LIFESTYLE: Mollys New Toys

Molly loves her toys! She is such an active and playful dog so I was super pleased to be contacted by Rakuten's who offered to send her some new ones! Cheeky, she's lucky I let her have them now - it's her birthday soon - Next month, she's going to be 2, which means even more new toys! My mum goes crazy and buys her at least 10-15 each time!! 
Her favourite of these 4 seems to be the chicken, I caught her fast asleep on the floor the other day with her arms wrapped around it, so cute!! But she changes her mind, the pig has been a solid favourite for months now, we had to buy them in bulk as she kept breaking them and then she was sad when they didn't oink haha.

If you have pets, check out their twitter as they are running competitions to win £50 hampers! They are doing it in categories and next up will be the small animals on 9th June! All you have to do it tweet them a picture with #ReasonsToShop


  1. I want the pig just for myself ;) I wish Dylan played with toys but he never has- he likes people a little too much and would rather chase your hand across the floor than a ball.

  2. oh my she is gorgeous!


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