LIFESTYLE: 20 Years Of The Diet Coke Hunk

Today's post is in celebration of 20 years of the Diet Coke hunk and I was sent a couple of super cute tees and a couple of cans to celebrate with! They arrived the same day of my new converse (from Jones Bootmakers* would you believe) so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to wear them all together, look how well it all goes!! Anyway, in celebration, Diet Coke put a live vending machine up at The 02 with one of their hunks inside haha Customers had to flirt to get anything out of it lolol.

I was interested to post about this on my blog as I was at the 02 when it was happening, well, I think we had just missed the vending machine part though but we were definitely there that day as Katy Perry was playing!! Andrew and I have become a tad obsessed with Gaucho (which is opposite where this happened) and we hadn't tried the one at the 02 yet. When we arrived  there were definitely topless guys giving out cans of coke, but before I could get a closer look, Andrew dragged me away haha he was too excited for his steak!



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