BEAUTY: W7 Liberty

Sunday 29 June 2014

Just fancied showing you guys last weeks nails, I was pretty proud of how my painting skills are coming along although they don't look like this any more, my mum just did my gels ready for Thailand, They're white and sparkly but I'm sure I will also update you on later! 

As you know, I'm already a big fan on W7 and this purple - it's called Liberty - is something a little different for me, I have had lilac before but haven't ever really tried a deeper purple like this one but I do think it is a little bit more of a wintery colour so it will be getting alot more use later in the year!

LIFESTYLE: Kanaloa Club, Chancery Lane, London

Wednesday 25 June 2014

After my first little visit to Kanaloa with Team Costa I knew I wanted to go back ASAP so Andrew and I went along on Friday after work last week!

We arrived at about 6.10 and it was already full of business people relaxing after a bust working week! As we walked in, we were greeted with flower garlands and taken over the little tropical bridge to my pre booked table! 
The club itself looks amazing, I was just looking back over the photos and I could actually believe that I was no longer in England - I felt instantly transported from the busy city center of London to a hidden paradise, I felt like I was going to leave and have to walk along the beach to get home.

 Everyone was dressed in tropical dresses and hawaiian shirts which was great and the service was great too - Marta (Possibly Martha?) Our waitress, was friendly and efficient and Andrew told me I must add that she was attractive too haha she was great.
We started off with a cocktail each, looking though the menu was loads of fun in itself with all the pretty little illustrations. Andrew went for the Diablo because it had tequila in it and he hates tequila - great logic there! And if you've been following me on twitter, you will know what I got!! I have been dreaming about drinking cocktail from coconuts and pineapples ever since Andrew and I booked Thailand so when I saw a pina colada served in a pineapple, (we arrived yesterday and our hotel does them! Yey) that was the only thing I wanted hahaha
Next up we ordered a big platter, Andrew hates going out to eat and then to a bar/club as we always eat too much and feel ill so we decided to get food in the club and it was perfect! So tasty and a great amount for the two of us. It was just my style of food, sticky ribs, lamb chops, breaded squid, prawn crackers, edamame beans and tempura prawns with lots of sticky sauces - so yummy!
ok, now for the crazy part haha Since I was here to experience the club Andrew decided that we should order one of there sharer cocktails, another thing I've always wanted to try. He didn't seem to care that there were only two of us and went ahead and ordered a "Chest Of Fire" which underneath said, serves 10! A big treasure chest came out along with sparklers, mist and a bottle of champagne which was poured into the chest at our table. It was such an experience and I loved it! Everyone was a bit starey but I guess that's because it was like 7pm and there was only 2 of us to get though it haha. The cocktail itself was delicious, I really enjoyed it - white rum, fruit juice and a whole bottle of champagne poured into a tray of ice with the prettiest flowers on top!
I had such a great time and that was just for after work drinks, I definitely want to come back for my birthday for a proper night out!! Also, its such a great location for us, just a five minute walk from chancery lane station and were on the central line home!
Thanks for having us Kanaloa!

BEAUTY: Benefits They're Real Push Up Liner, Remover & Mascara

Tuesday 24 June 2014

This week I came home to a stupid red note saying I had to go to the post office to get my parcel, don't you just hate those things?! What was worse, was that my brother was actually in the house all day and just too lazy to come downstairs and open the door! So, I got in the car and drove to the post office! This was a big deal for me, I was on my own and I actually had to park my mums car in the busy high street and get back out of my space after haha and I did it and it was totally worth it too! I got home and opened a mysterious package to find a surprise gift from benefit!
Benefit Makeup

They sent me one of their new push up gel liners which I was actually planning on going to buy for myself - amazing, I've heard alot about them! I also got one of their eye make up remover creams and a sample of the They're Real mascara! This all came with what looked like a thick information booklet but when I opened it, music started playing haha there was a screen and it started playing a video - Amazing!!
Benefits They're Real

They're Real Mascara 
I already happen to have two full sized products, plus about 5 samples since it is my favourite mascara ever! They sent me another sample, these are perfect for keeping in my purse, I leave one at Andrews house and one in each bag! The photos below are of my full sized one, I just thought it might be easier to see! Firstly, I love the shape of the product and just the overall packaging, its super classy and cute! The actual product itself is just the best mascara I've ever used - Its all in the wand! It makes my lashes super long, skinny and dark but with no clumps, just how I like my lashes!

