LIFESTYLE: Stationary From Viking Direct

When Viking Direct offered me £40 to pick whatever I liked from their site, I thought - should I be grown up and buy something that will be really useful - like a tripod for my camera, or should I spend my £40 on all the cool stationary that I always wanted to take home from school with me, yeah I was one of those kids, I love stationery, the packs of pens, biros, the cubes of rubbers and boring plain workbooks haha so of course I went for the latter and ended up with a 24 pack of fine liners, there are so many pretty colours! A do-to list note book, which has actually been pretty useful and a personalised stamp, I'm such a child, the chance to get my name and blog made into a cool stamp - duh of course I'm going for one of those, not sure what I'm going to stamp it on yet, but I'm sure its going to be really helpful when I run of out business cards haha. They also sell office kitchen supplies. I had to work hard to persuade myself not to just spend the whole lot on chocolate and peppermint tea bags haha.

Are You A Stationery Freak Too?

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