LIFESTYLE: Cocktail Class

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Since becomaing a blogger I have discovered my love for cocktails! So last Monday's event was perfect for me in my cocktail discovery! The Millennium Hotel put on a cocktail class for a few london bloggers so not only could I drink cocktails, now I can learn how to make them.

After being greeted by the lovely team with a glass of champagne, lots of canopes and chatting with my fellow bloggers we were given a full tour of the hotel, which was somthing I was really intersted in as london hotels are a speciality of mine and andrews hahah staying in a lovely london hotel is one of those things we will do when we have a spare weekend and some extra money so it was a good chance for me to get a look around and see if we fancy it for our next break and It was very nice!

As you can imagine I got a little bit drunk. I was very pleased with myself when the next day I found three pages of helpful notes that I had writeen in my tipsy state. Always on the ball! haha

The hotel is located in pretty grovsner square just behind bond street station, it has a total of 336 guest rooms, one of which has a japanese theme to it. We were told that on a very expernise night during the olympics, one of the bigger rooms can go for £2,000 a night! Thats crazy. My notes also tell me that JLS had performed in one of the hotels bars before breaking up recently. Another interesting note I made was that the new name for cocktail barment is  mixologists, how cool is that?

Thank you to The Millennium Hotel for a great night!

Heres a few photos from the night!

Also, I have just put a few things up on EBAY if anyone is interested!
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OOTD: Bank Holiday Blondie

Monday 27 May 2013

Happy Bank Holiday! I thought today would be a fun day to post up my new blonde wig from Hair Passion. I've always wondered what I'd look like blonde and came to the conclusion that it 100% would not suit me but now I'm not so sure. 

I love the style of this wig as it's super long which is how Ilove my hair and it has a fringe. Super Cute!

What do you think of a blonde me?

Wig* - Hair Passion
Sunglasses - D&G
Crop - Motel Rocks 
Shorts - H&M

Do you remember my little photoshoot that I did for my friend Gemma as part of her uni final project? Well I've just seen a behind the scenes video which has been made really well. I love all the behind the scenes stuff as it reminds me of all the fun I had on the day. 

and one last thing to add to this post is a photo from yesterday :) If you follow me twitter/instagram you'll know that Me & Andrew went to a Bar Mitzvah last night with my family. Here's a pre leaving the house photo.

Also, I have just put a few things up on EBAY if anyone is interested!
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BEAUTY: Green Lashes

Saturday 25 May 2013

Morning Guys! I'm having a relaxing one today with Molly. I've been employed to stay in all day and dog sit while the family are out so we went for a walk and now were both snuggeled on the sofa watching TV. 

Yesterday while I had some spare time and Andrew was here to take a few snaps, I thought it was a good chance to give my new green lashes a test drive. I love them! I was a bit sceptical, you know, green eyelashes and all but they looked so cool! Especailly with my leopard print top - I felt all jungely haha these are the perfect kinda thing for halloween or a fancy dress party as they have strips of glitter running through them for some extra sparkle.

oncve again, i would totally recommend Star Gazer for super amazing lashes and for £4 a set including glue, they are ridiculously cheap!

Also, I have just put a few things up on EBAY if anyone is interested!
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LIFESTYLE: Bakerdays

Friday 24 May 2013

Who loves cake? I love cake, Who loves personalised things? I love personalised things, So when I discovered a company who allowed you to print whatever you wanted on your cake I had to get myself one. 

As I soon found out, the whole personanlise your cake thing wasn't their best selling point, no, they had somthing better - Letter Box Cakes. When I initially read this I thought, what a terrible idea, there is no way my cake is going to come in the post, through my letter box in one piece.

Well, I was wrong.

A few days after discussing with the team what I wanted my cake to look like, I recieved a parcel the same size as a video cassette, i had no idea that it had my cake inside and sure enough, it was fine. Inside the package was a pretty little tin which contained my personalised cake, after checking that it looked fine - Alot better than expected, I put it back and gave it a little throw around to see how stable it was, it looked exaclty the same!

The cake itself was suprisingly moist and very yummy. I was a bit upset to eat it to be fair but the taste soon took my mind off of it haha I took myself a slice and them left it downstairs for the family who didnt take long to destroy it! 

Personalised Cake* - Baker Days

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OOTD: The Good Life

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Hey Guys! I realise that I haven't done an outfit post for ages so I've got one for you today.

I'm not 100% where I was going with this outfit, just experimenting i think! It's a little out there for me but it's kinda cute! I love oversized tees and almost always pull them in with a belt of some kind!

This one was sent to me by The Good Life Clothing. I love their name, whenever I think about it, it makes me think about what makes my life good :) It's also black and white which is somthing else I love about it. Also how cute is my necklace?! Pineapples are such pretty fruits.

