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Georgina Does started life as a fashion blog 6 years ago, but as I've grown up, my interests have changed. I've gone from being a college student who wanted to document her style to someone who wants to see the world and would quite happily do so wearing the same outfit day after day if it meant I had more money for travel.

Growing up, I was very lucky to have some amazing family holidays. My dad loves to travel, so as a young family, we covered most of Europe. I've been to America, Israel and even Russia but the truth is, I haven't really seen anywhere properly. You see, my mum developed a fear of flying when I was 8, we stopped going on package holidays and had to find other ways of travelling. We definitely started cruising was before it was cool. Our first ship was the QE2 which was very regal. Suits and ball gowns for dinner; which every night, was an eight course meal served in white gloves and finished with petit fours.

Cruising meant that we'd be in a new country each day but rather than go on the excursions, we would get off the boat after breakfast, have a wander around the local town and a nice drink by the sea and then we'd get back on for lunch. I honestly still love cruising and have done since that first trip but now that I am able to plan my own holidays and get on a plane if I want to, I am setting my sights a little further afield. I want to travel far and wide and to really see a place properly, so at the beginning of 2017 that’s what I decided I am going to do. 

I'm going to have to work backwards. I don't want everything to be the 5* luxury that I'm used, well not all the time anyway. I want trips to far flung countries, staying in shared hostels and working out how to explore on my own. I want to look around and feel like I'm somewhere unfamiliar. I want to experience other cultures, eat new foods and see a different way of life.

That being said, extreme budget travel is not for me, I don't want to stay in a dirty room because it only costs $2 and I don't want to take a 30 hour sleeper train because it's £10 cheaper. So we're going to call this thing I'm doing flash packing and we'll see how I get on. So here on my blog, you can follow me on my journey to rediscover the world.

Georgina Goodman | Flashpacker | 23 | London |


  1. Hey Georgina, just a quick message to say it was lovely to meet you this evening! I could see you chatting away while I was leaving so I didn't want to disturb! Did you find out any more about being able to hit the catwalk shows? Hope you had fun :)

    Millie x

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  3. Wow, love these pics.
    I'm sure you'll go far.

  4. Fabulous pics, especially the boarded up building shot.

  5. Hey! Nice blog :) I am new to the blogging scene but would appreciate it if you checked out my blog


  6. Stunning photos, you're really pretty! x


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