Terrarium masterclass at The Botanical Boys

Monday 24 October 2022

I like to keep my Sundays for wholesome activities. Usually it'll be a gym day, or a roast but the past couple of weeks have been filled with fun new activities.

My most recent Sunday involved a rainy train ride to King's Cross to do a terrarium workshop with the Botanical Boys and I just had to mention it, what an awesome way to spend the morning.
Initially, I thought I'd walked into some kind of dinner party set up. The very aesthetic shop had a big table in the back, complete with placemats, a couple bottles of prosecco and a center piece of dishes filled with different things. 

Upon closer inspections, I realised these bowls were filled with soil, stones and sopping wet moss which was surprisingly reassuring.

We took our seats and with help from Michael, we built our terrariums from the bottom up whilst he told us some very interesting bits and pieces about how terrariums came about and how they changed the way the world grew tea. 
After a messy couple of hours, they were complete - with an extra plant I'd won from the pop quiz and a plastic dinosaur that now lives there.
Extremely enjoyable from start to finish and the whole time flew by so I'd recommend it to anyone interested! 

Afterwards, we packed up our creations and headed out for a late lunch - there are so many places to eat and drink nearby. We settled down in German gymnasium and ended up spending another few hours there after lunch, waiting out the storm upstairs with a few cocktails. A very satisfying day. 

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