Today Andrew and myself went to Lakeside... again yes haha. I'm loving Primark even more than usual at the moment, O got another new tee in there, leopard print of course and I got an oh my love skirt for £1.20 from Topshop.. bargain much?! It was in the sale from £40 down to £5 and I had the leftovers of an old voucher so that was great. We had nandos for lunch and then came home and watched come dine with me. I love shopping with my boyfriend.

Necklace* - Chelsea Doll 
Sungalsses - D&G
Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy

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LIFESTYLE: Thursday Madness

Tuesday 21 May 2013

well I certainly had a bit of a crazy one on Thursday! Let me talk you though it

I started off at aldgate east doing a photoshoot for Elisha Francis who i walked for at High Street Fashion week! You might have seen a cheeky snap shot of the images if you follow my instagram but I'm super excited to see them finished and photoshopped! The jewellery this time was huge and really amazing, mostly made out of thick rope. The theme was warrior princess so I had dark smudged eyes, big crazy hair and a nude lip. 

This, let me explain is why I look like a nutter in the images you are about to see of me! I left the photoshoot in a rush to make the House of Fraser press day which was taking place in Baker Street so only took of the crazy eye make up but in hindsight I can see that I probably would have been better going completely bare faced rather than trying to fix what we had and on top of this, it was pouring!

Ok, so I got to the press day and had a quick look around, the one thing that I was drawn to in each section was the bags, they were amazing! BIBA have a great range of very classy looking shapes and materials whilst elsewhere I saw cute fun ones.
 Still in a rush but cleverly planned I met my friend Georgia for dinner.. Wagamamas on Baker Street, clever right? It was lovely to see her again after a few months and hearing all her crazy uni stories, and wow does she have some stories, I better not say anything here tho hahah. We both got out Katsu curries and green tea and sat there for ages afterwards chatting! Now comes the spontanious part. We popped back down the road to meet the House of Fraser team for a cocktail, I was tired but Georgia wanted to go so we went down and I'm so glad we did! We both had the best time.

We spend the next couple of hours with the team making our own cocktails and getting quite drunk! Me and Georgia then moved on to Carnaby street where Style Noir were having their magazine launch party at Movida. After a lovely chat with Jaime outsite the club we went in and were greeted with yet more free cocktails, another goodie bag and crazy busy nightclub. Im not sure if any of you saw my tweets that night.. uhho haha

Thankyou to everyone to I've mentioned for adding towards making my thursday totally amazing!!

 Style Noir
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LIFESTYLE: Pretty Flowers For My Room

Sunday 19 May 2013

I love having a pretty bunch of flowers in my bedroom, it brightens up the place, smells lovely and just makes me happy and every girls love coming opening the front door to a bunch of flowers! So when the Great British Florist offered to send me a bunch for review I instantly said yes please!

The company were so easy going and very helpful with delivery. They offered to send them next which was great but I realised I would be out over the weekend and would miss the best few days of the flowers, so they suggested delievering them fresh on Tuesday, that way they wouldn't have to be sat at the post office over the weekend!

I was greeted with a beautiful, colourful "British Bouquet" and they got better each day, there were wondreful lillies that opened over the next few days, I love watching flowers grow and change! 

Flowers would make a wonderful gift for anyone

British Bouquet -£45* - Great British Florist

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Saturday 18 May 2013

A few weeks ago, after college, I made my way down to Leicester Square for another couple of bloggery things! I'm so happy with how far blogging has taken me, all the fun opportunities it has made for me!

After heading to a few press days I moved on to the TK Maxx on Charing Cross Road (I've walked past it literally hundreds of times but still managed to get lost) for a silent dico event! I'm not sure if this is a well known thing or just a uni student thing but basically everyone listens to music through headphones so no one else knows whats going on, it does look quite odd from the outside. (See Video Below.)

I haven't been to one in ages and this was even better, I got to go shopping at the same time! I spent forever deciding what I was going to buy, would it be the crochet crop top or the leather look skater dress? Well I ended up having the DJ ask the crowd who then talked me into doing a catwalk for them hahaha. The guys were great, clapping and cheering, they made it a really fun and relaxed event. I ended up being given a £50 gift card and buying both with money still to spare. woo!

TK Maxx were great, and it was a really fun event, so thankyou!

Heres an OOTD that I took shortly after (when the sun was actually shining for that one week) with the outfit I catwalked at the event.
Top - TK Maxx (Bought with voucher)
Skirt - H&M
Sunglasses- Primark

 And heres some photos and a video from the night!

Also, I have just put a few things up on EBAY if anyone is interested!
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