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Today I have a new brand of polish to introduce you to - ZOYA. They have released 12 new colours for the summer and I picked a few to show you guys here! I though I'd better opt for a mixture of the glitters and plain polishes so the four I picked are called: Alma, which is a super summery glitter orange, Staasi, which is the other glitter is a lovely forest green. Ling is the first of the two plain polishes and is a deep electric blue and the last one is called Kintridge which I'm wearing on my nails currently!

I think Kintridge is my favourite of the four and actually my favourite pink from my whole collection at the moment! It's so barbie and so something that I wouldn't normally go for but I just loved it! I'm wearing half and half with a special edition glitter from Barry m which my parents got for me! I have had so many compliments on it already.

One thing I have to say about the polishes (well, just the pink one as its the only one I've had time to use properly at the moment) is that it was quite hard to apply - Luckily for me, i know how to paint my nails and control a brush properly (thanks mum haha) I also have alot of patience. The polish was very, very runny and dripping everywhere. It also needs a lot of coats to get a deep colour, I'd say in the photo, my pink nails have 3-5 coats each. This doesn't bother me too much and I love the colours so I will continue to use them all!

Polishes* - ZOYA

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  1. These colours are gorgeous! I love how you have done your nails. Pink with glitter is perfect! x

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