BEAUTY: Todays Nails With W7

Since I've stopped wearing my gels it means that I am painting my nails at least twice a week and although it's a bit of a pain the plus side is that I get to change up my colours alot more often than when I wear 3 week gels. I think I'm getting quite good at it too, my cuticles seem to be quite neat - my mum was even impressed last time! 

I was getting sick of all my polishes chipping every two days so today I went with one I haven't tried yet to see if it was any better. I got this green one and a white one together a while back, I used the white on my toes - I know toe polish normally lasts longer anyway but it's already been there for 3 weeks and not chipped at all so I thought it was definitely worth a try on my hands.

 I am loving the colour since its a little pastely but still super bright and it matches my blog haha. I know alot of people wont go for green nails but I like them! The W7 polish is one of the easiest I have come across to apply, it has a very big brush which glides along the nails smoothly and two coats works fine, I haven't even put a top coat on! 

Pistachio Green Nail Polish - *W7

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