Benefit Mascara
They're Real Mascara  
They're Real Remover
 I've always used wipes in the past so this was something different but much better! For me, it works really well and even gets mascara off in a few wipes which I always have trouble, no more scrubbing!! Obviously, it's also a lot less bulky to carry around  than a packet of wipes and one other thing I liked was how it felt on my eye, I guess cream is just something I'm not used it but its was cool and pleasant!

They're Real Remover
They're Real Push Up Liner
 Now for the main product! I was a bit scared to use it as I have been though many pen liners and have found one that I like and have stuck with - I cant seem to use any of the others for one reason or another. This pen is a little different to all the other I've tried, I was expecting a liquid substance but instead a thick gel comes out of the angled rubber tip!

Having just tried it for the first time, I am very pleased to say it came out perfectly for a first attempt! I am very impressed with the product as well as myself for applying it properly haha it's all about lining up the angle of the tip along your lashes and your ready to go, just one swipe and there's a perfect black line, all you need to do is fill it in!  Also, I should add that I did it without my contact lenses which is even a mission with my normal liner but this was absolutely fine, I think its going to be my new favourite product ever. If I'm on OK the first try, can you imagine how good I'll be with a little practice?!  

Benefit Gel Liner
Benefit Theyre Real Push Up Liner

Huge Thanks to Benefit for my lovely gifts - They will all be getting alot of use!

P.S - I'm off to Thailand later today, I have a post ready for every other day but make sure you check out My Instagram for updates on my trip!!
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LIFESTYLE: #FishFingerParty With Birdseye & Funkin Cocktails

Monday 23 June 2014

The other day I received a huge box from the lovely guys at Birdseye and Funkin Cocktails!The aim of the game was to invite some friends round and have a fish finger and cocktail party so that's what I did!

It was super hot yesterday here in Essex so the perfect day to have an afternoon in the garden. Andrew drove the boys over and while they started setting up in the garden - putting up the posters, blowing up the balloons (which swiftly flew into next doors garden and popped) and getting to work with the Southern Comfort and Funkin cocktails, Andrew and I put the fish fingers in the oven

Fifteen minutes later, we brought them out to the garden along with the bread, butter and ketchup and everyone got stuck in to making their #FishFingerSandwiches! The strawberry daiquiris went down rather well as did the Brazilian cocktail mix, very excotic - and between the 6 of us, we made it through 40 fish fingers haha!

Big thanks to the guys at Come Round for supplying us for the day!!

BEAUTY: Holiday Essentials - Products

Thursday 19 June 2014

I did a holiday essentials post a few weeks ago of just stuff that I think I'm going to need and now I though its time for a products one. For a girl (lol) I really don't use many products but I have put together a few things to show you all! Strangely, alot of these things I will be sharing with Andrew, I think he uses more product than I do!
Sure deodorant and Impulse be surprised
A girls got to smell nice and it the heat that I'm expecting, I'm going to need alot of spray lolol  Impulse are great to keep in your handbag - Thailand is very humid so I've heard so a little spritz every now and them, I'm sure, will be welcome.

Vaseline Hand sanitizer 
 Self explanatory really, alot of people have told me to be careful about the food and getting ill so at least having clean hands is a good start in avoiding it!

Leighton Denny Foot Masque
This is more of a luxury item not really too essential but I'm sure after a long day of exploring Bangkok a nice food exfoliation will be lovely to get our feet soft and smooth for the beach later on!

W7 Nail polish and Superdry file  
My mum has just sorted my gels out so these are just for back up!

Vaseline Spray & Go
I have no idea how my skin is going to take the heat (and Andrews will probably be even worse since he is soooo pale haha ) so I thought an easy to apply moisturiser might be a good idea!

Pixie Lott Batiste 
This is an essential at home so of course I will be taking a can with me on holiday - the Pixie lott one is their newest release and I love the pretty colours of the can, it reminds me of the sea and smells great as usual.

Radox Shower gels 
These two have become my favourite fruity shower gels products, I love the smells of both of them but obviously I don't need two full size shower gels for 10 days so I will have to choose, ahh which one?!

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Cream & After Sun 
I have been using this stuff for the past two years because of it smell, its so so good and just adds to the holiday feeling. I love using the after sun as it is so soothing on my skin and yes, I will be taking factor 50! 

Barry M blink & Benefits They're real 
 These two are the only real make up I wear, day or night! I have just received Benefits new push up gel liner and make up remover too so they very well may be coming with me too! I will also bring along a waterproof mascara from M&S just incase!!

