FASHION: Pastel Wishlist

This didn't start out as a pastel wish list but I got all my new wants together in a collage and noticed that most of them were very pastel so I just stuck with it! They are such summery and spring colours. Its got me excited for summer.
Magic Pendant
My necklace broke last week and I have been on the lookout for a new one ever since. I love these blue and green tones, My last one was turquoise! I also loved that the Zayah website had a bespoke jewellery section where you can have a part in designing your own piece. 

Cropped Jumper 
Lilac is one of my favourite pastel colours and cropped styles are my favourite for tops. Match made in heaven! It looks so warm and fluffy

Mini Purses 
 Spotted on yesterdays shopping trip with my grandparents and I just wanted them all, they are so cute and only £5 each.
Ok, so I've got a bit of a thing with shift dresses at the moment! I love how this one is different from the average with its mesh inserts. I would expect nothing less from Missguided

Pink Audrey Dress 
I have the Audrey dress is red and its probably my favourite dress ever. I love the cut and I love it in this softer colour

 This is less pastel but still super cute. Another shift shape and a pretty pattern.

Pastel Bikini 
I was just looking thought ASOS when I spotted this. Its so pretty and is going to look 100x better with a tan! Getting my in the summer mood.

Black Bikini 
 I just love the cut of this one and the fact that it is for bigger breasted women. Finally something pretty and practical!

Whats On Your Wishlist?
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