits of shopping for ladies clothes online with one of the most obvious being the ability to add and remove things from your shopping cart as much as you want.

Whereas asking a cashier to remove certain items for your bill because you’ve accidentally rung up too high a bill may fill you with embarrassment, doing the same online has no such repercussions – making it easier to stick within a tight budget. You can also browse within specific price ranges to keep individual costs low and all while in the comfort of your home!

Look after yourself
If treading the traditional path at physical shops, make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing so that you have the staying power needed to survive a day’s shopping spreeFlat shoes with good support and loose-fitting, comfortable clothing which will not make you too hot or too cold is ideal. Carrying a lightweight, waterproof jacket is also advisable and is the perfect option to keep your dry without weighing you down.

Remember to spare a thought for your poor hands too and take a pair of thin gloves or a large backpack in which to hold all your purchases. After all, nothing spoils a shopping spree more than carrier bags cutting into your fingers!

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