Wilkinson razor 
I will be packing a nice new razor to keep my legs smooth and shiny for the beach and pool!

Only a few days now! I'd better get packing all this away!

FASHION: Bikini Edit 2014

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Andrew and I are going to Thailand next week and strangely for me, I've only just started packing haha. Yesterday, though, I did start to get all my new bikinis together so I could decide whether it was worth buying another one and I realised that I had already got four new ones this year, what?! I don't remember doing that hahah but I do know that before I checked, I already ordered two new ones which I have coming in the post, oops

ASDA?! Shocking, I know, I would never have thought to look there for a nice bikini but when I did look online, there were loads of lovely ones! I don't know why I liked this so much but I really do haha I've never even seen wonder woman but you know me and I love the bright colours and bold shapes all edged with gold! Andrew seemed pretty pleased with it too haha, Cheeky

Triangl - Molly Rosewolf*
If you are a blogger, you will know what Triangl is! They are an australian brand who arrived on instagram and have taken over the blogging community and now they even have celebrities interested! The main thing that makes them different is the material, each bikini is made from neoprene, the same stuff as a wetsuit. It's super thick and comes in all sorts of pretty pastel and bright colours and is very supportive! It also comes with its own matching little beach bag which is such a nice little extra!

Primark - Pink Bikini
I get a new bikini from Primark every summer. They always have fun designs and seem to last me quite well not to mention being really, really cheap, I got both of these (top and bottom) for just £10. I love the colour of this one and it had underwires and stong cups, so its very supportive and comfortable and I love the cute little detailing on the bottoms.

Lanzarote Bikini - Boux Avenue
I was eyeing up this bikini for months but it was just too expensive for me, it is near enough the exact same as the pink one from primark but costs £35 more! It was only when I attended a Boux Avenue press day and was given a voucher that I ran back to the shop and bought it straight away. The orange is so bright and is going to look so amazing up against a tan. And again, it's also very supportive which is a big thing for me!

Whats Been Your Fav New Bikini This Year?

LIFESTYLE: Surviving the World Cup

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Last Saturday night was one of the first in a long time that I wasn't out with friends and do you know why? Of course you do!! My boyfriend and all of our friends went to the pub to watch the football - lucky me! Apparently the first pub they went to wasn't even playing the football and they all left the second one soaked in beer (don't ask) definitely not my ideal way to spend a Saturday night!

Luckily for me, Andrew and I are going on holiday in a week so I get to bypass most of the games but for the ones that I am here for, I have been looking at other things to do to keep myself entertained! Heres what I came up with:

Spend some time with you mum/sisters. Ok so I don't have a sister but my mum suggested we go out for a Chinese on saturday, its something we do together quite alot and a great way to spend the evening together with no sign of football! Not to mention the empty roads since everyone was already at a pub! Next idea, if you don't have any other women around is to just relax on your own, do something you enjoy. Last time there was a big game on, the guys sat in the living room and I spent the whole afternoon making cakes! I love baking and I have a load of boys to eat them all afterwards so that's a win win! When all else fails, theres always the internet for a little bit of online shopping! I'm constantly on the lookout for lots of summer stuff at the moment! I am loving all the summer shoes that are about - as always, I love SpyLoveBuy but am also spending alot more time looking at smaller online shoes stores such as Shoetique, Shu Sole not to mention lots of pretty clothes as well. I recently came acorss Joseph at Cavells and fell in love with all the bright block colours - especially the greens and oranges! I have seen that Benefit have opened a Girls only pink pub for the duration of the world cup called Gabbi's Head. It's in Covent garden and I am definitely going to try to pop in one night! I've seen photos and it looks amazing - Pink furniture, make up stations, different events almost every day - they even serve food and drinks!
Another thing I could get working on (which is probably the most useful idea) is looking for a job! I'm an unemployed trained legal secretary desperate for work so even having a little admin job somewhere would be nice! I could spend that game time either looking for jobs or maybe practicing my typing skills!There's also lots of fun thing online going on such as this fun Ladbrokes ‘World Cup Widows’ Bingo card.  Instead of numbers, there are lots of scenarios that may occur when your other half is engrossed in the football. I'm sure that would be quite hilarious and I can do it while I'm blogging haha Check out the card below!! They also have a Hot or Not game on the site where you can vote for your fav footballers and end up with a dream team of all the good looking ones!!
World Cup Widows 
Do You Have Any More Tips?
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